Monday, October 17, 2016

Colorblock Fun

 Fun, fun, fun!

It was nice to work with these bright colors.
Making the squares went fast.
Crocheting them together and making the border took longer.

It was worth every minute.
Especially the three full days it took to do the border.
Totally worth it.

The seed stitch is so pretty, but it does take lots of time.

Pattern:  None (Just a typical Granny Square blanket, join-as-you-go)
Started:  October 2nd
Finished:  October 15th
Yarn Colors Listed Below, (1 skein each color, 3 of white)
*Updated to add Yarn Colors and Brand (10 colors plus white to join and border):
Red Heart Super Saver in White, Cherry Red, Shocking Pink, Dark Orchid, Orchid, Bright Yellow, Spring Green, Carrot Orange.  Red Heart With Love in Bubblegum (the light pink color).  Bernat Berella "4" in Color #8820 (the light aqua color), I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) in Peacock (teal color).
9 squares by 8 squares, 5 rounds each (One special Heart square in the top-right side...Link to the tutorial for it in my Oct 3rd post.)
Size H hook

Dog Emergency!

Poor little Ollie got into something he was allergic to.
We still don't know what.
His face swelled up like a chipmunk!

I always have Children's liquid Benadryl on hand for such emergencies.
It calmed it right down in a few hours.
His forehead swelled up again the next day, but not nearly as bad.
Another dose of Benadryl and he was fine.

How YOU doin, Ladies?

You smell like sunshine.

I nosed around in my freezer this morning and found a batch of spaghetti sauce I had frozen and forgot about. Yay! No cooking today! I set it out to thaw in some water. I'll heat it up in a couple of hours and cook up some angel hair spaghetti noodles for it.

Outside my window just now.



  1. Love the new blanket!

  2. The blanket turned out great and I love it Pammy Sue. Can you tell me what colors you used? Glad to hear that Ollie is okay.


    1. I updated the post to add the colors, Linda! :)

  3. The rainbow blanket is gorgeous and the boarder is perfect! Poor Ollie, glad he is doing better.

  4. Love love your finished blanket! I'm amazed at how fast you get them done! Wish I had your drive and motivation. Every day I mean to get out my crochet and start something........ still haven't........ any snow yet? hee hee....Marilyn

  5. I've already told you how much I love your blanket. It's gorgeous. So glad Ollie is feeling better. I did the same today. I found some chili in the freezer that I had frozen. Yay dinner! :-)

  6. Linda ~ I updated the post to add all the colors and brands I used. They were not all Red Heart as previously stated.I just used what I had that was close to the colors I had seen in another blanket someone made. She didn't list colors. See post again for update. :)

  7. I love the bright colors I looked at the blanket on my phone really small at first I thought it was a painting of blanket. I know it sounds crazy😦 it beautiful. My dog swelled up like that from a bee bite and hope it wasn't a snake bite, keep us posted and keep benadryl down the dog.

  8. Your blanket is gorgeous, Pammy Sue! I love the bold, graphic look of the solid squares. Nice work!

  9. Love, love, love this blanket!! Did I mention I LOVE this blanket?!! :) Good way to use up some of the many skeins of yarn I have floating around here. Glad Ollie is doing better, poor thing.

  10. Poor Ollie. Love your blanket Pammy Sue.

  11. Oh! Poor Little Ollie!!! Do you think something stung or bit him? That's what happens to my Phoebe when she gets a sting or a bite. I'm glad the Benadryl did the trick... MAGIC stuff!

  12. I forgot to say....
    You NEVER cease to AMAZE me!
    This Colorblock blanket is truly beautiful!
    That heart block does it for me Girl.

  13. It's beautiful! I love all the cheery colors and little heart square. Poor little Ollie. I'm glad he's feeling better.

  14. Oh I love all the pretty colors. :) Can't beat Red Heart yarns for color selection. I love their new fall colors, too. : )

  15. What a beautiful granny finish. LOVE it. ! Poor pup. Betsy has been nursing a bug bite too. I think the bugs get frantic in the fall.....

  16. Beautiful afghan, cute pups, and beautiful fall scenery!


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