Thursday, September 29, 2016

Well Cheese & Crackers!

Blogger deleted my favorite blogs list from my sidebar. That's how I got to every blog I like to read. I could never remember all of them to put them all back. There's no way I did it. I haven't messed with anything to do with my blog layout or template in ages.

Blow it out your ass, Blogger! I dedicate my latest doily masterpiece to you...

Pattern from Ravelry.
"The FU Doily"



  1. Another blogger that I read wrote that she had mysteriously lost her blog roll too. I guess there will be a lot of FU doily type thoughts going around. If there are two bloggers that this has happened to, I imagine there are a lot more in the same boat. Hope your blog roll reappears soon.

  2. Bummer...I used your blog roll too. :(
    Hope it reappears, I can imagine your disgust.
    Your doily is most appropriate...

  3. My blog list is gone too... I'm furious. But I've already started to rebuild it and I'm adding yours to it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm so sorry! Can't blame you at all for your doily! I don't have a blog roll.. just subscribe to my faves so I get the posts in my inbox and then I can remember them! Of course, if people don't post, then I forget some of them! Oh well.... I sure hope you get yours back soon. That would be the most annoying thing.. like losing your email contact list! That happened to me once, so now I print out all my contacts every now and then, so I know everyones' email addresses. I would be sunk if I lost those and didn't have a backup list. If you get yours back, print out the pages that include them and then you'll have them for future reference! Otherwise, I hope your days are going well and your summer has cooled down some. Ours sure hasn't.. was 85 today and is still going strong. I'm not complaining too much.. would just like a little rain so I can quit watering! Take care... Marilyn

  5. You're the 4th blogger today that said blogger lost everything. Bummer. So far so good on mine but time will tell. Here's my address if you need or want it. :-)



  6. Love the doily Pammy Sue and they deserve it haha You are the second one I've heard this happen to. I rely on my reading list for the people I follow, I'm wondering if it's going to happen to us all, maybe it will just reappear I hope so. :) xx

  7. I would hate to lose my blog roll - I'm going to make a list of all my fave blogs right now and keep it well away from blogger. I hope you get yours back soon Pam. xox

  8. Blogger does weird things. I think it's been since google bought them and they are always changing things. I hope you find your blogs.

  9. I'm sorry about your blog list Pammy Sue. That's where I read my blogs from also. Love your doily.


  10. Lots of British bloggers lost theirs also. Bummer for me as I rely on their blog lists to read the blogs I like. You're the first American I've heard that lost theirs. It might come back on its own. Let's hope.

  11. Not sure what is going on with Blogger, I have heard of that a lot lately. Love the doily, some times no other words even come close.

  12. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Just wanted you to know that your blog is one of my very favorite places to visit on the net. Love the doily, and sending many thanks for such a wonderful blog!

    Elizabeth Cheryl

  13. Oh Pammy Sue, you kill me... :-)))


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