Sunday, November 27, 2016

Afghan Excitement (Crochet Nerd)

I'm thrilled to show you a little peek of my Pretty Minty Afghan!
Here she is folded up. I just wanted you to get a peek with it sewn together.
I spent all freakin' day yesterday sewing the squares together and weaving in ends.
Have I mentioned I HATE SEWING?! All day I sewed, people.
Making a crocheted blanket is NOT easy. It's hard work.
But so worth it when you're done!!
I'm starting the elaborate border today.
Can't wait!

I made that pumpkin pie I said I was going to.
It's yummy!

Last night I was watching an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent
When this dog showed up on the screen, I had to pause it.
It's Eli's twin!
Eli wasn't very happy to pose for this picture, but we made him.

This gross-looking stuff will magically turn into several delicious dinners.

It's a package of 15-beans that I soaked in water overnight, drained, added a package of pork neckbones with meat, an onion, and 8 cups of fresh water. After it has cooked about 4-5 hours on high in the crock pot, I'll add two cans of diced tomatoes, chili powder, garlic, and some fresh-squeezed lemon juice (ancient Chinese secret). The meat should slip right off the bones and I'll remove them too. We'll have it for supper with some cornbread a couple of nights and I'll freeze the rest for a no-cooking night this winter.

Ollie:  Momma, I wuv you.
Me:  Aww, come here. Who's a good boy? I'll clean your eyes, Ollie-Wally. Want to sit with me while I crochet today?
Ollie:  Will you make some of that hot tea with milk and share it with me?
Me:  Yes, darlin'.

Does your dog talk to you, plain as day, like mine do?

I'm off to crochet that border and watch Sunday football.
Y'all enjoy the last day of your holiday weekend.



  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    oh, pammy sue...with you sharing your delicious foods, i am just about to invite myself over for dinner...and a cup of that hot tea you'll be sharing with ollie...and of course the pumpkin pie...the afghan is lovely...looking forward to viewing the completed border...another masterpiece...i also use lemon juice (whether fresh, or, oh no, the real lemon bottled kind) in many dishes...since i do not use salt to cook the foods - we use table salt for individual tastes - the lemon juice does add a freshness to the dishes...the pork dish sounds delish, and of course it is always good to have meals in the freezer...take care...sally

  2. Sally, will you send me your address please? Just comment here with it. I will not publish it. I always enjoy your comments! ♥

  3. As I said before, what a speed demon with those crochet hooks! I think that's why prevents me from making granny squares.. the knowledge that I have to sew them together... and I DO like sewing! but it's such tedious work. Again I ask.. where do you keep/put all of the beautiful blankets that you make? Just curious. You must have a huge hutch full of them! I would love to see them all laid out one of these days. And I agree with Sally.. would love to come over for pumpkin pie and tea.. with Ollie too of course! And I talk to my cats.. alot... and they understand me.. and I understand them. The bean and pork crockpot dish looks wonderful and great for freezing (and eating fresh). Every time you post, I get hungry. I've been eating my mincemeat pie every day for lunch.. and now running off to the fridge for some turkey and cranberry sauce. hugs.. Marilyn

  4. I didn't notice the expression on Eli's face until you pointed out that he didn't want to pose at that time, then I could see his facial expression clearly. it looked like he was thinking "I'm only right here because you are making me be here."

    My little Fuzzy Pomeranian makes that face when I take him to the scene of an indoor "territory marking crime" and have a talk with him about it, while making him look what he did (even though he knows exactly what he did). After his talking to, he sulks off into the other room and pouts for a while, but only until he hears anyone in the house eating anything.

    Fuzzy loves to share my hot tea and milk. I have a separate little handle-free cup for him to have his from. Fuzzy also likes to tell me when he wants to have his hair brushed, at least once a day. He repeatedly goes to his hair brush and whines and comes back to look at me and repeats that until he gets his hair brushed. A lot of times he will just sit and stare at me, looking like he is trying to beam his thoughts to me. That usually means that he wants lap time.

    Fuzzy doesn't talk with words, but with his facial expressions and actions make everything as clear as can be.

    The afghan you crocheted is beautiful. Well worth the effort that you put into it.

  5. The blanket looks great Pammy Sue and so does dinner.


  6. Hi Pammy Sue,
    Love your blanket! And I know what you mean about hating sewing. That's why I prefer one-piece crochet projects.
    But all those squares sewn together do create a beautiful pattern. Lots of hard work, but so pretty!
    Your little helper Ollie is adorable!

  7. Oh I love your blanket. I can't wait to see the border. :) Wishing you a lovely day.

  8. your crochet work is always super, and love that you post food it gives me great ideas for my house :)

  9. Gorgeous blanket. I do not like sewing squares together either so I tend to crochet them together. Love your beautiful photos of your babies. Yes, my Chloe talks to me too. That's what happens when you love your puppies.

  10. Your blanket is so beautiful! I love that color and I think it's lovely that you did it all in one shade, how different. I make stuff like that in the crockpot too, you can eat from it for days. My husband did that for himself before we were married too. I was still in school a few hours away so at least I knew he was eating well. Vincent D'Onofrio is one of my TV boyfriends, by the way. :)


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