Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blanket Start, Seafoam Salad Recipe

I finished my white 2-round grannies yesterday and made two blocks last night. The next two blocks will have the rust color in it and go on the opposite corners. I'm weaving in ends as I get each 4-square block done. This is a fun one!

Sea Foam Salad

I took this to my homemaker's club meeting yesterday and it was a big hit. Everybody wanted the recipe, especially after they heard it only has four ingredients. I saw this recipe on Pinterest. The recipe came from HERE.

Sea Foam Salad

1-3.5oz box lime geletin (Jello)
8-oz cream cheese, softened
21-oz can crushed pineapple (will use juice)
8-oz container of Cool Whip

Place softened cream cheese in a large bowl and set aside. Drain pineapple well and set aside. Place juice and Jello in a small saucepan. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Pour hot juice mixture over the cream cheese and mash and combine with a fork until cream cheese is mostly dissolved. (I still had little specs of cream cheese in mine, but that's fine.) Place in refrigerator for 45 minutes until it's thickened and started to gel. Add pineapple and Cool Whip and mix well. Return to refrigerator to set up completely.

I'm sure you could use different flavors of Jello if you wanted. In fact, Ken asked me to make some for us today, so I'm making some using Lemon Jello since that's all I have.

There was a pretty rainbow yesterday.
Wish I could have gotten a better photo.

I just finished my work for today so I'm about to go make more squares. I'm excited to see what it looks like with the other colors. More updates to come.

Ken is planning his first poker party for this coming Sunday. He's getting everything set up in his shop. He got a heater for out there and DirecTV came out last Sunday to hook up his TV in the shop so they can watch the football game. He's going to make chili and I'm going to make some kind of dessert. I'm going to be hiding in the house with the dogs. This is a boys-only game, but we're going to have some couples parties later too.

Short little post, but I'll be back soon!
See ya.


  1. I LOVE that afghan square! Such a great design!

  2. Oh this blanket is going to be so pretty! Love the fall colors. That jello recipe is similar to one my mom always made, and I still make as I love it. Hers was using lime jello with pears cut up... you let the jello with the pears in it set until about half set, then add some mayonnaise and whipped cream. Sounds like a weird combo! then put it back in fridge to totally set up. I bet it tastes similar to the one with cream cheese. I'll have to try that one as LOVE cream cheese! I just printed out the lacy Squares blanket and looking at the instructions to see if I can figure it out! the poker party sounds so fun for hubby too.

  3. These squares are great very exciting and that said is an old favorite too 💟

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    the seafood salad looks great...that it would be refreshing after a full meal...the yarn blocks of colors chosen are going to be fantastic..the chili for poker night should be a hit...sally

  5. The seafoam salad sounds heavenly. I wrote it down to try. This last weekend I made my very first cheesecake. I always thought it would be a pain in the butt to make but it's easy peasy. But this one I made with raspberry filling and I wasn't too happy with that. Next one I am making plain with Oreo's for the crust. I love where you live. I've always wanted to live up that way. Maybe in my next life. :)

  6. I'm dying to see your blanket as it progresses. Love the colours too. Had a giggle about Ken's shop ... I guess it's what we call a man-cave or shed ?? I think you and the dogs are wise to stay in the house. Hope they enjoy their poker party. I may have asked this before but can you tell me what cool whip is please? The recipe looks interesting. Do you eat it as is or how ??

  7. Oh what yarn brand and colors are you using? It's looking so pretty. :)

  8. So nice to see you both settling in and making friends. Tempted to make the seafoam jello but willwait till after back from the holidays. 5 days and counting till blast off, but ready to go and step away from all the new. Last count 43 in a two bedroom for me now...

  9. Thanks for the recipe. It would be great at Christmas time. I like your design for your granny blanket. I love to make granny squares, but not6 weaving in the ends. Weaving as you go makes it so much better.

  10. Loving the granny squares! Salad looks yummy!

  11. I haven't made Sea Foam Salad in such a long time. It's a keeper that's for sure.
    Love how the crocheting is building. You're so fast and the stitching is perfectly even! Beautiful
    Hope Ken's poker gathering is a hit.

  12. Love the granny squares and colour combos xx

  13. You are a crocheting a TON! Love it!! How did Ken's poker party go? Cold there, I bet! We are getting some lovely rain tonight!!
    xo Kris


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