Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Redecorating Boho Style, Crochet, and More

Hi, y'all!

If you can't view the video here on my blog, you can see it on YouTube:  HERE

Bonus videos tagged onto the end...See what I made in my Instant Pot, and us attempting to view the solar eclipse.

See you again soon.
I know I keep saying that and then disappear for weeks.
I'll try to do better! 


  1. I was just thinking about you yesterday, as I made vegan stuffed mushrooms. They ended up delish, but those trips to Whole Foods can be pricey. If you find Kite Hill vegan almond cream cheese it's to fie for.
    I folloe jillian.harris on instagram from "the bachelor" lol. But she is vegan and has a cool CA house. Fyi

    Sure wish I'd pick up my hook again. Arthritis in most of my joints these days make it hard.

    My trick is not to call it exercise but to say I'm just going for a walk.

    Loven the hobo look, but I'm in purge mode still. Sent lots of clothes off to THREDS UP made about 250.00 in gift cards, so oh well. I just drop offtheir bag at the p.o. and they pay shipping. Closer than g.w.

    That's it for now. Thx for filming my dear.

  2. CANNOT wait to see this boho room!! =) Congrats on the weight loss!! Man, it's hard at this point in life! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    hi pammy sue...so good to watch and listen to you via video...you look fantastic...upbeat, energetic, full of projects...anxious to see your boho living room...the afghan is going to be gorgeous, with colors chosen and am looking forward to seeing the border...here in the northeast our weather has been phenomenal...cannot say any more for frightened of being a jinx...and a resounding "burp" back at ken...blessings to all, especially the puppies...take care...sally

  4. Love your videos. I often find myself talking to you !!

  5. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hello Pammy Sue, Nice to see you again. You look lovely (as always). Your Willow Squares are beautiful, love the colors you have chosen. Looking forward to seeing your completed afghan, I know it will look fab! I am also looking forward to seeing your boho makeover, should look great. Thank you for sharing!
    Take care.
    Wenona xoxo

  6. Hey There Girl!
    I'm So Happy that you are sticking with your new lifestyle of eating! I've been eating this way for 22 years now and, you are right... It's just not that hard to do!!!
    Like you, I've had a hard time blogging this Summer however, which is not like me. Just so much going on... it's called Living LIFE!
    You look and sound FANTASTIC though so keep it up Girl!!!!!
    Love You,

  7. Hi Pammy Sue, You make me LOL when I watch your videos. :) Good for you on your weight loss! Wondering how closely you control your serving sizes?
    Thanks for the joy you send!

  8. Hi Pammy Sue. Well I finally sat down to watch your video and you are a hoot. I made lots of macramé plant hangers way back when and I'm thinking I should try to make some for the deck/ porch. You know, your Willow square is very BoHo. Maybe a few sewn together would make a beautiful wall art piece. Looking forward to more of your blog videos. Love you too.


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