Saturday, April 22, 2017

Animals, Food, and Plants

Is there something in my teeth?

Some friends I talk to regularly.
They live behind our house.

Our property on the right.
The horses live on the left.

Some food I've made recently...

Fried chicken...

Crab & Avocado Sushi Rolls...

Easter Lemonade Pie...

Taco Lineup...


Easter Dinner in the Park.  Heh-heh.

Iced Coffee on the Back Porch.
Finally...Porch Weather!

And planting weather...(Mosquito Plant/Citronella Plant above)


I don't know on the left, another Citronella on the right.
I was so happy to find some citronella this year.
It gets so big and beautiful and smells divine!

Flowers still left to plant.

Not pictured, but planted: 2 Rhododendrun, 2 Hydrangeas, 12 red Geraniums, 3 Snapdragons, and some ground cover. Potatoes were planted in the garden. It's still too early here for the rest of the veggies.

I'm cleaning house today. I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom and cleaned that room last night. I sure do collect a lot of crap in there. Today is the living room vacuuming, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room floors to sweep and mop, and the dusting.

And I'm also trying to learn a new video editing program so I can edit my videos for YouTube. It's hard. My brain hurts.

Are you sure there's nothing in my teeth?
Cuz it sure feels like it.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Ipsy Bag, Oils, Meet Sammi, and More

My camera shut off at the end and I didn't get to say goodbye (total amateur!), but thanks for watching!  My neighbor's grandkids are visiting and they were running around the outside of our house upsetting the dogs.  I was totally distracted filming this wondering what all the noise was.  It's usually so quiet around here!  Thumbs-up on YouTube and say hi in the comments!  Love you!

I gave links to all the stuff I talked about on my YouTube page:  Go there if you're interested in any of it.  I'm not being paid by any of them or anything like that in case you're wondering.  

Peace and love and all that stuff. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hey Haters

To those who childishly decided they didn't like me anymore because you decided you didn't like what I said about saying you're ashamed to be an American (you girls know who you are)...

Yes, I see you still here reading.
You have no pride left to swallow, so chew on this a while.
And then fuck right off, okay dolls?



Monday, April 10, 2017

Compassion, Cool Pictures, Sammi Girl

These are not my pictures and I haven't made this doily yet, but I have purchased the pattern. I'm posting this so that hopefully y'all will go read about it and decide to help in a very small way. This is Grace Fearon's newest pattern, Francisco. The story is HERE on Grace's blog, and you can also read about it HERE on Ravelry. The framed doily I showed in my last YouTube video was one written by Grace Fearon. 

I hope we can all help in this very small way.
Small things can mean something very big to those who have little.


Out my back door a few days ago, fog set in just before sunset...

And looking out the front door...

And looking towards town from the front door...

One minute it was clear as a bell, and within a very short few minutes, the fog had descended from the mountains and shrouded everything. It was kind of a spooky thing, but I loved it. 

Milky tea.

Snuggled down in the covers.

Momma holding my paw.

Can I have a treat?
You can have whatever you want, Sammi Girl.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Purple Poncho, Joan & Bette, Other Stuff

A short little vlog...with all my teeth this time.
I was sweaty and rushed.

Watch it on YouTube if you can't see it here on my blog:

Peace, Sistahs.