Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Doilies and Smells

Girls, this doily brought out the spitfire in me!

Do you see this? Do you?
This pic was taken the second time I ripped back SIX rows.

I had to rip back SIX rows to this point no less than three times! And it was all my fault! I was PISSED beyond belief. Even more unbelievable, I did not burn it right there on the coffee table. I am the most stubborn, tenacious, determined person you will ever meet, but I can also throw a hissy fit and say the hell with it all. It was not going to beat me this time though! I was going to start over as many times as it took.

I won! I won! I won!

That's me.

Care to try some on my new doily?

Mmm...chocolate! I started a new one.

Fun Fact:  Have I ever told y'all that Sammi smells like chocolate? She smells exactly like chocolate around her face area. It's true. Isn't that weird? Exactly like chocolate.

A friend brought me some Amish Friendship Bread starter to the last poker party.

I made my loaf (it's in the oven now) and prepared the starters for four more friends this morning. It was supposed to make two loaves, but I don't like my breads made in loaf pans to be short and squatty, so I used nearly the whole batch of batter in one pan. It should be sitting up nice and high when it's ready. It's smells like cinnamon and cake in my house right now.

Two of the four are already gone.

The timer on the oven just went off...

Well that looks good. Look at the cinnamony-sugary goodness!

My iced's liquid gold. YUM.

It's another cold, but beautiful day out my office window.
The jets even made an appearance yesterday.
That was the first time since around the first of December.

Y'all have a lovely day.

Smell ya later.
(LOL...that's no good either.)


  1. OH I am so glad you hung in there with that doily, it's pretty. I love anything with flowers, and this doily is awesome. :) I always enjoy seeing your doilies, they inspire me. Oh yes, ice coffee is awesome! Yum. When I read "she's whiskey in a cup" I smiled, girl if that is not you, then I have no idea who it could ever be! :) That's a compliment, too...just in case our friends who are not from the south didn't know. I love that pretty rose tea cup...goodness, it looks just perfect on your pretty doily. Wishing you a lovely day. I am looking forward to seeing the other doily that you are making, too. :)

  2. Beautiful doilies! I'm glad you won the rip-out battle.

  3. But in the end, your doily turned out so beautiful! Love the teacup too.

  4. Congrats on sticking with the doily and finishing it Pammy Sue. It's gorgeous.


  5. Beautiful doily Pammy Sue you always make my mouth water with your yummy bakes.😊Xx

  6. Hurrah for your perseverance and determination, Pammy Sue!! Both are beautiful! Chocolate? Very interesting. I'd be sniffing all the time. LOL! That bread looks so good; wish I had some right now with my coffee. Have a great day. blessings ~ tanna

  7. Well, you know how I feel about that doily already. It's gorgeous and I'm glad you hung in there. The new one looks yummy too. Smells like chocolate huh. Our Chloe's feet smell like Fritos to me. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say that. Stay warm, more snow this weekend!

  8. What a lovely, fun and interesting post. I enjoyed every word of it!!! Blessings

  9. LOL... funny you! Glad you won the doily war! You are one determined girl. I just had to rip out two LONG rows on my baby afghan as somehow I had turned it around and worked the two (almost last) rows on the wrong side! gr.r.r.r.r. probably no one would have ever noticed, but I did. Darn. Love your pink and green doily with the pretty teacup.. your next one will need a cup of hot chocolate on it right? with whipped dream and a cherry on top? So funny that your doggy smells like chocolate.. did he get INTO the hot chocolate??? hee hee.... and love the view out your office window. We haven't had a sunny day with blue sky for a good week and I'm really really tired of the gray here. More snow today too. I'm miffed. Love that word! Take care.. Marilyn

  10. You know what? I had a dog who smelled like corn chips to me. Not like Fritos or Doritos or Tostitos, but like the generic corn chips you used to be able to get in a big white bag with black lettering that said CORN CHIPS. I don't think he ever ate corn chips but there you go. So I totally understand how your pup can smell like chocolate. :)

  11. Gosh .. one could gain lots of kilos just looking at your blog !! Love the smell of baking bread. Are you sure Sammi hasn't been eating your chocolate? I hope not as its not good for doggies. Your doily is very pretty and delicate looking. Perfect with that beautiful cup and saucer. xox


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