Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shopping, Dinner, Dog, Etc

Wow...5 posts in October already. Are you impressed? I told you I was going to start posting more again!  And away we go with more non-sense. You like that, right? ♥

Where to start?
How about with my next crochet project?

I saw this pattern for crocheted socks on Instagram yesterday and loooove them, so I went and bought the pattern HERE. Then we went to town to the fancy yarn store and I got the above yarn to make them. I didn't like any of the yarns at Walmart for this particular project. I'll use an off-white yarn for the lace. I was going to start them last night while watching the Cubs, but I never did. I just sat there thinking about it. It looks like a great pattern with pictures and plenty of instructions. Of course you'll see them when I'm finished.

While we were out, I got these curlers at Walmart.
My hair has grown like wildfire since we moved up here.
I cut 6-7 inches off last winter and it's all grown back, if not more.

There are only 6 curlers in each package for a little less than $10. I let my hair air-dry almost completely then put one curler on each side of my head hair, put the rest up in a ponytail on top of my head and split my ponytail into four parts for the last four curlers. I sprayed each piece of hair with hairspray before winding the it around the curler. Then I left them in all night. I do like them, so I'll probably go back and get another package.

This is a really messy version of what my hair looked like this morning after I took the curlers out and stuck half of it up into a big barrette. I was afraid if I brushed it the curls would turn into fuzzy waves, so I just stuck it up without brushing it. Now that I know I like the way the curls look, I'm going to go back and get another package. I think I need more than six. I'll try to do a better job with it next time and make it neater to show you. Anyway, I had fun playing with my hair.

Here are the caffeinated breakfast bars I was telling you about.
I had one this morning and this flavor was great!
They also have chocolate peanut butter, chocolate caramel, and cinnamon roll. I saw these coconut ones way in the back at the last second and grabbed them. I love my coconut!
FYI...1 bar = 1/2 cup of coffee (So they say on the box.)

I also got these and ate one yesterday.
REALLY freakin' good!
Don't kid yourself...I'm sure it's no better for you than a cookie, but it's a good cookie!

I wanted to buy these flowers, but I settled for a picture of them instead.
LOL. Cheap-ass.

Now...on to the cooking!
Remember the ground beef stir-fry I was going to make?

I used these noodles instead of the Udon called for in the recipe.
It's one of my favorite pastas aside from angel hair.

It was fabulous and I'll definitely make it again.
Recipe is HERE if you missed it.
I've made a lot of her recipes and bought her cookbook recently.

I voted. You should too.
It's vote-by-mail-only here in Washington.
No standing in line.

Do you like my leggings?
When Ken saw me he said, "It looks like someone attacked you with a stencil kit at Hobby Lobby!" Thank you, dear. He's so sweet.

Yes, I share.

Do you think that's gross? I don't.
I think he likes it. What do you think?

Do you know what you do when you see Fletch with this look on his face?

He's about to eat your face. Hard.
Fetchie is sweet, but he's also got a bad case of the crazies.
I've learned how to deal with him and his little "ticks."
That's what happens when you leave a puppy in a kennel the first four months of his life and don't interact with him. He's a little emotionally retarded. (I didn't do that. Someone else did.)

Okay, enough dog.

This was my house yesterday. The mountains behind it were mostly covered by clouds. Lordie, I love autumn!

Just a random picture I found in my "Crochet" file on my computer.
Hee-hee. A Chicken.

See ya.
Pammy Sue


  1. Those kind of curlers use to be called rag curlers cause you would use small strips of cloth, they are and we're much more comfortable to sleep in too. And affordable too ☺️food look s great and I guess you are building up amunities with dog thing. 😀take care have a great day

  2. I love your hair curled like that, I love your dog pics and I can't wait to see how your socks turn out!

  3. Aaarrrrgggghhhh you made me so hungry with your biscuits/cookies and stir fry... yum. I'm hungry. It all looks wonderful. I haven't been in the mood for cooking lately so we eat whatever is quick and easy. One night I threw in frozen hamburger patties in a dish and dumped two cans of canned spuds over the top, and put it in the oven for half hour and voila.. dinner! Very easy. I think I sprinkled some garlic powder and parmasean cheese over the top. That's my take on dinner these days. Love your hair curls... and those socks will be darling. I've never attempted socks before... (or anything lately)... again.. lazy me.

  4. Fletch eating the lollipop cracked me up. I let our dogs eat off my ice cream cone. Man your hair got long fast, and it looks great curled like that. I'm going to check out the stir fry recipe. That's my kind of dinner.

  5. Forget the foid. I need to know what vitamins you are taking for your hair to grow so fast. Amazing. Love it.

  6. The curls look great. Looks like you are getting well and truly into Autumn. Crochet and knitting time.

  7. I like the way your hair turned out with those curlers. The picture on the package was pretty accurate as to what the curls look like. Your pasta vegetable dish looked delicious. Your dog looks like he is really enjoying the lollipop. I'm more finicky than you and would never be able to share a lolli with my pup. He does get his own snack plate of potato chips though. Otherwise he pesters my husband and I to death for his share of chips, and he can't eat just one. You should hear him crunching them when he eats.

    It looks like a beautiful area where you live and your home looks so cozy.

  8. Your hair looks so pretty Pam - how about a front look next time? I'll look forward to seeing you in those slippers - all those sc stitches would drive me nuts. Perhaps I'm too impatient and like to see things grow quickly. Fletch sure is enjoying that lollipop - what spoilt furbabies you have !! Always enjoy your posts. Xox

  9. Love your hair. I've always wanted to try those curlers but didn't know if they would work or not. I've always wanted beautiful ringlets! Ha! It's true. We just got our ballots today. I wonder if they mail to each county at a little bit different time frame so they don't get them all back at once or something. We voted too and dropped them at the library drop box tonight. Love the picture of your home. Today was gorgeous wasn't it? And now the rain will begin again. Love the sucker sharing. I used to do that with my dog all of the time. Chloe isn't interested. What's up with that? :-)

  10. Oh how I've missed this blog and the crochet thingies and the food... the food!!!!
    :) :) :)


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