Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tiny Glimpses of Spring & Old People

This is what it looks like at my house.
The snow has melted except on the mountaintops.

It won't be long until everything is greened up.

She was about 10 feet from me when she froze.

I went through the orchard gate for a walk about an hour ago.

No signs of life here yet, but soon.

Yay! The irises are coming up strong.



Back inside for a cup of tea...

Sammi awaits on her perch on the back of the couch.

I don't have a cold, but I had to have this Gypsy Tea.

I printed out a picture for this oval matted frame.

I'm a lucky girl with or without the bamboo, but I thought I'd get it anyway.
Can't hurt.

I got some store-bought salsa in medium-hot, but it's hot as fire.
I thought I'd tame it with a can of tomatoes...

And extra cilantro.
It worked. Delicious.

And one last thing...

Do you know who these two fellas are?
OMG, I nearly died.
This pic was in my Star Magazine.







Starsky & Hutch!

That's right.

Peace and Love and all that Jazz,

Pammy Sue


  1. Those are two hot young men right there! Ha. I've never tried Gypsy Tea but I think I'd love it. I'm always up for a new kind of tea. I'll have to see if they have that at Sprouts next time I'm there. That's where I can usually count on finding interesting teas without paying an arm and a leg for them like I would at Whole Foods. I hope you have lots of green coming your way very soon, it's looking really promising.

  2. Seriously? Starsky and Hutch? I was going to vote Gilligan and the Captain! I finally saw a sign of spring about 10 minutes ago. I looked out into our backyard and lo and behold! I see the very tip top of some red rhubarb peeking out in my garden. Yay! Maybe spring really is coming. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Starsky and Hutch got OLD. I remember them being young and much better looking....Now I'm AFRAID to look in the mirror, lol!!!!!! I hope you're right and Spring is coming. Do you promise?

  4. I would have never guessed! But, when I read who, it IS them!! Oh, my. We are all heading down the OLD road. No brakes on that train! Ha! Pammy Sue, you have THE most beautiful views!! Incredible. And, I'll get to enjoy Spring a second time with you. Hee hee. Have a wonderful weekend! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  5. Wow, Starksy and I really feel old. I guess we are all getting old. Sure beats a dirt nap, I guess. ) I always love seeing pictures of your place. It's so beautiful out your way. I was also admiring your lovely doilies, too. :) Wishing you a most lovely day and a Happy Weekend. ((hugs)).

  6. Wow! I had to scroll back up to look again at Starsky & Hutch! You live in a beautiful place but I couldn't handle that snow!

  7. Lordy, Starksy & Hutch did not age well at all.
    That Gypsy Cold Care tea sounds divine.
    Our Rosie perches on the back of the sofa so she can get a better view out the front window.
    Aren't pup-dogs wonderful.

  8. THAT is hard to believe!!! Starsky and Hutch??? No way! I tried seeing something in them, even a tiny bit, and couldn't see it at all. Boy growing old sure sucks. Wish we could at least "look" young forever! That tea sounds delish.... will have to try it if it's around here in Oregon. I love trying new teas. I want to find a good one that tastes good with (organic) creamer added. For some reason, adding creamer feels like an afternoon tea in England! I found a yummy organic hazelnut creamer which I just love, but it really doesn't taste good in herbal teas. I'll keep searching! So glad your snow melted and the green is coming! One of these you'll see a new blade of grass coming up! Love your views of the mountains too. hugs.. Marilyn

  9. Good one ! Loved Starsky and Hutch in the old days. Love where you live Pammy-Sue, what made you choose to live there?

  10. Please tell me what I'm missing in that camoflouge picture? Love the oval frame and the red doily - very pretty. Xox

  11. Some how I keep missing your posts and find it so late. I love all your pictures and work and the reminder that we are old ha ha ha :) I had to take a moment to find the dear and had to enlarge it too :) your good a this wild life photos and the mountains are gorgeous too. love the salsa trick too! And your dogs I love dogs :) and the tea look great I have not tried that one I love the kind with out caffeine. Hope you are keeping well and have a wonderful week hugs from Carollyn

  12. Wow, those mountains in the first couple of pictures are so incredibly beautiful!
    Enjoy the spring!

  13. You definitely have some outstanding views!


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