Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Deer and Stuff

I'm not feeling very creative with my titles.

Ken took these pictures a few minutes ago.
It's a cloudy and foggy day, but the pictures turned out well.
We noticed the deer and turkeys were in our orchard.

I left the orchard gate open last night since our garden is dead now and there are apples that have fallen from the trees all over the ground. I had been going back there and picking tons of them off the trees and ground and putting them in crates in the basement. I have enough apples to make 1,000 apple pies and still feed all the deer. We were doling them out each day about 30-40 at a time and they'd come by and eat them in the alley. Sometimes we'd look out the window and they'd be standing at the back gate staring at the house waiting for us to come feed them. Now they can just help themselves.


I've been looking for this pillow pattern for a very long time. It's in a 2015 issue of a UK magazine, Woman's Weekly Magazine "Best of Vintage Patterns." I can't see how to order back issues off of their website. I finally found an email for them so I emailed them this morning to see if they could help me. It shouldn't be this hard. They should have an "order back issues" button on their homepage, but nooooooooooooooooooo! That would make too much sense and be too easy. I'm highly annoyed about it. Can you tell? I even googled it and looked on ebay and everything.

Isn't this a cool map with the quilt-like print?
I thought so too.

I'm making this Ground Beef Noodle Stir Fry for dinner. I'll let you know if it's good. How can it not be?

I made these Muddy Buddy Krispie Treats yesterday. They're very good. I didn't do the powdered sugar part because I didn't want to make a mess. They're still good without it.

Beware of caffeine-induced rambling...I'm almost finished with my second LARGE cup of iced coffee.

I'm ready to crochet something. I just can't figure out what. I hate that. What I want to make right this minute is THIS pattern, but I don't have the thread I want to make it with. I'm afraid if I order it online, by the time I get it, I won't want to make it anymore because most likely Halloween would be over by the time I finished. The thread is Alize Miss Batik, which I've been seeing a lot of people using lately (and that's a stupid name for yarn), but I can only get it online which means I'd have to pay shipping for one skein of yarn, which is dumb. The shipping is almost or more than the yarn. I think this particular doily with the skulls would be neat for the Halloween season and looks perfect in that yarn. See for yourself. (I got this picture off of Facebook, but I can't find it now to give credit. Just know somebody made it and posted it on Facebook and it wasn't me. Great job, whoever you are! I'm sorry I'm too lazy to sit and sift through posts and find it. Whatever.)

See what I mean? Totally cool!
It just wouldn't be the same in any other yarn.
Sigh. Maybe I'll just go ahead and order some.
OMG, I think I've rambled enough about this subject.

Speaking of caffeine, do you know what I saw at the grocery store yesterday? Breakfast bars with caffeine added to them! Brilliant! Just what I need! I did not buy them because Ken was rushing me and I didn't have time to stand there with my mouth open looking at it long enough to pick a flavor. Hmpf!

So between paragraphs just now, I went to that link I provided above to the pattern of the doily and printed it, and the font is SO FREAKIN' SMALL. WTF? Really people? I'll need a magnifying glass to read the damn thing. Maybe I can copy and paste it into another document and change the font size. Is this really worth it? Is it? IS IT?

Speaking of Halloween, I'm decorating for it.
S p o o k y !!!!

And speaking of spooky, look at my ghostly-white legs!!

I went to the mailbox dressed all fancy in my leggings and animal print house shoes (screw the neighbors!) and I wanted to take a picture of all the leaves I was standing in, but mostly all you notice is my white legs and my tramp stamp, which I still love, by the way, and I don't regret it one iota...the tattoo, not my white legs. Now there's a run-on sentence for ya!

Am I done here? 
I think I should be. 
Okay, bye.
Love you.


  1. I laughed my way through this post Pammy Sue. Lots of coffee? That must be it. :-). It was a great post thoug and I loved every bit of it...except the too small print and not being able to order your magazine. Now those were bummers. You always brighten my day with your sense of humor.

  2. Hi Pammy Sue you just made my morning haha, I love it that you get wildlife to close up to the house and great that they can eat all those extra apples, my crop is pathetic tiny little scabby apples maybe 20 but I'm still gonna eat them. Love the vintage cushion do you know which issue it's in I found this page if it's helpful I think that doily is really neat but I think it would still be neat in another yarn I would just make it with what you have or buy some localy. My legs are a white as yours are and I've just come back from a holiday in the sun, we are pale and interesting Pammy Sue, have a great weekend. :) xx

  3. The deer and turkeys are beautiful. It must be nice to look out your door and see wildlife like that. About the pillow pattern, have you looked on Ravelry? They have thousands of patterns and most are free. You might try dying some white thread for the skull doily. Maybe you could find some black dye and fold the thread so that there would be a white section, then a black section, and so on. I love coffee too. It gets me going in the morning.

  4. I love to see your wildlife and read about what you are doing, crocheting or not. Only one thing is missing, where are pics of your dogs?

  5. I love the deer/turkey pictures, so pretty and fall like. You should know that I went right over and pinned those muddy buddies immediately, ignoring all the diet talk in my head. The doily is amazing and you should make one.
    I'm waiting for my coffee to finish brewing and it looks like I need to hurry to catch up with you!

  6. This is where i have been buying my Miss ALize Batik . . . I think the Batik comes from the art form of making batik prints. ANyway, I thought I would share the information with you. It has the best prizes and chipping I have found

    ByHooks4U . . . . . .

  7. Thank you Pammy Sue for listing the colors you used in your blanket. Love the pic of the deer and turkeys.


  8. Hi Pammy Sue, I have sent you a message on Ravelry too. I think I have found your elusive Woman's weekly pattern x

  9. So much fun to read your blog!
    How lovely that the deer visit you and you're right about 'Screw the neighbours', you don't have to put on high heels to get the mail! By the way, I think it's the light outside that made your legs look white :-)
    I like the pillow too and I hope you can find the pattern.
    Have a nice day,

  10. Are you SURE you don't have white socks on in that last picture!!! you're just trying to fool us, right?? hee hee...... kidding. I had to laugh at this post... so much fun.. and love your humor when you're caffeined out. Love the skull doily.... hope you find the pattern to that pillow. Why is something that should be so easy be so hard????? Looks like one of the gals here may have found your pattern for you! Hugs.. Marilyn


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