Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make-Up and Beauty Product Review

I'm starting with the Holy Grail.
If you try nothing else I've pictured here, try this.

Physicians Formula Argan Oil
(It's the one with the dropper, not the spray one with coconut oil.)

I was very leery of trying this on my face because I have an oily T-zone. Plus, it was just counter-intuitive to me to put oil on my face. I was afraid I'd get a thousand zits and be all greasy. Girls, this has made a big difference in my face. I use it twice a day. Once in the morning as a moisturizer and primer under my make-up, and again at night after I take my make-up off.  The applicator is a dropper, and I use maybe three or four drops for my entire face and rub it in really good. I love this stuff so much. Next time I go back to Walmart, I'm going to buy all they have because I'm afraid they'll stop carrying it. It's $12 and change. You can also order it online at Ulta or Amazon if you can't find it in a store that carries Physicians Formula products.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation and
L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow

I really love the Maybelline the best, but they are very similar. They were $11.99 and 12.99. I've seen lots of positive reviews of the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation, but I got the Pro-Glow and I really like it. I may try the Pro-Matte next time, but for now I like these two and will use them up before I go on to anything else.

FYI...I bought the It Cosmetics CC cream foundation and didn't like it the first (and only) time I tried it. It didn't stay on very well and settled into lines and pores. I'm going to give it a try again and see what happens. It was $38!! GAH. I want it to work really bad! I tried it using their foundation brush so maybe that was the problem. I'll try it with my fingers or maybe a sponge and see if it make any difference.

I had to try this next thing because of the name of the color...

Catrice Illuminating Blush in Kiss Me Ken. Hee-hee.
Plus, I just really love pink, rosy blushes.
I ordered it online on Amazon and it came from overseas somewhere.
They didn't have this color anywhere else I looked.
I had to have KISS ME KEN!
Love it.

Here's what it looks like with the lid closed.

I've had this powder forever and like it better than anything else I've tried.
I even spent somewhere around $30 on a MAC powder, but I like this better.
I use it to set my foundation and under-eye corrector. It's $8.99-ish.

This is my new favorite mascara by L'Oreal.
My last favorite that I bought repeatedly was also by L'Oreal.
I like this applicator better. I think that's the difference.
And it doesn't smudge unless I cry. $8.99-ish.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water
Really? I think that made up that "Micellar" word.
There are two kinds; one is for waterproof mascara removal.

This cleansing water is all the rage right now. I don't like it for taking off my face make-up because you have to use so much, but I do like it for taking my eye make-up and mascara off. At $8-something per bottle, I can't afford to use a bottle a week to take off my make-up. I always used baby oil to take off my eye make-up, but I'll use this from now on because it's not oily and doesn't make my vision blurry like baby oil does. It's a 13.5-oz bottle and will last a long time just for that.

For taking my face make-up off and just general cleansing... 

I use this. Ken uses it too.
$12.99 at Walmart, big bottle... just simple and easy.


I started a doily the other day...

Somehow I ended up with the count off and had to rip out some rows, but it got all knotted up. I finally got it ripped back to the green and started over from there.

Fletch and Janie.

They look like they're in trouble, don't they? Janie has lost so much weight. She's just a tiny little thing now. We really notice it when we pick her up. She's light as a feather. She's just getting old. We started feeding her twice a day and giving her some canned food, and she's gained a pound back now.

Fletch's eye is better and so is Ely's butt. They both go back to the vet Friday for a re-check at both ends.

We had a poker party Sunday evening and had a full table. The ladies (wives) played this time too, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! We made a big pot of chili and a pot of taco soup, and I made a coconut cake for dessert. A fun time was had by all. We had several calls on Monday from people saying how much fun it was and when is the next one? I think Scotty's Place is the place to be once a month on Sunday! I had my camera sitting right next to me the whole time and never once thought to take a picture. Dang it! Maybe next time.

See ya.


  1. Oh I love the product reviews! I took your photo of the ELF lipstick with me to find it. They didn't have that one, but I bought three others that I love. And I have used several of the ELF products, and loved them all.
    I use Argon Oil on my hair. But my skin is oily, and I would be scared to death to put that on my face! I will look for some of those other products you mention!!!
    Poor puppers. I hope that they are better!
    Miss ya!

  2. That sure lots of information! I very, very rarely wear make up anymore. I developed allergies to eye make up about 10 years ago and when I stopped working I just got out of the habit of wearing it. I don't miss it a bit. Dennis says he doesn't care, so it makes life much easier. Ha ha! I hope your two babies are fine at the vet checks and I'm really glad they're feeling better. Congratulations on a successful party. I'm glad you're making lots of friends there. That's very important.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Would love to be sitting at that poker table!! ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  4. Great reviews! I like the blush color a lot. Oh your sweet doggies are always so cute! Ok, what thread, pattern are you using for your new doily. I love the pink and greens together. Gosh, sounds like you all had a blast on poker night. :) Wishing you a lovely day. ((hugs)). :)

  5. Your poker party sounds like so much fun! I enjoyed seeing all your makeup products I'm so boring I use the same stuff over and over, your doily is pretty lovely colours. :) xx

  6. Nice product reviews but I never wear makeup.. never have.. except I think for a couple of my weddings! hee hee.... I did used to wear a little eyeliner and blush when I worked, but now that I'm retired, I see no reason. If I do something special, I may put on a little eyeliner and maybe, just maybe, some mascara. But what I have is REALLY old. My "beauty regime" is washing my face with hot water in the morning, and putting Oil of Olay on to keep it soft. That's it. No nighttime regime either.. just go to bed! I like keeping things simple, It probably wouldn't hurt though to cleanse once in awhile. I'm so lazy.......... the poker party sounded like fun and so glad you are meeting and have good people to play with in your town! My baby blanket is almost done. Yahoo.. will show it off on a blog post soon. You have inspired me to finish it!

  7. love the start of the new doily!

  8. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Thank you for the reviews, I will try to find the Argan Oil to try, might be difficult here in Scotland. Have you ever tried Ponds Cold Cream to remove your makeup? It's all I use now. I find it cuts through all the layers of makeup and easily removes all my eye makeup without too much effort. You can buy a big tub from Amazon. A little bit goes a long way, I've had my big tub for 3 years and I'm only now scraping the bottom! Hope the doggies get the all clear at the vet. Em


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