Monday, August 08, 2016

Rambling Ramblicious Ramble

I feel a ramble coming on.
Beware! Ha.

This is the doily I'm working on at the moment.

I would be three hours ahead of this point had I not crocheted for three hours yesterday before finding a mistake several rows back nearly where I had started. Ugh! I hate when that happens. Riiiiiiip! Sigh.

I'm going to just bounce around from subject to subject and see what happens...



This is the little Food Bank in town. Ken and I started volunteering here every Monday from 8-noon. It's unbelievable the amount of work that goes on in this little pink house! There are lots of po-folk around here. But it's fun and we like it. It's busy, but everybody that is working there (8 people today including us) is funny and good-natured, and we have a good time working our butts off.

Ken got home today feeling poorly, and as of right now, his temp is 100.2. I hope it's not the flu. Seems kind of early for that, but you never know. After my vomit-fest in Canada last time I posted, I've been fine. I have no idea what my problem was.



I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to get two fillings and a mold of my mouth taken so my partial can be built and some bleaching trays too. Yes, he talked me out of dentures. Dammit, I said that wasn't going to happen! But anyway, he thinks he can fix everything for WAY less than I thought. It was so funny. He was telling me all the reasons why I shouldn't get dentures and one part of the conversation went like this:

DENTIST:  You have really good bone structure of your teeth. I'm not just saying this. You really have the bone structure of a 30-year-old! I'm really not saying that just to flatter you.

ME:  Bwa-ha-ha-ha! If you wanted to flatter me, it's not "tooth bone structure" that you should be saying looks like a 30-year-old's!

No one but a dentist would think that's flattery. Hahahaha. It cracked me up.

Anyway, I have to go to Spokane to an oral surgeon after my partial is ready (about two weeks) to have him excise two back teeth I've broken since we moved here and a front-lower one that has started to turn inward making me look like Hillbilly-Bob Slingblade. I'm so freakin' happy he's going to be able to fix that! It really bothers me. And ALL for only $1200 total! Isn't that cheap? I think it is!



You people listen up...

Coconut Bread Pudding

This is the BEST bread pudding! I'm a big coconut lover so this really hits the spot for me. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but I think there was an ingredient left out (SUGAR!) which makes a huge difference. It was awful and tasteless without it. I've never had a bread pudding that wasn't sweet even though it's served with a sauce. I also added a tsp of vanilla extract. Here is the recipe as I made it:

Coconut Bread Pudding

1 loaf French bread
1 (13.6-oz) can of coconut milk (I used light), divided
1 1/2 cups milk (I used 1%)
5 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup crushed Vanilla Wafers (optional, but I used them)
1 1/2 cup shredded coconut, divided
2 cups powdered sugar (for sauce)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Cut French loaf into 1-inch squares and set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, regular milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and 1/2 cup of coconut.  Sir until combined.

Spray a 2-quart casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray. (FYI...I used a 2.75-quart dish and it nearly flowed over so I would go bigger.) Spread a layer of bread cubes, 1/3 cup of coconut, and crushed vanilla wafers. Repeat layers twice more. Slowly pour liquid mixture over all. Cover with foil and bake 1 hour. Uncover to cool. Serve warm or cold with sauce below if desired.

Sauce (I didn't use this):
Mix what's left of the coconut milk with the powdered sugar. Spoon sauce over each piece as it's served.

(Maybe the recipe was supposed to say CREAM of Coconut (which is syrupy-sweet) instead of Coconut Milk which is not sweetened at all. That would explain the no sugar thing. But it was really good made with the coconut milk if you added a cup of sugar, but not excessively so.)

Here's the coconut milk I used:


We just finished Season 4.



I hope I meet somebody soon that I want to be "real" friends with. Do you know what I mean? I really like the group of couples that we hang out and do things with, but I don't feel any connection with any of them. I don't feel like I can be myself. I'm uncomfortable. They talk about people and places I know nothing about. They might as well be talking in a foreign language. I have nothing to contribute. Ya know?? I feel like a bump on a log, and that is not me AT ALL. At least not when you get to know me. I'll agree that I'm not that easy to get to know. I'm a little closed-off and hesitant to trust people and just be myself. So maybe it's my problem. In fact, I'm sure it IS me. These people are really nice and have really made an effort to include us in their get-togethers, for which we are grateful. I just need to loosen up and stop being so damn paranoid. When I do pipe up and say something, I feel like everybody just stares at me and thinks I'm the most boring person alive. LOL! WTF is wrong with me? They are not doing that! God all-mighty, I need Dr. Phil.

