Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Latest Doily, Perfume Mania, Auction Wins

Made with blood, sweat, and tears.

She was a lot of trouble. I kept having to remind myself how worth it she was and how much I love crocheting doilies. Definitely the most interesting doily I've ever made. It kept me interested with all the different stitches and bobbles and twists and texture. Yep...she was worth it.

Pattern:  Irene from the book Doilies with a Twist by Patricia Kristoffersen
Thread:  Cebelia DMC #10 in color #437
Hook:  1.75 mm (I'd use a 2.0 next time.)
Size:  16.5"

Soft Surroundings Catalog

For some reason we got this catalog in the mail recently. I browsed through it, but I knew I wouldn't order anything because everything was too expensive...at least for me.  

Until I saw this and smelled it.

Here's what it said about the L. perfume:

Warm & Sensual; Tobacco & Black Honey
L. embodies feelings of romance and nostalgia. It triggers movies in the mind - glamorous, sexy, mysterious movies.

L. opens with the intoxicating scent of warm, earthy tobacco leaf and sweet black honey contrasted with smoky notes of exotic guaiac wood and a zesting of citrus. Patchouli and a whisper of ylang ylang compose its alluring heart. The seduction is complete with an enticing blend of black vanilla and golden amber undertones. An unforgettable fragrance.

I loved it. So I ordered the little one they called a "truffle" for $19.99. The big one was almost $80. It came like this...

Wrapped just like a truffle candy!
How sweet.

Here it is unwrapped.
It's just a little spray bottle about 4 inches high.

And then I went to their outlet website and saw this...

A little gift collection of two of their signature scents.
One is what I already ordered and one is different.

Is this not the prettiest packaging?
What a treat! And for $11 on clearance! Or was it $9?
I can't remember.

But I wasn't finished there. You know how I am. I get my attention on something and can't get away.

Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil.

I was looking through YouTube videos and came across a review of this perfume oil. I love musk. I mean, I really love it. She got me. I ordered some on Amazon, $16.99 free shipping (I'm a Prime member). It came in the mail yesterday and did not disappoint. I dabbed it on my wrists and behind each ear and I smelled it all day. I read some reviews on it and some people said it didn't last very long and they had to reapply. I didn't have that problem. 

An interesting side note on this perfume...It was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's favorite.

An interesting side note on the other one I got...Ken said it smells like an old lady. Hmpf! Well, shit. What good is it if he doesn't like it? Whatever. I kind of am an old lady, aren't I? Hee-hee.

I still want to order some of Sarah Jessica Parker's new perfume, Stash. I haven't smelled it, but I've heard it described. If it smells like I think it does, I'll like it. I think I'll be over the perfume obsession for a while after that.

Chile, it's smellin' good up in herrah!
That was me mimicking a black accent for some reason.

We went to a charity dinner a week ago Friday for Dollars for Scholars (for the high school here).  It was so much fun! We met more new people that live here and saw lots of people we already know. Dinner was fantastic (Italian) and there was an auction afterwards. A wide variety of things were auctioned off. These were two of the things we got.

It looks like a giant butterfly attacking Ollie! Ha!
It'll go on the back porch when it gets warmer.

So will this wind chime.
At least until it starts bugging the hell out of me tinkling in the wind.
Which will probably be about 5 minutes.
What? YOU'RE easily irritated.

I couldn't keep Hen & Chicks alive down in Texas in the heat.

Now I couldn't kill one if I tried.
Which I nearly did by leaving it in the mudroom and not watering it all winter.
I killed all the rest of my succulents. Why? WHY?
All I had to do was water them! Out of sight, out of mind.

Have you tried these yet?

I have three recipes for you next time.
You're gonna love them!
Like I love you.



  1. That is one absolutely GORGEOUS doily !! You're such a clever lady - wish I had your talent. The texture on Trish's patterns is amazing - how did you do that twisty stitch ? Perfume is good - I'm glad you're enjoying yours. Xox

  2. Fun post as always Pammy Sue. Beautiful doily,


  3. Okay this doily looks like tatting, 😄💟😄 I love it 🌹 I love perfume and took a little class about it too, it was fascinating and I really learned a lot about wearing it and the different kinds too. If you go to Saforia's in the mall they will give you free samples so you can try it out too just FYI :)

  4. Your doily is fantastic! I have seen that kind of doily on Facebook a lot. They are really popular right now. I love all the intricate details in them but I don't think I'd have the patience to make one. I'll just have to stick with the simpler patterns.

  5. Oh so much gun stuff to start my day. Gotta love a new perfume. I actually got pissed about the Ivanka boycott and ordered her perfume from Amazon. Prime and own stock, no lose. Love it FYI. only Channel no.5 before this is cheaper and nice everyday to ward off you know who....lol.
    Love succulents too. Mine came in for the winter and are doing great in sunroom.
    Love gouda but are they real smokie, not a fan of smoke.
    Doily on my friend....off to walk the mall and get in my 3 miles.

