Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Much Stuff...Yarn, Reading, Golf, Food, Riverwalk, Flowers, Dogs...

We took a walk down to the river and something RED caught my eye...

Do you see the two tulips growing there on the mountainside?

I was going to leave them at first, but then I decided I would take them and enjoy them for as long as they would last at home. I will plant at least double that amount of bulbs there in the Autumn to replace them.

I moved them beside my bed at night so I could see them there.
They lasted for a week.
The last couple of days they opened wide and turned a rosy-mauve color.

The day before, I admired this Fuschia at a gardening center.
Isn't it AMAZING?? Wow!
I was amazed at its beauty and perfection.

I had left a Chocolate Pie in the window to cool while we were gone.

The river was beautiful, as it always is.

It's at its lowest point during the summer months.

Ahh...fresh air and clear water.

When we got home I put together these chicken kabobs.
The chicken had been marinating in Italian dressing since the day before.
I used mushrooms, onion, yellow squash, and red pepper with the chicken.
I oiled everything in a big bowl with plenty of garlic.
Then I sprinkled on the salt & pepper generously after skewering everything.

That char makes it taste extra-specially good! Delicious!

We took a drive after lunch to see the golf course in Colville...

I'm tempted to take up golf after seeing the views!
Ken is playing in a tournament next Saturday.
Did I tell y'all we were invited to join the Lion's Club?
We've been to a couple of meetings already.
We'll officially join at the meeting this week.
More activities! More friends!

The book I just started.

I'm not far enough into it to have an opinion yet, but I'm hoping it's as good as all the reviews I've seen because it's a series of four books. I've been very disappointed lately in books. It's so hard to find something that holds my attention.

I can't remember what I've shown here as opposed to Instagram. Forgive me if I'm repeating myself. This is the new headboard we made and the nightstands Ken made with dog kennels on the bottom. I'm pretty sure I did mention it now.

We should all learn to relax like Ollie.

This is the most luscious yarn I've ever owned!

Lady Dee's Traumgarne Silberschweif

A nice lady at Hotyarns helped me find this yarn in the exact color I wanted and ordered it for me from Germany then mailed it to me. (I have a specific pattern in mind for this.) Her name was Liane and she was VERY helpful and went way beyond anything I expected. We emailed back and forth a few times, and in about four weeks, I had it in my hands. Their shipping price is very reasonable at $2.99.

Now I just need to find my CroJo. (Crochet Mojo.) I seem to have lost it. I've had no desire to do anything remotely related to crochet the past few weeks. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. You'd think I'd be chomping at the bit to hook this lovely yarn up into something amazing, but I'm content just to stare at it and pick it up and squish it every now and then. Maybe once the novelty of spring has warn off a little, I'll get inspired to do something. For now...nope.

Time for lunch on the porch.



  1. It is SOOOOOOOO beautiful there, Pammy Sue! You know I'd be on that golf course in a New York minute! ;) The two tulips were like little jewels waiting for you. Enjoy all that beauty for us, too!! And, good food. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  2. Oh Pammy Sue, those river photo's are so dreamy. I love this time of year (second favorite to winter) and the bulbs that bloom. Daffodil's are my favorite because they look so happy.
    Sweet fuzzy butts sure do know how to relax. Must be nice! 🐶❤️
    Love the headboard & the lights. Your bedroom looks so peaceful.
    Those she
    I don't believe I've ever seen yarn like that before. Is that three separate strands? I can't wait to see what you'll make with it cause I love the color. I'm a gradient grays with a splash of yellow, gal myself.
    The kabobs sure look tasty. Makes me want to purchase a barbecue grill.
    Take care and keep on making those video's ~ love them!

  3. Great pictures Pammy Sue. The yarn looks lovely. You sure are getting in the swing of things up there in your little town. I'm at the lake today, you should've come on down to see me when you were out and about this afternoon. Isn't it a nice day today? We have got to make the attempt to get together this summer.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. So many beautiful things to see, love all of it and food, I hope a bear doesn't walk by and take that pie. I also struggle finding a captivating book let us know more as you go. 💟

  5. Lovely pictures of the beautiful place where you live. I adore the tulips. That is just amazing that they sprouted up in the wild like that. The yarn looks very nice. Maybe try knitting while CroJo is no where to be found. Tunisian crochet is also something fun to do. Just ideas. :) Wishing you a most lovely day. ((hugs))

  6. What happened to that chocolate pie I hope you left me some your food always makes me drool. Lovely pictures such beautiful scenery, love the headboard and the yarn. I tried Golf once but I was useless, it's good to join just to meet new people and make friends. :) xx

  7. Love that golf course! I'd love to play that one. Trees are always a fun challenge.
    If you're looking for something good to read, try "Forgotten Boxes" by Becki Willis(another Texas Gal!. Her books keep you sucked into the stories to the end.
    Very pretty yarn there. I too go through loosing my crochet-Mojo. Right now I'm stuck on 2 afghans and a doily I can't quite seem to get completed. How about some "just because gifts" of cotton spa-cloths for friends, in between deciding what to make? I make a couple of them, then add a bar of handmade soap with a pretty ribbon around them.
    The Fur babies look so cute. Where's Eli? Love that little stinker. Thanks again for all the great pics. They're a joy to see. Take good care.

  8. Oh I just love the river up there... it looks so CLEAN and clear! PLEASE keep blogging and don't do all Instagram! I don't have instagram.. don't have a phone that will do it and no tablet, etc. I love and look forward to you regular blog posts! The kabobs look yummy and so does that pie... sh.h.h.h.h. don't tell hubby.. he loves chocolate pie and I've NEVER made one for him! One of these days...... just use chocolate pudding? doggies look so relaxed.. my kitten lays like that.. it's so funny. I've kind of lost all kinds of mojo.. blogging mojo... crochet mojo... crafting mojo.... yardwork mojo..... help! Our spring is so off and on.. was 85 yesterday and now today about 60 and gray and cloudy. I just can't get on a roll to get out in the yard. Bah humbug. those two tulips were little gems just waiting for you.... how funny to see them on a mountainess hillside all by themselves.. makes you wonder how they got there! I'm reading a good series of books by Jeff Carson... the David Wolf series.. he's a sheriff in Montana. And the C.J. box books that are about the Wildlife Ranger in Wyomong (Joe Pickett novels) are REALLY REALLY good if you like following a good looking hunk up into the mountains of Montana and Wyoming (on horseback too!) chasing criminals and the bad guys. I just LOVE them! Keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair most of the time and is hard to put each book down.

  9. You do live in a stunning part of the world.


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