Sunday, January 15, 2017

Crochet Tiramisu Baby Blanket

Tiramisu Baby Blanket
Pattern by Alicia Paulson
Free on Ravelry

I absolutely love this pattern! I made another one of these way back in the Dark Ages for a new baby in the family. It's by far my favorite baby blanket pattern EVER, and it's free! You can change the ribbon to suit a boy or a girl. I was very disappointed because I was going to use a black ribbon with white polka-dots on it, but when I got to the last side, I ran out of ribbon! GAH! The black with white polka-dot ribbon was so gorgeous on this blanket! I had forgotten that I made it bigger than the pattern and needed more ribbon than it called for. Anyway, the pink ribbon was all I had enough of in my ribbon stash. I'm going to buy more of the black next time I go to Walmart and re-do it. I'll show it to you again then. It's amazing how just changing the ribbon color can make such a difference.

Anyway, I used a Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn, a size I hook, and I chained either 126 or 116 to start.

Someone asked if this was a sc, dc, sc, dc pattern, and the answer is no. You can go read the pattern since it's free, but the basic stitch for the body of the blanket is sc twice in same stitch, skip a stitch, sc twice in next stitch, skip a stitch, repeat pattern across.

Dog Emergency!
(I swear. We have one every other week!)

On the wall at the vet.

Also on the wall at the vet.

Looking out the window at the vet.
LOL. We had to wait a while while they treated him.

Isn't this the cutest paper towel holder?

Well, the short of it is that Eli's butt nearly blew up. He had impacted anal glands. UGH! Poor little guy. He was miserable. His little ass was red and huge and looked like it could explode any moment. Of course we noticed it when the vet was closed (and there's only two vets within reasonable driving distance of us) so we had to wait a day to take him in. We could hear him yelping and hollering in the back while they attempted to drain them. They were so inflamed, they were not able to drain them without them bursting. Isn't that awful? It hurt me as much as it hurt him just having to listen. Lordie.

But that was Friday morning, and he's better now and getting back to his old self. We did stop at Walmart and get him a new blanket and a toy for the ride home. They all get that when they have to go to the vet for anything other than a routine check or shots. Yes, we spoil them rotten!

I'm off to watch football...Cowboys and Packers. GO COWBOYS!

Please...y'all stop touching my butt.

See ya.


  1. Love the blanket it really is gorgeous💟🌹💟. Glad his bottom is feeling better and he doesn't know you blogged about it

  2. Love the blanket it really is gorgeous💟🌹💟. Glad his bottom is feeling better and he doesn't know you blogged about it

  3. Love that blanket.
    Poor baby.
    Go Cowboys.....anyone but Packers...

  4. That's a beautiful blanket. The ribbon makes it so sweet. Poor little doggie!

  5. Poor Eli .... good to hear that he's feeling better now. That look on his little face speaks volumes. I love your Tiramisu blanket. I've had that pattern saved for years but have never got around to making one. Not sure why!!

  6. Love the blanket, glad Eli is better and we had to do an emergency vet run last Friday. Our boy got stung on the nose and he turned into elephant man/dog.

  7. Anonymous5:36 PM

    hi pammy sue...the blanket is gorgeous...thank you for providing the source...the black ribbon/white dot will look stunning...i am definitely going to try this glad eli is better...he must have been in tremendous pain...hope everyone stays well and you are able to enjoy this week...take care...sally

  8. Poor Eli. Just look at that cute face. I do love that blanket and I'm looking forward to seeing it with the black ribbon. Thanks for letting us know the pattern. It looks like one I would enjoy making too. Stay warm and watch out for ice my friend.

  9. The blanket is gorgeous Pammy Sue. Sorry about poor Eli but glad he's doing better now.


  10. Poor Eli! that sounds awful I hope he makes a speedy recovery bless. Love the blanket, I haven't made one of these yet but it's on my to do list. I like the pink ribbon but I'm sure it would look good with the black too. :) xx

  11. Beautiful baby blanket! I will definitely have to look that one up!

    I hope Eli is feeling better! My Allie had ruptured anal gland(s) and was a mess! She's much better now, thank goodness!

  12. Hi love... Aww, poor Eli. I hope he is feeling better. That blanket! I love it and it looks easy enough for even me to complete one. I have a stash of yarn I bought hoping to make a baby blanket...I might just go grab it and make this one. I have been looking for something easy that had some extra touches to make it special and this is the pattern that does it! Miss you bunches!

  13. Really love your baby blanket Pam! I don't know how you keep the edges straight! I've tried several times to do a rectangular blanket but my edges either go out at an angle or go IN at an angle! Is there a secret to keeping the sides straight? It looks nice and thick and cuddly. So sorry about little Eli! It would have hurt me too, seeing him in so much pain. So glad he is feeling better.. poor little buddy. And I just love your new header on your blog! I've mentioned this before, but it is so serene and wonderful... when I open up your blog, I just stare at it for a minute, taking it all in... such beauty there. Hope your week is going good! Hugs.. Marilyn

  14. Poor Eli! I hope he will get well soon. Your blanket is fantastic ♥, and I like that pink ribbon a lot. I must keep that pattern in mind! Many thanks for your sweet comment on my blog & best wishes for 2017! Hugs, Nata

  15. I need that cat paper towel holder to hold my thread and yarn when I crochet. Must look for one :)

    Had a dog who needed to have her anal glands expressed. Never smelled anything so horrible in my life. I can't imagine how bad ELi's were.

  16. I love the tiramisu baby blanket pattern too! I've never finished it as written though as far as the border is concerned - maybe next time! LOL

  17. Poor Eli! How is his bum bum????


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