Saturday, December 10, 2016


The pink amaryllis bloomed just in time for the snow!
So pretty. The red one is taking its time.

 I'm staying inside where it's warm and cozy.

And crocheting square after square.

I've made a lot more of these since that picture. I bought some dusty mauve to add to the mix, but after making two of them and seeing how they looked with these others, I nixed that idea. I've added another shade of brown to these colors, and I think I'll stick with these five. I'm enjoying making the squares. They take about 30 minutes each to make. That's at a leisurely pace. No reason to rush and furiously crochet without enjoying the process, is there?

My neighbor texted me yesterday from the hospital. Her son and DIL had their baby yesterday and it's a girl. I have a girlie baby blanket that I made a couple of years ago that I'm going to give her. I think it's a good excuse to make a baby dress or two and maybe a bonnet, don't you? 

I made a small batch of those sausage, cheese, and Bisquick balls yesterday. They were so good! I added some finely-chopped onion, dried sage, and a dash of garlic powder. YUM. Ken scrambled some eggs this morning and tore the sausage balls into little pieces and added it to the eggs. Delicious!

We're supposed to get more snow this afternoon and tonight. Makes me feel the need to make some chili. Ken is making some Sunday for another poker party on Sunday night, so I think I'll hold off on that. I have some homemade soup in the freezer. I'll just take some of that out. More crochet time for me! 

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That's it.
See ya.


  1. That's a pretty crochet pattern your using on those squares. Your home looks very cozy. Your pups look like they were having a big adventure in their own backyard. They were pretending to be wild dogs of the North, at least til they got back inside your cozy home. Imagine all of the critters they could smell beyond the fence in that fresh snow-cooled air.

  2. That's a lovely square pattern and the colours you're using a really nice. Never having lived anywhere it snows I can't imagine how cold it must be. Good that you can sit by the cosy fire and enjoy your crocheting. Is that Eli and Ollie out in the snow? Can't work out who the other one might be - looks like a cat from the back view. Enjoy your weekend. Xox

  3. It's still snowing here too. I'm ready for spring. :-). Love that the dogs look like they're having. A grand time in the snow. Our Chloe loves it. She jumps and runs and buries her nose in it! She looks like a puppy! Love that blanket.

  4. You got your snow! it looks so pretty and inside your home looks so cosy. The squares are lovely and yes what a great excuse to make some girly things, enjoy your Sunday Pammy Sue. :) xx

  5. Glad you got some more snow! Your place and area is a photographers wonderland! Those squares are so pretty and love the color combo. I made a crockpot of beans yesterday.. started them the night before as takes a very LONG time for the beans to get done. Threw in a frozen ham bone too after about 12 hours of cooking. Was very good. Those sausage and cheese bisquick balls sound yummy. The gluten free Bisquick is wonderful and can make anything with them as with regular flour. It's warmer today... 44 out compared to last week of in the teens! Yes today is a good crochet day. I have two 8 inch squares done for my baby blanket! geesh.... I'm so slow.

  6. So good to see the snow...I love your crochet progress...i love it with just red and white...beautiful squares

  7. How beautiful! I can't recall when I saw snow for real last time. Many years ago. Back in Ukraine where I grew up, we had very harsh winters. And living here in California, I don't miss those winters. But I still like seeing snow in pictures :)
    Your home does look so warm and cozy!

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The colors of the crochet squares are so lovely, as is your cozy home.

  9. The snow is beautiful, and your little dogs seem to be enjoying it. I like the new squares. I think you picked some nice colors and an interesting square design.

  10. Oh that snow! I am so jealous! It looks so cozy from the inside!!! I love the new ghan you are working on!!!
    And all the good food you are making. GAH I want it!!!
    I miss our textathons!!!
    XO Kris


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