Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thread Crochet Angel


Yee-haw! I had a ball making her! Of course there was plenty of cussin' and swearin' going on at times, but it was all worth it in the end. I learned a few things that I'll apply when I make another one, like not using a mixture of glue and water to stiffen her. She really didn't get stiff enough that way even though I slathered it on heavily. I'll use a commercial spray stiffener next time. I ordered some online so it should be here tomorrow. The second thing I learned was not to use Red Heart thread. Ugh! It was so stiff and yucky. I was shocked at the difference when I started my second one using a higher-quality thread. It makes a world of difference! Believe it. It's definitely worth an extra dollar or two you'll pay for better yarn.

Pattern:  Pineapple Cascade Angel by Cylinda Mathew's
Yarn:  Red Heart #10 in White
Hook:  1.75 mm (Pattern called for a 1.5 mm, but I wanted to use my favorite 1.75 hook from Australia, so I did! It didn't seem to make a difference in her size.)
I crocheted silver beads into her hem instead of pearls because I couldn't find any pearls that had a large enough hole for my thread. I continued with the silver theme by using silver ribbon in her bouquet and halo. She stands about 12 inches high.

I took a one-day break from crocheting and then...

Because I'm nuts.

She's made with a different pattern and I'm using Nazli Gelin Garden 10 yarn, which I love because it crochets like a silken dream. I buy mine online from Jimmy Bean's. Her face and wings will still be white, but her dress is this silvery-gray this time. I'm hoping to find some pearls for her this time. 
Five days til Christmas!
See ya.


  1. The Angels are beautiful Pammy Sue.


  2. She is absolutely beautiful, and the second will be too with that pretty silver thread. I know what you mean about buying the best thread. It's so worth it.

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    oh, pammy sue...she's beautiful...you are crafting each uniquely yours...it has been awhile since i have made a thread project...i will recall the thread brand when next i need to...thank you for supplying the info, with your suggestions, to us...your choice of projects and skill in their execution continues to delight and inspire...you are quite special...take care...sally

  4. The angel is beautiful.
    do you have a pattern for those fingerless mitts?

  5. Merry Christmas Pammy Sue.

  6. Well it was worth all the cussin' 'n swearin' because she sure is one very pretty angel.
    I'm always inspired by your crocheting projects. Every one a gem!
    Hope all the pups are doing well.

  7. She is BEAUTIFUL! I love her. You did a really nice job. I have some of that same crochet thread and I can't make it look nice for beans but I keep trying. I'll get there. I'm so glad you weighed in about tamales, by the way. I knew my Texan bloggy friend would be a tamale girl. :)

  8. Your angel is just beautiful Pammy Sue. I agree about the thread. I much prefer Lydias over Redheart any day. I especially love her silver beads. And how fun to be starting the second one. That silvery gray is beautiful. Have fun my friend!

  9. *GASP*! She is gorgeous!!!

  10. She is totally awesome! I've got to try that thread. I've seen it before in the yarn shops but I wasn't sure how it would hook up. I hope you have a lovely day and Merry Christmas, too. :)

  11. Merry Christmas Pammy Sue!

  12. I absolutely love your angel! I haven't made one in many years!

  13. These are just the cutest. I'm liking the second one even better. Have a great Christmas.

  14. You are so brave using such tiny thread! I say it over and over... I know.. I'm jealous. My fingers just won't work with that small of a thread. Your angel is just beautiful. I have saved many angel patterns over the years to make, but never have made a one! Shame on me! I wonder if the red underneath her is part of her flowing dress or a separate doily. No matter.. it looks gorgeous.. and love your silver gray one that is being born as I speak.. in fact, I just saw this blog post and I know it's been a few days... so the second girl is probably already born and gracing a part of your house! Take care... Marilyn

  15. OMG I can't believe I missed seeing this post Pammy Sue !!Your angel is magnificent and the second one looks as if she'll be a beauty too. I wish I had the ability and patience to make doilies. Its now 1 Jan 2017 so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all your family (two and four leggeds). xoxox


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