Saturday, December 17, 2016

Shopping and Eating

 We drove up the road to B.C. yesterday.

Did a little shopping in Rossland.

I love this quaint little town.

I got these two guys at a drugstore of all places.
They make me happy.
And they were ridiculously cheap.
They'll go outside on the porch after winter.
Right now they're sitting in my kitchen window over the sink.

I had two kinds of sushi rolls or sashimi rolls or whatever you call them.

Ken had Chicken Chow Mein.

YUM! This is a yam & avocado roll.
The other one was crab and avocado.

We did a little more shopping after lunch and then went home.

Later that evening when we got hungry I made this...

YUM again.

Here's the recipe from

My amaryllis looks so beautiful...

And the red one is gorgeous!
I think it's my favorite. 

I've been crocheting, crocheting, and then crocheting some more. It's a very special project that has been so fun. I just took a little break from my squares to make this Christmas project. I'll show it to you next post. I can hardly wait because it's so special. Are you intrigued? (Probably only you crochet nerds like me are. Hehehe.)

Until next time...
See ya.


  1. Another lovely shopping day. I love the look of that little village - with the snow capped mountains behind it - reminds me of a picture on a Christmas card. What got me thinking was your pic of the money. Do you have to use two different currencies? Obviously you live in the USA but I noticed the Canadian notes in the pic. That is a great looking recipe and I'm definitely going to have to try it soon. I love easy recipes like that. My DD who lives with me was given one of those air fryers for Christmas - we tried it out last night and the results were very good. Looking forward to seeing your special Christmas crochet. Xox

  2. It's so pretty in that village, like a perfect Christmas card photo. I used to go into Canada once in a while when I lived in upstate NY, which was fun but there wasn't anything very special over the border. I remember going to Walmart and Wendy's, which is pretty lame. I love the look of your pizzas. Thank you for sharing the recipe; my kids will love them too. I hope you're having a good weekend!

  3. That recipe looks delicious and so simple. Yum! The sushi looks good too. I'm afraid I've been spoiled though by eating sushi in Japan. It's so much better there than anything I've found here in the States. But I guess you weren't in the States were you? Ha! That village is so pretty. Dennis wanted to drive up to Kettle Falls today to the antique store there but I was on the tail end of a least I hope it's the tail end. I'm tired of headaches. I know the drive would have been beautiful and we would have been almost to your house! Can't wait for the crochet unveiling. :-). Stay warm my friend.

  4. I can always count on you to help me think of something to eat. Love little happy Buda super fun and makes you happy.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip it looks like a lovely place, those little pizza's look yummy and very easy to make too, love the amaryllis really pretty. I can't wait to see what you've been up to. :) xx

  6. Beautiful country in your neck of the woods! I envy you guys! Love the flowers...mine haven't bloomed yet. I will just have to try the recipe. Sounds so easy to do. I'm so bad! I have completed one thing in crochet with a Christmas theme this year!! I am working on a Nativity Doily, but don't know if I will get it finished. This is probably the first time in many years that I haven't done at least one thing in Christmas colors. Have a great week!

  7. Your mountains are beautiful! Notice I say "your" as they do belong to you, right? What a pretty town. I've never had sushi rolls.. boy am I behind. The pizza minis look so good.. am going to try those. I usually have some gluten free tortillas hanging around, as well as pizza sauce. What a neat idea. I'm anxious to see your special Christmas project too! I'm on my third square now for the baby blanket.. I'm trying to get more busy on it! I think I should have done granny squares or one of those big huge granny square blankets, that is just one big square! Live and learn.

  8. I am intrigued about your Christmas project, for sure. I am also excited because I'm almost done with a shawl that I've been crocheting for the last two months. Your amaryllis blooms are beautiful. They sure add some color to winter days. I love the scenery in your Canada pictures. I would love to visit there. That little town you visited reminds me of watching Northern Exposure, just from seeing your lovely pictures.

  9. Wow Rossland is so pretty, our temps are hoovering in the mid 90's at the moment so the pics were very welcome. The mini pizzas looked great and I have added them to my "to do list", think I will freeze some. Can't wait to see your latest project.

  10. Your part of the world looks nice and festive with all the snow. And thanks for sharing the recipe for the mini pizzas, I'm making it tonight.

  11. Everything looks so Christmassy. Wish we had a little snow. Enjoy your cozy house and crochet projects!


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