  6. I love perfume but I hardly ever wear it anymore. If I do, it's usually Clinique Happy, it's light and clean. I like muskier scents too, though. Burberry used to be my main perfume when I was younger. I really loved the spiciness of it. I have a small bottle like the truffle that I got at Target a long time ago. It's the Sonia Kashuk brand of cosmetics they sell there but I'm not sure if they still have perfumes in that line. Anyway, it has a roll-on applicator which makes it really nice for putting on your wrists or neck. Listen to me, you'd think I was a perfume fanatic the way I'm going on...I probably haven't worn any in a year. :)

  7. That doily..... enough said. You already know I love it. I laughed as I read the saga of the perfume. I've worn the same stuff for years and years and never change. The grandkids all know how Grandma "smells" and recognizes it when they're in a store. Even 4 year old Piper who hasn't seen me for almost 2 years! How fun to go to the auction. I'm glad you're loving living here so much. We do too.

  8. Beautiful doily its so delicate and lovely. I'm glad that you are enjoying your perfume, the auction sounds like fun great buys I love the butterfly. :) xx

  9. Oh your doily is amazing! How pretty. :) Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs)).

  10. Oh that doily is extra special GOR-GEE-OUS!! Wow.... I bet that was "fun" one.. sounds like it! This post was funny and had to laugh about all the perfumes. I used to have my absolute faves but haven't worn it for years and years. The first one sounds pretty glamorous and sexy, I must say. But I really have nothing to be sexy about (or for!) these days. My most fave was an Avon scene way back in the 70's and 80's.. those "cream sachets" and mine that I loved was called Somewhere. It was my signature scent for years and years! It never failed.. if I got into an elevator when a man was in there, I ALWAYS got a comment on how good I smelled! Oh well. They don't have it anymore. Those Triscuits sound yum yummy.. I love smoked gouda cheese.. can't eat anything with wheat so the Triscuits will have to be passed on. Darn. Our neighbors here in dry central Oregon have a huge bed of hens and chicks.. and they are spreading into our yard... he waters them alot so that's how they must survive the dry summers here. Maybe I'll snatch a few and plant them in a container. They are so cute. Have a good week! Marilyn

  11. That is a beautiful doily! When I first glanced at the pic with the pretty stained glass butterfly, I thought Ollie was wearing some kind of giant fancy hat. Dogs manage to get themselves into pictures with some funny results,don't they. I am so bad about forgetting to water my indoor plants in winter. It makes for high plant mortality around here in winter. Windchimes that are too loud get on my nerves real quick, I have often thought about how I could go about silencing our neighbor's overly loud chimes. I don't know how they can stand them.
    I liked reading about your perfume finds. I had never heard of a perfume truffle before, since I now know what it is, it's a great idea.

  12. LOVE your doily! I've never tried making a textured one like that! So pretty!

  13. Your doily is so pretty and how much time and patience that went in to it. Hope you are enjoying your perfumes but i've found that I stopped wearing it since I retired...?

  14. I'm watching an old episode of Police Story and have decided that you remind me of Stella Stevens!

    1. I wish, Debbie! Haha. I'll take that as a compliment. Just looked at a bunch of pics of her. She was a sex kitten back in the day!

  15. Well Girlfriend, Miss Irene makes You THE QUEEN of Crocheted Doilies for FOREVER!!!
    I LOVE Musk too ... always have... even BEFORE I was an Old Lady... these Men....

  16. I love your doily but then again I've always loved your work. It's been awhile. I might be getting back to my blog. We'll see.

  17. Love the latest doily. You do such beautiful work.
    Pammy Sue, if you like bargains you should try zulily.com they have new thing everyday. I've found nicest things for our new place. I especially like the kitchen items & artwork. Plus if you're ready to try more perfume zulily also has name brands no and then.

  18. My favorite colors of doilies are shades of natural, tan, beige, ecru...LOVE this one and that twisty stitch, wow! I wanted to scratch & sniff that perfume for sure, lol. Didn't know Triscuits came in flavors. I remember back when everything was, well, plain! Last time I took the hubs grocery shopping and I took time to actually read some of the labels and try to make a decision, he stood looking perplexed. "What?" says I. "I can't figure out what you're doing!" says he. Ugh. A fun read!

  19. OMG! I got that catalogue and thought the same thing! That wasn't the perfume that HAD me, but one did. Unlike you, I did not follow up on ordering the one that caught my sniffer. Just threw it in the trash. Ha!! Now, you have me intrigued again. LOL! LOVE Irene. You do such beautiful work! Glad you had fun at the fundraiser AND got some new fun prizes. I have trouble keeping plants alive in the house over winter... seems like it would be easier to take care of them than outside in summer here... but, nope. ;) Take good care. If I end up with some perfume (that may smell like an old lady), I'll know who to blame! LOL! blessings and hugs ~ tanna


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