Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Cabled Owl Hat and Other Stuff

My owl hat turned out cute!

The basic pattern I used was It's a Hoot! Owl Hat by Carlinda Lewis. You can purchase it on Ravelry HERE.  I altered the pattern to make it a messy bun hat. I just took a large hair band and attached my yarn to it with a slip stitch and then crocheted 44 single crochets to it and joined with a slip stitch. I made the next round a dc in each sl st and joined, and then I completed pattern as written starting with R5. I also used beads for the eyes instead of buttons. You use a method for crocheting them into your work using dental floss in a very ingenious way! Who thinks of this stuff? Not my brain!

Anyway, I had fun making this challenging project.


I ordered all these reading glasses on eBay.
Cost was about $20 including shipping.
They came as a set. They are Joy Mangano brand (from HSN).
I'm really happy with them. I like that the lenses are bigger.
They're great quality and each pair came with its own little bag.
There's even a tinted pair (top left).
Do you like (LOVE!) the little crochet tablecloth I laid them on?

It's so pretty and dainty.
I bought it at an antique mall a few years ago for $25.
I thought it was a steal. I absolutely love it.


I started taking this Biotin supplement a couple of days ago. I ordered it online. The only other supplement I take is a high-dose Vitamin D every day. It has made a big difference in my nails and my hair grows faster than before. I thought I'd try this biotin (5,000 mcg) per day for a few months and see if I notice a difference in my hair, skin, and nails. It takes months to really see a difference in least enough time for your nails to grow completely out from the cuticle. I ordered these on Amazon.

I'm continuing to love this Argon Oil from Physicians Formula.
It sinks right in and makes my facial skin so soft.


I can hardly believe it, but it's snowing really hard again right now. I'm watching it outside my window as I type this. It's crazy compared to what I'm used to being from Texas! CRAZY! If the dogs could walk on top of the snow, they could walk right over the fence. The snow is so powdery they'd fall right through the snow though at least a few feet. That's right. We have FEET of snow that's been on the ground since sometime in December. I know I keep talking about it, but I am just not used to it. I don't think I'll ever be.

Thanks to all of you who commented and let me know about the videos. I appreciate that. And I appreciated all of your sweet comments and/or emails to me when I post.

Remember, if you're asking for something from me like a crochet pattern, you must leave me your email address or I can't help you! I won't ever post your comment with your email address unless you tell me it's okay.

Thank you for reading and being so sweet!
Peace, Sistahs.


  1. I love your owl hat, it's a HOOT!! I like your reading glasses also. I always love to see what you are crocheting.

  2. I like that Owl hat. It's so cute. I will have to check out that dental floss trick, too. You have quite a collection of reading glasses now. I need to have my eyes checked and get new glasses, too. They are not as young as they used to be. HA! I do like that table cloth, too. I love to find things like that at garage sales or antique stores. I can't imagine parting with something so pretty.

  3. Your hat is so cute! I love the beaded eyes. That was a great deal for reading glasses. I should check that out, if you can still order them. I just have one pair and they're okay but I think I might wear them more often if I had some fun colors. Enjoy that snow, I'm jealous! :)

  4. The owl hat looks great Pammy Sue. That table doily is beautiful. I love seeing your snow pictures.


  5. So much info. Love the vitamin ideas and hair treats. Before I head over to I think you owl hat is the bomb. You know I have a thing about eye glasses.

  6. Wow I think your owl hat was a Wise choice πŸ˜„and the crochet work is so victorian I love the post fun stuff happy to look atπŸ’ŸπŸ˜„πŸ’Ÿ

  7. Oh I adore your Owl hat/bun. I love crochet cables, I think they always look so pretty. Love the eye glasses, too. Wishing you a day filled with much joy. ((hugs))

  8. OMG!! I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. your owl hat, Pammy Sue!! Too cute! All that snow is a big change from Texas. So glad you are enjoying it. I have a few pieces of crochet that I picked up at garage sales, etc. I always think about the lady who made them. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  9. My, my, my! You're a font of information and fun stuff today! Love that hat and your ingenious way of making it a messy bun hat. The table cloth is really cute, you did get a steal on it in my humble opinion. I do like your reading glasses. I just bought another 3 pack at Walmart so I can't justify getting anymore right now but I do think they're really cute. Snow. You know how I feel. Dennis had an interesting drive into work this morning. We have about 1/4 inch of ice on top of all of the snow. He did lots of slip-sliding but made it safely. Hopefully the ice will be melted when he gets ready to come home. Spring could come anytime. :-)

  10. Love the hat it's so cute, I never thought of buying reading glasses from ebay I have a thing for buying reading glasses I have to have a pair in each room, a pair in each of my handbags and a pair in the car and would you believe it I can never find a pair when I want them haha. That cover is lovely very pretty, do let us know about the biotin, I need something to smooth out the wrinkles and make me look at least 10 years younger so if you come across anything like that please let me know. :) xx

  11. Love the hat and that it has a hole for a ponytail to stick out. It's hard to find ponytail hats.
    I tried the Biotin supplement but alas it didn't work for me. I purchased mine at Amazon here,
    I think I'm going to give the Argan Oil a try on my heels. I get such cracked heels in the wintertime even though I wear socks always.
    You're a lucky pup finding that gorgeous crocheted tablecloth for $25 bucks.I need to go shopping with you! But then again you'd get all the really great finds. (smile)
    Take care, keep warm and give those four legged sweethearts a squeeze from me.

  12. Boy I thought I had lots of reading glasses laying around, but you win hahaha! Saw the hat on IG, so cute!!! Have fun with all that snow. I am sick to death of the rain here, everything is so saturated it won't soak in anymore. At least the snow is pretty!

  13. I want to see YOU wear that darling hat! I bet it would look so cute on you. Interesting info about the Biotin.. hum.m.m.m I'm glad the snow is up there and not here. Most of ours melted yesterday and today except for the big piles.. I can see our lawn now and our roads are bare. What a relief.... for now anyway. Oh... and I'm so glad you put a "follow me" gadget on your blog... I signed up to follow so now I can your new posts in my inbox. I've been just checking every few days to see if/when you posted. This is so neat to know now. We're having a little warmer weather for a few days which is so awesome. And I love that beautiful crocheted tablecloth. Wish I could find something like that.. sure will never make one that intricate! Maybe you guys will need to get some snowshoes?? I wonder if they make doggie ones..............

  14. Cute hat! Thanks for the tip on how to start it. I've seen so many patterns for these hats this year. Why didn't I think of that before? It's so practical. (I guess that's why I didn't think of it.) The snow is amazing. If I didn't have to get out and drive a semi truck, it sure would be nice to stay home and watch it from my window. Jealous!! Anyway, that too will pass and we'll soon be seeing gorgeous spring pictures. Think positive!


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