Saturday, July 22, 2017

Impromptu House Tour

If you can't see the video here on my blog, you can see it on YouTube HERE.



  1. I can almost smell those onions and peppers (?) I think they're what we call capsicum. Anyway they look delish. Thanks for the tour of your home - I like the idea of putting paper up around your stove. The heart mirrors look very pretty in your bedroom. It was nice to see the dogs too. Had to laugh at Fletch and Sammi hot-footing it out the back door when you opened it. Our Quincy goes out every opportunity he gets too but his plan is to just turn around and stand there waiting to be enticed to come back in again. We have to give him in Good-O's (doggie treates) to get him inside the back door - and he knows it !! He only gets one, which is a bit miserable but he really does need to watch his waistline. Have a good week. xox

  2. That was fun. Thanks for taking the time for a,tour. So nice to see you all settled in. Love that you have a gas stove, but girlfriend, watch those papers. Have a fun poker game.

  3. I loved this video! How fun to be able to see your house. I love your living room and dining room, they are so cozy. And your inside front door is beautiful with the glass in it. Your kitchen and little bathroom remind me of a house we rented when we were first married, that we thought about buying and might have but the landlord was not a nice person and we decided not to get involved with him beyond the renting. The house was a lot like yours in many ways, actually. The staircase was very similar. I always enjoy hearing your voice, you sound just like my friend who comes from Houston. :)

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Pammy Sue, Great video – thank you for the tour of your lovely home. The heart mirrors look pretty on your bedroom wall.
    Made me smile to see your doggies wandering about the house. Mine do the same, they follow me everywhere.
    Take care.
    Wenona xoxo

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue...thanks for inviting me into your really makes me smile and i can feel the warmth there. Thanks ..i've been reading your blog for a few years now and when you were talking about your sorrow as a mother who has lost connection with your child i want you to know that at that time i was filled with a similar sorrow myself and reading about your pain helped me feel not so alone as i was feeling. i truly thank you for being you, Pammy Sue. and i am always happy to check into your blog and now, your videos...Theresa ;-)

  6. Pammy Sue II absolutely love this video. It was so nice to see your home. I love you kitchen. It's a well loved, will used kitchen. Sometimes I get very tired of seeing the perfect ones on all of the blogs. Your tour was like stopping in for an unexpected visit. And I loved it! I like how you hung the mirrors over the bed. All of your doilies scattered around the house that help make it cozy. But my favorite part? That is your nest by the bed. That's what Dennis calls my places like that, my nests. He says I make nests everywhere I go. It looks like you do you too. :-) This was so much fun. Thanks for inviting us in. Blessings, Betsy


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