Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Faking you Out and Some New Stuff


If you can't see this video here, go to YouTube via this link: HERE

Whose bad idea was it for me to wear horizontal stripes?  New purchases...make-up, hair waving wand, shelf. Obviously I haven't learned to edit STILL. 



  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    hi pammy sue...quite a collection of products and your great are correct that the brown, bronze color range will look good with your skin tone and hair color...the waving iron is a innovative first, i thought your wavy hair was from the use of the iron, until you explained the wrapped curls giving your hair its curl and fullness...the physician's formula product with the felt tip should provide accuracy in application...have you seen the "beverly hillbillies" tv sit-com?...granny clampett applied vanilla extract (food product) behind her ears to enhance her desirability !!!...thanks and big hugs to your puppies for their patience while you were taping...blessings...take care...sally

  2. Ooo, I like that round, mesh shelf...that will be fun to decorate. I like the two eye shadows you got, too....good ol' Maybelline and L'Oreal. What makeup blogs are you watching lately? Your hair and nails both look pretty. Love to the fur babies :-3 Peace out.

  3. I love your energy! That 3 barrel curling iron looks like fun. I'm going to try doing that large pin curl trick to make my hair look fuller. I too have super straight, thin hair that's hard to curl.
    Would have loved seeing all the dogs watching you while you're sharing your finds. I bet they sure looked cute sitting there.

  4. Great products Pammy Sue, I hope that you have fun trying them all out, I love the shelf I'm looking forward to seeing it up on your wall what will you put on the shelves I wonder. Your hair looks really pretty, I remember many years ago when I was doing my nursing training we had to wear nurses hats, I had hair down to my waist then, I used to divide my hair and put it into tiny sponge rollers and hide them under my nurses hat, in the evening I would take them out shake my hair and I had a cascade of lovely curls and then I would go out clubbing with my friends haha happy days. Have a great day. xx

  5. You are such a hoot. Love seeing you and hearing your voice. You sure do find some fin stuff. Need a few more inch for the waver iron to work.

  6. Lots of goodies today! Love that round shelf and I bet that rain scented candle is awesome and smells so good. You looked so pretty today and such nice makeup. I don't wear makeup at all, unless I go out (very seldom) and will put on my "eyebrows" and a little eyeliner and lipstick. Got my hair chopped off last time so not one bit of length to had a roller to! Enjoy the week! Marilyn

  7. It's always nice to visit with you on You Tube and here on your blog, too. I am looking forward to hearing about the sweater. Wishing you a lovely day. ((hugs))


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