Saturday, February 04, 2017

Snow, Kitty, Peace Out



I saw this on Pinterest as soon as I opened it up this morning. So fitting for me. Except I would not use the word "literally" like that. The younger folks use that word all the time like this, but it's just dumb. Stop it. Also, the kitty would be a dog, although I love kitties too. I just don't happen to have one right now. We never got another one after Kitty died at 18 years old. We had her since she was about 5 weeks old.

Aww...there's my Kitty girl.


I came across this picture of some pretty crochet teacups and saucers a couple of days ago. I thought they were so dainty and girly. I never did find an exact pattern like these, but I found a couple of others and printed them. After spending all that time, I decided I didn't want to make any if I didn't have one just like this. Maybe I'll be in the mood to play with it and try to copy it some day. Just not now.  

The Amish Friendship Bread came out great. I made the cinnamon-sugar recipe, but there are literally (ha) at least 50 variations from chocolate to savory cheese.

One of my favorite dinners.
Baked chicken with herbs & spices, stewed tomatoes from the can, and rice.
I usually just have the tomatoes and chicken, but Ken wanted rice yesterday.

Short post, but that's all I gots.

I slept with a ton of coconut oil in my hair last night. I gotta go shower and wash it out. I feel greasy. 

Peace out, Sistahs.

(That's a little too groovy? Hmm...I kinda like that one.)


  1. Snow. So. Much. Snow. I feel the same way about being home. I can't get enough of being home. It's been over two weeks now, except for a short trip to the doctors and I'm perfectly happy. Cute little tea cups. I don't know what I would do with them though, so I don't think I would ever make one. I love your kitty. She looks very sweet . We lost our kitty about six years ago and I just don't have the heart to get another one. He was a perfect cat and I'm afraid that I wouldn't get another one as cuddly and sweet as he was. Have a lovely weekend Pammy Sue.
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Such a sweet post. I've been thinking about the overnight coconut oil treatment too, especially since I got crazy at Costco and bought a tub of the stuff. Keep me posted......

  3. I love to be home. If I never had to go out, I'd be thrilled. Ha. I ran around all day for kids' lessons, a birthday party and grocery shopping and am so glad it's over. I dropped off my daughter at the party and went back to pick her up and all the moms were in the kitchen complaining about literally everything in their lives and screaming over each other. I said two words, "Hello" and "Bye" and just stood there quietly while I waited for my daughter to finish her cake and find her shoes. I said thanks to the family and off we went. I can't stand that kind of stuff. I was so glad to get home and stand next to the ladder while my husband painted the window trim. He's my kind of people. :)

  4. I like the "Peace Out Sistas"!!!! very fitting! That Amish Friendship bread looks SO GOOD and moist and yummy. Have you given us the recipe? If so, I'll go look for it! I want some right now. Instead I'm eating some boxed "Munch and Crunch" popcorn... OK but not that bread. Are you really not tired of the snow yet????? I am! But have lived with it constantly every winter since we moved to this area in 2012. And then in SW Washington, the place we lived at about 1500 feet had tons every winter too. I'm literally SICK of it! (oops...used that word). Just kidding. I do like that saying but I would take out "literally" also... I'm happiest at home, for sure for sure. If YOU had to shovel all that snow, maybe it wouldn't be so fun anymore! I do most of the shovelling because hubby doesn't like to.. he'd just as soon trudge through it and get snow all down his boots and up his pants legs. Maybe I won't cook anymore because I don't like to...huh? huh? I'm just a little upset that I had to go out this morning and scrape all the ice off our driveway so I could walk to our car to go get catfood. Ours is melting (the snow) but still lots of piles around. Is 50 today which is wonderful! xoxoxo Marilyn

    1. Marilyn, I'm emailing you the starter recipe and instructions! ♥

  5. LOL! I love the Peace out, Sistas! ;) Yep, I love being at home alone, too. Hermit. Have to fight the inclination. LOL! Those are some very dainty teacups. I've had a notion of sugar skulls (for a golf tournament) and I remember you did some. I'll track back and find them. Hope you have a wonderful day. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  6. Love that first picture from Pinterest. And those teacups are adorable. I'm saving the photo. I, too, might play and try to recreate them some day. After all, ideas are no copyrighted.
    Your Kitty was so beautiful. I've lost my cat when I was little, and for many years I've felt like I would never want to go through that heartbreak again. But that might change once my kids are grown up and on their own.
    Have a nice week!

  7. Wow love the food and you know that saucer and cup I could make in tatting too this one is too cute love the picture and the little marshmallows are adorable 😄💟😄


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