Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SqHAIR Bands...Hinged Headbands!

I have a Valentines gift for you, Sistahs!

When I saw these unique headbands about a week ago, I HAD to have some! Just look at these and all the colors they have.

And they fold up like glasses!

Why didn't I think of this??
I immediately went to their site and bought some.

Want to see me in some of mine? Okay...
Remember, it's the bands you're looking at, not me!
I'm not a fashion model, although I felt like one. Hehehe.

Never tilt your head down and take a photo of yourself!
Gravity will take hold, girls! Haha.
Look at the SqHAIR Band, not me.

They even look cute on Sammi!

They each came in a pretty little silky pouch.

After I received my SqHAIR Bands, I received an email from one of the owners asking me to let them know that I received my order. When I did that, I also sent an email telling them how much I liked the headbands and what a good idea it was. I also told them I was going to let my blog readers know about them. I got an email back saying how happy they were that their bands were getting such rave reviews, and if I was going to post about them, my readers could have FREE SHIPPING with the order of two pair if they used the promo code "PAMMYSUE"!

Thank you Julie and Marsha!

This is what the website says about them...

SqHair Bands are Hinged Headbands created with fashion, function & comfort in mind. They were initially created out of necessity because there had never been a hinged headband on the market. Many women have been searching for a headband “that fits like sunglasses”; a headband that can hold their hair back while allowing a relaxed hair style, a comfortable fit, and a fashionable look.  SqHair Bands are just that, they are somewhat square, due to the hinges, and have arms just like sunglasses. This is how the name SqHair Bands came about. They are so comfortable and fashionable that they can be worn all day and night!

SqHair Bands come in an array of solid Colors, Prints, and Classic Tortoise. Many are available with crystal designs on the arms, creating a glamorous hair accessory, as well as a headband! Plain Solid headbands may also be customized by the buyer.
Try a SqHair Band and ‘Join the new Headband Revolution!’

Use Promo Code: PAMMYSUE
For free shipping! ($3.99 value)


And thanks to my hand model in the video, Ken.
He refused to put them in his hair, dang it!

I went a little nutso for these.
I think I'm going to go get a white one and a pink one too.
How could I not get PINK??

Let me know if you get some and love them like I do.
Peace, Sistahs!


  1. Wow those are really neat Pammy Sue! I have lots of headbands. Are used to wear them all the time but not so much anymore. I'm glad to know where I can find some comfortable ones if I need to get more. Thanks for the link.

  2. Those are very cute! I wonder if they'd work for my daughter; she's eight but really small for her age and even her head is tiny, so all the plastic headbands we've tried just fall off her head because they can't hug it well enough. You look nice in your headbands. Your hair is getting really long! Thanks for the code. :)

  3. Those headbands are a great idea and you model them so well. Very glam ! I love that doily you used as a background. Can you let me know where I could get the pattern please? Its so pretty and I'm after something nice to make for my step-mother. Xox

    1. I sent you an email, Dorothy. Let me know if you don't get it.

  4. Very neat. They look great on you. :) Wishing you a lovely day ((hugs))

  5. They look great on you, Pammy Sue!! If I were a headband-wearer, I'd definitely order. You are looking mighty fine, girl! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  6. That's a really neat idea! I agree, why didn't you think about it! I keep my hair cut too short to wear them, but love the idea.

  7. Pamelina!!! FINALLY!!!! I use my sunglasses to hold my hair back all of the time. I thought about creating something like this a long time ago and gave up the idea because I wouldn't know where to start to get them made or marketing them. Regular headbands give me a headache and most of them that fit my head are childish looking because they are made for little girls. LOL. LOOK at how long your HAIR has gotten! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing these with us and I am going to order me some right now! -The T

  8. These are pretty nifty! I think my hair is too short, but would maybe work. Do they fit snug enough to stay on and not fall off? You look darling in them and Yes.. I agree about the gravity.. but you look just fine. I sure like their array of colors.. and you've GOT to get pink! Hope your snow is melting somewhat! We are having a balmy today, 50 degrees, windy and almost all snow is gone except for the big piles in town. I'm so happy!

  9. Well you know I'm getting me some too!!! Thanks Sista!!!
    XO Kris


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