Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Hodgepodge

I made this little crochet suncatcher thingie to hang on the porch.
It's just a little happy thing to look at.

This doe comes to the yard every evening. I throw her a few apples or pears to eat from our trees. She's so funny interacting with the dogs. If they are outside, they are barking their heads off at her, and she just stands there and watches them. She's figured out they can't get to her and tries to play with them. So cute.

Happy Buddha on the porch.

I made this light scarf/shawl a couple of weekends ago. It's the V-eekender Shawl from Ravelry. It's a free pattern.  I used a skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in Tealberry.

This place is one of our favorites.
The owners are Hawaiian and the meals are like Chinese food.
I usually get the Garlic Ginger Chicken.
You can get it with different types of noodles or rice.

This day we ate outside and this cute little kitty came to visit us.
She was really small, but I don't think she was a kitten.
She happily played around my feet.

She went away for a few minutes and came back with a tiny little mouse!
Her gift to us.
I would have stolen her away if she hadn't had a collar on.
She was such a little doll.

Some elk we saw on the way home.
We finally saw a bear about a mile from our house the other day.
I couldn't get my phone out quick enough before he disappeared into the forest.
Maybe next time.

Eli sitting on my lap enjoying the weather on the porch.
It's been so great lately! Fall is coming for sure!
We almost turned on the stove this morning for some warmth.

Sammi had her cute puppy ears on yesterday when I snapped this picture.

My dinner yesterday, sliced avocado and tomato on toast with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. It was SO FREAKIN' GOOD! The tomato is from our garden and couldn't have been any better. They are so good right now. I'll be sad when they're gone. We still have lots of green ones in the garden, but you can tell they're slowing down as the cooler temps move in.

All is well here.
See ya!


  1. Okay, your sandwich pretty much made me want to burst through the screen and grab it! YUM. I love good tomatoes. Your shawl is so pretty and I love the colors in that yarn, they're my favorite colors all together. I will have to look for a skein of that for myself. It looks like you're having a good time lately and I'm glad for you. :)

  2. You sound so happy in your new home and new place. I'm so glad for you.

  3. Hi, your doily and shawl are really pretty. I have wanted to make a curtain out of doilies sewn together for the kitchen. I made some of different sizes and it didn't work so I might try making one like yours and make them all exactly alike. Your pictures of the wildlife are amazing! My blog is deborahnhamilton.blogspot.com

  4. That sandwich looked delicious! Tomato sandwiches are my favorite. The poor little deer looked so skinny!

  5. I love it and reminds me of one I saw in Dallas except it was a tire cover on a jeep :)

  6. Sounds like a great time is being had in your part of the world and so happy to hear this. Even this sweet kitty wants to make you happy with her "gift". Oh, I love the shawl, pretty!

  7. Isn't it amazing how a simple thing like avocado and tomato on toast can be so very delicious. Happy Hodgepodge!

  8. Great to see a catch-up from you Pam. I think its lovely that the doe visits every day and that you feed it. I reckon animals can sense when someone likes them and that they're on a good thing. Your shawl is very pretty. Did it only take the one ball of Unforgettable? I have a couple of odd balls of it and didn't realise how far it will go. Is the shawl very wide? Sammi's puppy ears look so cute - she's ageing very gracefully. My daughters Pug Tommy is getting too fat but apart from that he still looks pretty good. I think he's about 9 or 10 now. Had a fit the other day which freaked my daughter out. I suggested she take him to the vet the next morning which she did and all his tests came back ok. The vet said it was just 'one of those things' and would probably happen again some time. He did have one a couple of years ago so let's hope that he goes another few years without another. Your sandwich looks yummy alright ... can't get over the colour of your tomato. Take care and blog again soon. xox (From she who hasn't blogged for yonks).

  9. 39 degrees on our deck in town this morning Pammy Sue. Yep, I think fall is on the way. That shawl is fantastic. I think I'll be looking that pattern up. The yarn is perfect for it. Lots of animal sightings for you. It does sound as if you have settled in well up here in the northlands. :-). We had dinner the other night in Chewelah and are thinking of heading up to Colville on Friday to play around a little.

  10. What a lovely place to live! Deer season starts tomorrow here in SC so your friend wouldn't last long around here! Love the shawl.

  11. Fall is here too. Two nights of freeze warnings already. Such a pretty little kitty. ;) Love your sun catcher...can you share the pattern? I am looking for a snowflake pattern I can make big to hang on the front door for winter. Enjoy the wildlife..they are such a blessing to have in one's life.
    Smiles to you...

  12. Oh Pam... so good to hear from you! You've been up to "good" things and it seems you are totally enjoying it there. How fun to have a "pet" deer for awhile. They come for awhile, and then seem to go. We found that sometimes the doe would stay around until she had her baby.. and then she and baby would travel on. It does seem too late in the year though for her to be pregnant. My sister has some deer that visit her quite regularly and they play with her cat.. they actually touch and tumble around together! So funny. That sandwich looks awesome too! I have loved tomato, lettuce and mayo sandwiches all my life and nothing better th an one with fresh toms from the garden. We've had a boatload of them and I made salsa and now another big bowl so may give some away. Wish they could stay fresh all through the winter.

    And your sun catcher is so pretty.. love the pink and orange together.... and the shawl.. yummy and love the colors. You crochet so much and I'm so envious. Can't seem to get myself to do much of anything lately.. am in an "end of summer slump" I think after the mad rush since April to plant things, dig, weed, water, mow, plant, prune, etc.

    Take care and I always look forward to your posts. Marilyn

  13. So there's crocheting (pretty), food from your garden (yummy!) and animals on both sides of your fence! I'd say you found a good spot to call home. Enjoy your week :) See ya on IG!

  14. Lots of lovely things Pammy Sue, I love the dreamcatcher and the shawl you look good wearing it your hair is lovely! your dinner looks yummy home grown tomatoes are the best. :) xx

  15. The suncatcher is cute and so are those little critters too ♥


  16. LOVE your shawl Pammy! BEAUTIFUL colors!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  17. Oh your shawl is so pretty. I love the happy little sun catcher, too. :) Happy Weekend.

  18. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Oh, lovely shawl - your stitches look so neat (perfected). How sweet about the deer and the darling kitten. Thanks very much for sharing - always enjoy your "newsy" and down-to-earth posts. from Pickles :)

  19. What a pretty sun catcher! I love those colors! Oh, and you know I enjoy critter photos! 'So sweet! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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