Monday, April 10, 2017

Compassion, Cool Pictures, Sammi Girl

These are not my pictures and I haven't made this doily yet, but I have purchased the pattern. I'm posting this so that hopefully y'all will go read about it and decide to help in a very small way. This is Grace Fearon's newest pattern, Francisco. The story is HERE on Grace's blog, and you can also read about it HERE on Ravelry. The framed doily I showed in my last YouTube video was one written by Grace Fearon. 

I hope we can all help in this very small way.
Small things can mean something very big to those who have little.


Out my back door a few days ago, fog set in just before sunset...

And looking out the front door...

And looking towards town from the front door...

One minute it was clear as a bell, and within a very short few minutes, the fog had descended from the mountains and shrouded everything. It was kind of a spooky thing, but I loved it. 

Milky tea.

Snuggled down in the covers.

Momma holding my paw.

Can I have a treat?
You can have whatever you want, Sammi Girl.


  1. Francisco is beautiful and that is such a nice story behind the pattern. I hope she sells many to help him. I loved your fog pictures. We don't get fog very often in the desert but I really love it when we do. Sammi is so sweet, look at those big eyes. I just love when you share your pets, Pammy Sue.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    You inspired me to go ahead and purchase the pattern, Pammy! I've made LOTS of doilies but this one looks to be a little more challenging. Wish me luck. Now, what color should I make it...... By the way, your videos crack me up (in a good way!)
    Take care,
    Janet (One of your ravelry friends-janko)

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I look forward to your blog and you never dissapoint. Dog cuddles are the best. Thanks for adding smiles to my life.

  4. What a beautiful doily. I have to wait to read the story until tonight as were getting ready to leave for dinner with friends. It's sure been a strange spring. You have fog and we had snow this morning. My rhubarb was covered with about an inch of those white flakes. I'm so ready for spring. Love the picture of Sammy girl. Look at those eyes!
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. That's a gorgeous doily! I'm looking forward to seeing yours!
    I love the pictures of Sammy girl. She looks so adorable snuggled in the blankets.

  6. Done. And, done. Beautiful story and doily. Now... to make a doily. Hmmmm.... something new. I like that.

    Love. love. love. the misty, foggy day! Your home and view are just amazing, Pammy Sue!! Sammy is so lucky! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  7. Oh Sammy Girl is so sweet. I just love how she's all bundled under the covers and there is Mama holding her little paw. So sweet. I love the pictures of where you live. Your place is awesome. What a beautiful place to live in. You are truly blessed. I can't wait to see your doily finished. I do hope she sells lots of doilies to help him out. Wishing you a lovely day. ((hugs))

  8. Beautiful doily and story behind it. Love those foggy pictures - we get fog here too and gets kind of peaceful when it rolls in. Sammi's little face is adorable!

  9. Gorgeous doily and what a nice story. Your fog really does look spooky, but I do like it now and then. We hardly ever get it here in central Oregon in the dry country. I've lived places though where it gets as thick as "pea soup" and you can't see 2 feet in front of you! I hope Sammi got her treat! Marilyn

  10. This new life suits you just fine. Thx goodness still bff.

  11. Beautiful doily - reminds me of Trish Kristoffersen ones. Does it ever get warm where you live now? Boy it really looks cold with all that fog. Dear Sammi - she's a real sweetheart and is obviously much loved. xox

  12. Sammi is a sweetie :-). The doily looks beautiful, great cause. Oh and I love the fog pictures! The world looks dreamy that way (or as if the pics were taken from a thriller ;-)). Happy Easter!!
    Nata xxx


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