Monday, October 03, 2016

The Piss Post

What is she doing now?
She's starting a new blanket!
(One without any naughty words on it!)
Want to see what inspired her and what she's making?
Look HERE.
Ooooo, that's pretty!

I made this heart granny square yesterday.
I found the tutorial video HERE.
Neat pattern, but I messed up the top-left corner.
I'm not usually that sloppy, but it's a mess up there.
I didn't even see it until I looked at the picture.
There are a zillion ends to sew in if you want it to look neat on the back.
I won't be making an entire blanket out of this pattern for that reason.
It was fun to make though.

Isn't this a beautiful and BIG burning bush?

I'm getting one next spring. They are so pretty and must grow well around here because everyone has them.

I feel the need to say that and snap a picture every time I see a cow on the road.
Her baby is behind her and was really cute.
For some dumb reason I didn't get her in the picture.
Can I get you a tissue, Mrs. Cow? Or a bra perhaps?

My world.
Be very jealous.

Why are Catholic churches always the prettiest?

Who knows what this is?
It's a trail cam!

I bet you can't guess what we bought it for though. We got it to get evidence for a very important investigation at Scotty's Place. Some wild animal has been peeing in the same spot every time we leave the house! I wonder what it could be?? Surely it's not one of our precious, sweet, innocent, well-trained puppies?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I now present to you Exhibit A


The blind girl, Janie! AND Eli right behind her!

They have hereby been found guilty and are sentenced to stay in a kennel when we leave the house. Eli and Ken are appealing this finding saying that he couldn't help it after Janie's just instinct at that point and he is not culpable. Judge Pammy Sue calls bullshit on that one and Eli WILL go to the slammer when we are gone.

Ken shot a mole.
He was mighty proud.
Poor little thang, but he was destroying the yard.
I guess Judge Ken is more of a hard-ass than Judge Pammy Sue after all.
Mr. Mole was sentenced to death.

I went completely crazy and bedazzled the light switches in the bathroom!
Bedazzled, bedazzled, bedazzled. I can't quit saying that word.
It's fun.
Those are some snazzy switch plates, eh?
I got inspired when Ken repainted the bathroom from BUBBLEGUM PINK to white and gray.
Who does that? It was hideous. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

Convict Pissy McPisserson

Convict Pissalena Pissalot

I'm going to try to post more.
I really am.
Starting now. Go!

See ya.


  1. Good luck with the posting - just do what you can to keep it still fun!

  2. Pissalena...*mic drop* *struts off stage with a little butt wiggle*

  3. Ha! Glad you discovered who the culprit(s) are. Whoa! Ken is made ghetto serious about those miles. They are bad, especially this year for some reason. We do love in a gorgeous part of the world don't we?

  4. We had three trail cams going in our backyard all summer to capture the endless numbers of squirrels we were getting. They were eating literally everything we tried to grow. I lost count at 25 that my husband got with the air rifle. He was shooting right out the open window of our bedroom most of the time. I felt like I lived in Beverly Hillbillies or something. I didn't dare blog about it...can you imagine? :)

  5. Dead Eye Ken, good for you! I have a couple of varmints that need swift and lethal justice!
    Judge Pammy Sue you have every good reason to cage those sweet pee pee shooters! As a side note if they're up to making restitution for their misdeeds. A formula of vinegar and baking soda will help clean and cut the dirty deed.
    And yes, I'm very jealous of your view. Take care and keep on crocheting!

  6. OK, you've inspired me with the new rug. Love it and I'm going to buy the yarn. I've been promising my DIL her own rug as I made one for my son a couple of years ago. I'm not confident with the joining up of the squares though so stand by I'll be asking you for help and directions ( in about a years time though cos we're going into summer here and it will be too hot to crochet )!!!
    I'm going to try to post more too !

  7. Oh lordy, I am afraid of what I find out if I got a trail cam. But Janie, sure as shootin' did pee! And Eli too. Geez!! And She lifter her leg like a boy!
    I say, way to go on the mole Ken!!! Those things are nothing but destruction!!
    I love the scenery where you are! All of it!
    I am such a loser at blogging!
    Miss ya kid.
    xo Kris

  8. OMG the dogs hahahaha! Funny not funny. I always wanted to do that with my little angels. Need to get a camera.
    Have fun making your new blankie:)

  9. I AM so jealous of your views! Love the river up in your neck of the woods. Bad pissy puppies... jail for you. so smart to get the trail cam! We used to have horrible moles up in SW Washington on our 5 acres... hubby went a shootin' but didn't seem to take care of them. They multiplied like rabbits. Love your new project.. the colors are so bright and cherry and the white border just adds to it. Whenever I read one of your posts, I want to get out the hooks (but seldom do)... my middle name is "procrastination". uh..h.h.h.h.h.h

  10. Great post, so glad I got your blog back in my stalking er following list LOL


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