Saturday, October 08, 2016

Gotta Love October

I started a new blanket October 2nd.
As of last night I had all 72 squares done.
It's been so fun! 
These bright colors are not my normal, but I see why people like using them.
Now it's time to start joining with white.
I'm excited to see it start coming together!

Fall came in with a ROAR the very first day of October.
The clouds and fog rolled in and the leaves turned color seemingly overnight.

I had nearly forgotten about all the fog that lives here through fall and winter!
It's very Game of Thrones, Winterfell and The Wall-ish around here.
Those of you familiar with Game of Thrones know what I mean.

Fall is so here!


 Fletch is too funny.
Pick him up and every muscle in his body relaxes.
It's very weird.

Why did that PicMonkey emblem show up by Fletcher's nose?
I have no idea. Whatever.

So I did pretty good at posting after only a few days, huh?
Maybe I can keep it up.

Oh, and my blog reading list in my sidebar mysteriously showed up when I was about half-way through adding them on again. Y'all that lost yours, try adding the gadget back to your sidebar and see if they show up. That's all I did and they magically reappeared!

See ya.


  1. I so glad I was blogging when you post shows up, haven't dropped by for a while, been in hiding I guess. Love the colors they are a great pick me up.

  2. I never get tired of seeing "Fall" photos and all the changing colors. Our colors are starting to change around here but not many leaves falling yet. Your yard is so pretty and green and clean! Our lawn went to "sh%%@$%@!t" over the summer.. I sprayed some "weed killer" on that was supposed to kill only the weeds? NOT... all grass killed too.. really maddening. Was so pretty in the spring time until the weeds took over. I've never tried to "maintain" a lawn.. just mowed the weeds and always looked good. Now I try to fix it and just made matters worse! Anyway.. your house and yard is gorgeous! Fletch is a funny beanbag! Take care and your blanket is coming along so great! My hooks are lost....

  3. Your crocheted squares are really pretty. You are so fast! Your fall colors are pretty, too. It is finally getting cool here in Texas. I'm sure glad your bloggers came back, too.

  4. Fall is definitely here. We winterized the trailer today because I have a sneaky bunch this winter may be more "normal" than last years mild one. I hope not, but it could happen. Blogger won't let me post. I never lost my blog list, but now when I start to type, it just closes out the entire program for some reason. Oh well. If it doesn't fix itself, my blogging days my be done for.

  5. Fall is not here yet, but I am pretending it is. Love your new blanket and all your Fall colors.

  6. Your new blanket is going to be really cool! I love those colors. Thanks for the tip about the blog list. I'm going crazy with mine missing for a couple of weeks now. I'll give it a try. Hope you have a good week, Pammy Sue.

  7. Love visiting and reading your blog. So happy you're posting more often.
    Fletch is a hoot. You must have magic hands for him to relax so.
    Happy Autumn!

  8. Ah so I am not the only one who lost all my blogs I was following.... I have started adding them back in,so fingers crossed the missing one come back home LOL.
    The Fletch photos crack me up LOL

  9. Beautiful pictures! Fall is definitely here. But guess what... Winter is coming (said in my best John Snow voice)

  10. Cute pup! Love the colours of those squares ♥

  11. I adore those bright happy colours in your squares. Look forward to seeing your blanket when its done. Your home is so pretty - love the window boxes. You seem very content and happy there and I'm so glad for you. xox PS Cuddles for the furbabies.

  12. I love the vibrant colors you chose for your blanket. Isn't Fall pretty? What great photos - Especially of Floppy Muscle Fletch! LOL! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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