Monday, January 02, 2017

Other People's Things and My Latest

From Flickr...
Credit: Flickr names below each pic.


Lois Cook

Denise Karan
Why do people insist on including their nekkid feet in pictures?
Gross. Just leave the feet out. It adds nothing except a little vomit in my mouth.
The rug is pretty though.



Love this!
Melanie May

Elín Guðrúnardóttir

Have I ever told you how much I hate crochet food?
Well, I hate it. A lot. Hate. It.
It makes me mad that I even posted this, but I wanted to say how much I hate crochet food.
So there. I hate crochet food with a passion. I don't know why.
Just so I'm not being completely negative, it is well-made.


It's very, VERY cold. We're in a deep freeze with highs only in the teens for the next 7 days, and maybe beyond that, but I haven't looked that far ahead. The sun is shining though.

I finished my gray angel's dress. On to the sleeves, halo, and wings...

Here she is before I finished the dress.
You have to crochet each of the tips of her dress separately.
What a pain in the ass you are, gray angel.
But I know you will be worth it.

Oh, and I made another skull...

Sorry it's blurry.
I used a different pattern that was also free on Ravelry HERE.
I liked it better than the first as it was less wonky.
I think I got the skulls out of my system for now.

I don't remember which of my dogs made these prints.

Happy 2017.
See ya.


  1. Thank you for posting so many beautiful crocheted delights! Love your thread holder.
    I agree, if you're going to photograph your feet in a shot, PLEASE wear shoes! At least a pair of cute shoes, not nekkid toes, ugh!
    Know pup-dog feet are completely different. They're always cute! (smile)
    PS. Love your newest blog masthead/banner.

  2. Hi Pammy Sue,

    About the feet in the pictures, lol. I think people add them to give the idea it's actually a rug. Otherwise it would look just like a doily. Of course, there must be other ways to show it's a rug!
    It's not that I hate or dislike crochet food, it's just I totally don't get it. Other than possibly making it for little girls to play tea parties, what's the point of it?
    Love the lace curtain and pillow trim. Beautiful!
    Your angel is turning out lovely.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Totally agree with you about the crochet food. What's the point and what do you do with it anyway after all that time invested in making it? Why not make something constructive? But it was well-made, like you said. I bet the person who made it was kicking themselves afterwards too, when they didn't know what to do with it other than put it on a plate and take a picture of it. Okay... I'm done too! Happy New Year! Stay warm and cozy up there!

  4. All of those crochet designs are just beautiful. I love the curtains especially. I've always wondered about the crocheted food too, but then I thought maybe it's for kids to play with. I know when we go to Japan they have food made out of wax in all of the restaurants. They have a plate that shows exactly what the food will look like when you get it, but it's all made out of wax. Kind of weird. It is cold isn't it? And it's only supposed to get colder the next few days. Wear your longjohns!
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. The snow scene at the top of your blog is spectacular! I like those crochet projects, but I agree with you about the feet. Maybe they are trying to show big the stitches are as compared to a woman's foot? Your angel is going to be so pretty!

  6. Pretty things Pammy sue apart from the feet of course haha although the lady in question probably thinks her feet are pretty. I love your Angel you must have so much patience I have made them in the past but much smaller than yours, as for the crocheted food I think it looks quite clever but I don't see the point of it unless it's for kids to play pretend with. Keep snug and warm. xxx

  7. I love the new header picture! It reflects how cold it is up there right now. :) Love your angel. I so wish I could get my crochet mojo back. I have so much yarn and no desire to work it up into something beautiful or cool. I know my job has a lot to do with it. Y'all stay warmy!

  8. How funny you are! - about nekid feet and hating crocheted food! I had to laugh! But I do really like that crocheted rug.. if not for her little toes, I would have thought it was a doily..... I can see making that with some large yarn and put it by my bed. all of the pretties you showed are.... well... pretty! The collar is especially neat. I wouldn't know what to wear that with these days... as I mostly wear sweatshirts and flannel shirts.. hum.m.m. would it work on a sweatshirt? Wonder how far it'll get below zero tonight? Any bets? I bet about 5 below. Oh.. and your white skull is darling too. I wanted to make one, but am trying not to get distracted from working on my baby blanket.. the reward will be sugar skulls (when I get it done). Have a cozy day! Marilyn

  9. Too funny. I don't generally like crocheted food either but I did recently make some snack food cat toys. I guess it's better if an animal is going to be chomping on it. Naked feet don't bother me too much but I don't know why so many people include them. We get it, you have feet. Hey, me too! No peg-legs here. I love that curtain you linked, I've been thinking about crocheting curtains but I'm so hopeless at thread crochet that they would just look like loosey-goosey dishrags hanging in the window. I showed my husband some designs the other day and he was like, "Please don't..." Haha.

  10. Fun post and I completely agree about "nekkid" feet in pics- Blah! Crochet food? not for me. My little GD's weren't much impressed either. Lesson learned. Your blog header pic is right on with your description of cold. It reflects the winter season perfectly. Hope to see more of your pics- they are so beautiful of your area. Happy New Year!

  11. LOL! At least she had a beautiful pedicure! LOL! I love the second photo of the light shining through the curtain! Crochet food? Not so much. Your angel and her dress are going to be so beautiful and I agree, this is a better sugar skull. Might have to try one of these myself. Ha! Stay warm and carry on. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  12. Two things in common Girl....
    Put shoes on those feet if they HAVE to be in the picture...
    I also HATE crocheted food... what exactly is the point,,, what are we meant to DO with it ???
    Three things...
    Same temps here....
    Frozen Tundra with highs of like 14 degrees and not much sunshine going on.
    So we will just crochet and knit My Friend... and love on doggies....

  13. Oooh... I love the crochet collar! Happy New Year! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. I know I am chiming in very late haven't blogged you in a year ha ha ha😄 I hope you are staying warm and have a wonderful New year. I think that is so funny the crochet food they to sushi and everything too. I went to a hand made poetry store and saw pottery food too, it is weird, go figure😦 I do love the collar and bed spread and this angel is beautiful really pretty.


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