Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hey Haters

To those who childishly decided they didn't like me anymore because you decided you didn't like what I said about saying you're ashamed to be an American (you girls know who you are)...

Yes, I see you still here reading.
You have no pride left to swallow, so chew on this a while.
And then fuck right off, okay dolls?




  1. Hmmmmm. Well I'm still here and have been for a long time. And I've ALWAYS been proud to be an American.

  2. Yeah...a "Peace Out, Bitches!" Is completely appropriate in this case. LOL

  3. Love you, Pammy Sue! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Amen Betsy and Linda! Oh Pammy Sue, who on this Earth could not like you. Seriously. You are so much fun to listen to and to read about all your lovely projects. I will always be a fan of yours! God Bless America and may our flag forever wave in the Land of the Free and the BRAVE!

  5. Whoa. Block them. If they aren't proud to be Americans then they should leave the country. Go live in Afghanistan bitches!

  6. With you all the way, girl!
    Ain't nothing, ain't nobody that can say it & do it like Pammy Sue!
    Who are these yahoo's that hate free speech?
    Pammy Sue you have the best blog going and I wouldn't miss it for the world.
    Keep on, keepin' on Sister Friend!

  7. Okay. PM the low down. Probably the same that chased me off. Peace out and giraffe watch on.....

  8. You said a mouthful! Way to go girl!

  9. I'm still here too. I can't stand the animosity and vitriol anymore. I'm proud to be American and to be free to have my own opinions, even if they aren't currently hip ones to have.


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