Friday, April 14, 2017

Ipsy Bag, Oils, Meet Sammi, and More

My camera shut off at the end and I didn't get to say goodbye (total amateur!), but thanks for watching!  My neighbor's grandkids are visiting and they were running around the outside of our house upsetting the dogs.  I was totally distracted filming this wondering what all the noise was.  It's usually so quiet around here!  Thumbs-up on YouTube and say hi in the comments!  Love you!

I gave links to all the stuff I talked about on my YouTube page:  Go there if you're interested in any of it.  I'm not being paid by any of them or anything like that in case you're wondering.  

Peace and love and all that stuff. 


  1. Fabulous daring you are!!!! I say fabulous not because you did it so well which you did actually but because it is so great to see you. I can now picture you every time I read your posts!!! I do read them and follow your blog but do not post very much I must admit but that is because life (work) gets in the way!!

    Curious you should mention that about the Lo'real cream. I did start to use Lo'real products but I discovered I was allergic to them...very unpleasant itchy spots all over my face.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. So fun to see you live. Enjoyed your updates on all that is going on.

  3. Lovely to see you again Pammy Sue and I love your top even if your bra wouldn't behave it'self haha, your doggy is so cute. What great cosmetic bargains my favorite was the lip gloss, I have to be so careful about what creams I put on my face and I can't stand strong smells so thanks for the heads up about the Lo'real, love the doily so far. have a great Easter. :) xx

  4. How fun to visit with you via blog ;)) I love your Texas accent and your down-home style. Oh, and your top is so pretty! Sammi 's a sweet little girl:-3 You've got me tempted to sign up for ipsy goodies, now, too. Your hair, makeup and nails look so nice. You love girly stuff like I do.
    Well, gonna go finish round 18 on the "endless" doily I'm crocheting....then i can go check out the charity doily.
    You and yours have a blessed Resurrection Day/Easter! p.s. Use that L'Oréal cream on your feet or legs or someplace far from your face so you'll get your money's worth. XX Mary

  5. I have enjoyed both of your videos. I never use anything on my face except water...but maybe I should! Ha! You are such a hoot! That doily is looking fantastic. If I ever finish this sweater I have a whole lineup of things I want to make.

  6. This video was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. Very "real life" with your pups getting activated just as soon as you got situated to start speaking. My little dog always thinks he needs to start barking at stuff when I am on the phone trying to give information where I speak the information aloud to get to the next step of whatever insurance or banking project I'm trying to do. It fouls the whole procedure up and I have to dial and start up all over again. I swear he will start barking just out of the blue every time at just the wrong moment here lately. I suspect he is doing it on purpose.

    I have run into the same problem as you did with L'Oreal products. It seems that I forget about the over-perfumery problem after a year or so and then buy another product. The most recent was a beautiful shade of pink lipstick that I saw on another person's blog. It would have been the perfect color for me, and was because I bought a tube of it. L'oreal Color Riche Peony. I have bought their Color Riche lipsticks many times in the past and they were not so odorous, but this one was so strong that it made my nose stop up. It was very difficult to remove the strong perfume scent even after the lipstick (color and all) was wiped completely off. I had to use an alcohol soaked cotton ball to try to remove the scent. It took quite a while for my nose to open up again. Very allergy provoking for me.

    I am looking forward to your next video. Happy Spring!

  7. Hi PammySue! I finally got a chance to watch your latest. I just love your product reviews. Next time I go shopping I'm looking for Argan Oil. I too don't like the harsh fragrances in L'Oréal face products- they take me to Headache City! Don't trash it though. Grab your little receipt next time you go to Wal-Mall and return it for a refund.
    Back to the little crochet rabbit I made for Easter that I'm late assembling. Good thing it's for me! LOL. Oh and can't wait to see that doily when done!
    Happy Easter! And Peace back at ya'!
    Reni in Az

  8. Hi
    Pammy Sue
    Loved the video! I have a cold shoulder top that I love. I got it at Walmart too. If
    You take that cream back to Walmart, they will refund your
    Money. That Ipsy bag sounds
    Fun! Hi Sammi!
    Talk to you soon!
    XO Kris

  9. I hate when I get a product that the smell is so strong I have to get up and wash it off!! Ughhh! Thanks for the warning. Seems like I need to get some Argan oil. I'm terrible about doing any skin care, and it shows. LOL! I've gotten the pattern for that doily... but no thread yet. Can't wait to see more of yours! It's looking great. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  10. Love to see you in vedio always fun to see and hear behind the blog writings take care hugs from Carollyn

  11. You just crack me up! I love visiting your blog!

  12. I got my Ipsy bag too, but man! I should have put in a profile like yours. I like the items you got a lot more than the ones I did. But I think I will give it one more try before I cancel. Thanks for sharing that.

  13. Girl! You are way TOO funny for me!! ME? I'm just a "dull ole lady who crochets a lot". Have a great weekend!


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