Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let's Lighten Up, Shall We?

Wanna see some pretty crochet and knit stuff?

Baby Love - Doubleknit Baby Blanket
(On Ravelry)

From Flickr

I bought a doily book with this in it recently.
I can't remember the name now.
If anyone wants it, I can look it up.

Day of the Dead Skulls
(on Ravelry)

I've had this picture saved for a very long time.
I don't know where I got it. Probably either Flickr or Ravelry.

Same with this one.
I just love the gray and oranges together!

I love this, mostly because it's PINK!
(On Ravelry)
Such a pretty color.

Chitweed's Babette Table Runner
(On Ravelry)

Gah...puff balls on the ends of a scarf!
Why didn't I think of that?  So cute!
Land Girl Scarf by Little Doolally (on Ravelry).

MaryMartin8's Baby Blanket
(On Ravelry)

This is not crochet or knit, but I really like it.
I came across it by accident on eBay one day.
It's Wedgewood Egyptian Revival Pottery.


I've got Taco Soup in the crock pot today for supper tonight, I'm STILL working on the Skullduggary Doily, and I plan to stay in my pajamas all day and not go outside. I do have some work to do, but I'm going to ignore it for now. It's nothing that needs doing until next week.

Speaking of work, have I told y'all that I'm going to close my business effective December 31st? Yay! I'm retiring! (Even though my insurance is going up from $504 to $737 a month. Thank you Obamacare, NOT!) Oh, how I could rant about people's idiotic reactions to the outcome of the Presidential Election! Get a grip, people! This is America! Your political party will not always be in the Oval Office. You will not always like the person there. DUH! That's America! Anybody need help packing, because I'll gladly help you if you hate America so much and are so ashamed and disgusted. Buh-Bye!

Lightening up. Right. I almost forgot. I vow to never speak of this election shit again here on my blog. Maybe. I wasn't going to today, but here I am. I'm walking away now.

Here I go.

I'm fading away.



Isn't this crocheted Dog Ragdoll cute as can be?
You can buy the pattern on Ravelry HERE.

Look at me all lightening up and shit.

See ya.


  1. Great photos Pammy Sue, that dog ragdoll is so cute! Congratulations on your retirement end of the year and guess what I'm retiring then too, I can't wait. :) xx

  2. Anja, here is a link to a website that explains most of the political issues that were of importance in this election cycle: The answers to how America should deal with these issues are what are hotly debated. Some people feel that America has appeared "weak" under the Obama Administration, but others do not. President Elect Trump feels that we have to improve national security by securing our borders (the proverbial WALL, is one example), we need to provide our military with the best quality and most cutting-edge technology and equipment, and we need to improve the care for our war veterans. I stress that these are only some of the issues that make people feel like America is not as great as it could be or once was. The link will provide you with a lot of information on other issues if you're interested. I hope that helps.

  3. Oh wow Pammy Sue! I needed the sweet pictures today. I love all of them. Taco soup sounds good. Hubby is getting Panda Express for us tonight since once again I'm in bed and can't cook. And congratulations on your retirement. That will give you even more time to explore. :-)
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Congratulations on your retirement! Yay! I loved seeing these projects, especially those sugar skulls. Those are a passion of mine, I just love them. Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. LOL I can always count on you to lighten the mood, and make me laugh! Love the crochet and knit pretties! Love the skulls! So cute! Hooray for retirement. Now you can play with me more!
    Love ya,

  6. The pictures are beautiful and I do love the gray. I got to say I left a comment on your pervious post. I do feel other countries were not privy to information that showed Hillary and Obama in poor light I don't appreciate most of the news stations miss leading all the people as much as they could. I was told by other countries people who to vote for really it ticks me off that they felt the need, what was with that. Okay I'll stop for a moment ☺️

  7. I think we will most always disagree politically and that ok with me. I love the crochet goodies you post, yours and ones you share. Plus I like how you are who you are, best way to be. Have a nice weekend and congrats on the retirement.

  8. Anonymous10:17 PM

    That pink shawl is truly amazing-I LOVE the color pink! Thank you for your recent post-I have hope too and will be praying for the new administration.
    Blessings, Aimee

  9. Congratulations on your retirement. I retired two years ago and have really enjoyed it. I like that pink shawl, feminine looking. I agree with you about politics. Accept it and move on. I really feel optimistic.

  10. Thanks for posting thst sweet rasgdoll dog. NOT!!!! (lol) I had to go that sight and now have 5 other patterns as well.

  11. First, CONGRATS on your upcoming retirement! So glad and happy for you. You'll love it. I retired from "going to work" every day for 45 years... I hated the whole time I worked as I just wanted to be a "stay at home mom". I do find though, that in retirement, I'm so busy I can't keep up with stuff.. and I now wonder how in the He%^%$%$!!!ll I did all the things I did while I was working full-time! I love the calmer days, less rush, in fact NO rush most of the time, and not HAVING to do something every day that I didn't really like. But believe me... your days will fill up fast! Enjoy the slower pace though.. love everything you showed here from Flickr and Ravelry... want to go find that lovely blue baby blanket pattern.. and love the gray and orange! (I'm NOT a gray person or orange person but the two colors look great together). also the sugar skulls... am anxious to see yours! And that Chitweed table runner??? ooohh la la! It's all such fun! xoxoxo Hugs...


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