Monday, May 08, 2017

Walmart Haul!

My haul from Walmart Canada shopping and a little chit-chat.  The lighting is all wrong wrong wrong!  I'll keep trying.  I have some wrinkles under my old eyes, but they don't look THAT bad!  Yikes!  Live and learn.  This stuff is not easy!  Subscribe on YouTube and be notified when I post!  And give me a thumbs up if you liked it and want to see more like this.  Here's the link to see it on YouTube:  HERE

We made that headboard behind me a couple of days ago. Just finished it yesterday. I found a YouTube video tutorial that told how to make it. It was so easy and was less than $70 including the stain. It was a fun project and I think it turned out great! The YouTube Video we used is HERE.

That is all. As you'll hear in the video, I'm going on a short trip. I should be back and able to get something up next Tuesday I hope.

THANK YOU for watching and reading!


  1. Loved seeing your haul from Canada. Its great that you get a good deal with your dollar rate. I think our Aussie dollar is about on par with Canada - always good to find stuff I want on eBay from a Canadian seller !! Was that Fletch or Janie trying to upstage you in the background? Dogs all over the world do the same thing don't they? Our Quincy has to dig a bit to rearrange the blanket where he wants to sit - same as your furbaby. Enjoy your trip away and don't get up to too much mischief. Look forward to hearing all about it. xox

  2. I loved your video Pammy Sue. Those hazelnut candles from Walmart are the same ones I buy. My favorite scent ever. But they always make me hungry! Ha ha! You're going to have so much fun at the Hot Springs. There's several different ones in Montana. You have me curious as to which one you're going to. You guys will have to go up to Fairmont Hot Springs or Ainsworth Hot Springs in Canada. Those are fun too. If the cardiologist would let me do Hot Springs anymore, we could come and get you and your husband and we could all go together. But I guess they aren't in my future any longer. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine that is so beautiful today!
    Blessings always my friend,

  3. I subscribed to your channel. Have fun on your trip. Love your videos.
    xx Beca

  4. You know we love you, Pammy, or we wouldn't be here. I love your new tops -- I hope I can get one like your black and white one with the writing on it. Was that little Fletch behind you on the bed? So cute and he looks so little there. I like the lip glosses you chose...I'll have to give them a looksee next Wally World trip. I'll be thinking about ya this weekend. I'm so glad your gonna be doing something fun! I've always had a hard time on Christmas Day, so a few yrs ago I got the idea for us to go to the movies on the big day. It was fun and it helped. Your Ladies' Group Mother's Day Tea sound fun, too! Bless ya child xo

  5. You do crack me up and make my day with these video. What a haul from walmart. Have a great trip and take lots of pics to share. I am going to look at my wally world for those shirts. We are going on a CAN cruise Montreal to Boston the first part of June.

  6. Anonymous7:23 PM

    hi pammy janie's video bombing...first, i saw two little pointed ears over your left shoulder...and then her seeking additional comfort on the bed pillows...pets are wonderful...a great favorite item is the barcelona printed shirt...hope you and your friend have a wonderful, relaxing time at the spa...happy mother's day to travels..look forward to your return with news of your girl's get-away...blessings...sally

  7. Okay, so the cute little photo bomber stole the show once you got to the lipstick part! LOL! I'm going to be interested to hear your take on the Blistex under the eyes. Hope you have a wonderful time!! blessings ! tanna

  8. Pammy on YouTube?!.. WHAT?! Well, I just subscribed, and it's good to see all the good things you're up to these days!! ~teener


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