That was just between you and me. Don't tell everybody I'm a freak and social retard.



Okay, just three quick random things...

The turkeys have reappeared with tiny little babies!
They are so cute!
Sorry this picture was taken through a window.

I love this lotion.
I use it on my face and body.
It makes you feel so soft. No fragrance.

This is my all-time favorite salad dressing.
My grandmother always had it in her fridge.
I'm so glad we can get it here in the Land of the North.


You knew it was coming...

Janie in my face.
She likes it there.
I think it makes her feel safe. Poor thang.

Eli is showing off his fresh shave.
He looks so weird! He's half his size without it.
You can tell he really loves it.

Don't be shy, Ollie-Wally.


They are not making the stuff anymore that we used to use to keep Ollie's eyes from turning dark underneath. They still sell some stuff under the same name brand, Angel Eyes, but they removed the ingredient that made it work! How stupid is that? And shouldn't they have told their customers beforehand? I had to research it online after I noticed his eyes were turning dark again. It's because the active ingredient was actually an antibiotic and they had to stop selling it over the counter. Now it just doesn't work AT ALL...obviously. I bought it twice wondering why it wasn't working anymore, and that stuff ain't cheap! You should rename your useless product Devil Eyes instead! Bite me, you bastards. 



I told you I was going to ramble, but I think I'm done. I must go check on my ailing husband and make him drink some liquids. Until next time...

See ya!


  1. You should ramble more often! It's fun to see and read what's been going on in the land of the north.
    All the pup-dogs look so darn sweet. Love seeing them all.
    Your patio came out beautifully. And your crochet work is so pretty.
    Hope your dear husband is on the mend soonest.
    Thanks for the coconut bread pudding recipe, I'm also am a nut for anything coconut.
    All the best with the dentist. And ya' that's cheap compared to the work I've had done.

  2. Had to laugh at your post! That's what I feel like doing sometimes... just ramble, as I can't get it together enough to talk about one thing. Love your doilie! (How in the heck DO you spell doily anyway?? with an "ie" or a "y")??? turkey babes are darling... that Green Goddess dressing looks so yummy... will have to try it only if it's gluten free. Some aren't. Most coconut milks I don't think do have sugar in them unless it's some sort of "cream" like you said.. haven't seen that. We use coconut milk that comes in a carton and needs to be refrigerated.. the vanilla flavor does have some sugar added but we get the plain with no sugar. I know what you mean about a "real" friend.. they are hard to find. someone we connect with instantly and we can be ourselves with...... very hard to find. Seems like when we move to a new place, everyone has lived there 30 years and has their own little group.. and hard for a newby to come in and feel a part of it all. Maybe another newby will move there! Hope so.... Hugs.. Marilyn

  3. Wish I could write like you do when I blog . . . you write as if you are talking to someone sitting in the room with you. Makes me jealous but also makes me interested in when you will blog again:)

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Voluntary helping is a good way to meet people and socialize, also dance classes are great fun. Have a look at 'Swing Vegas 2014-Jeeves and Wooster theme-Lindy hop Charleston' on ytube ('not another video' I hear you groan). But like watching someone crochet it's easier to see what's meant. Their un-self-conscious enjoyment is plain to see, there are no Fred and Ginger's but they're have a great time. You'll be too busy trying to control your feet to worry about anything else. I have been known to twirl inexpertly around Blackpool Tower Ballroom so I know it's true.

    I'm sorry to hear Ken is unwell but while he's flat out go and check whether he's got two left feet.

    Kind regards Gill

  5. Hi Pammy Sue! Love the post today. I laughed out loud several time, like the dentist conversation. So funny. Hey, when you come to Spokane, BEFORE you get your teeth pulled we should meet somewhere for breakfast or lunch...whatever. Promise not to stare. Ha!!!! I would love to visit with you. Hopefully Ken is feeling better today. It does seem early for the nasty bugs to be out. Love, love, love that doily. I enjoyed all of your doggy pictures too. It's pretty evident we share a love of pooches isnt' it? Have a great day my friend.

  6. I enjoyed your ramble today. Green Goddess is delicious and sometimes hard to find. The coconut bread pudding looks delicious, very pretty doily. It's fun to see your dogs. They are so cute. I hope your husband is feeling better very soon.

  7. Love the crochet, cooking, and the pups! Hope your husband feels better quickly and the dentist procedures all go very well. If you find the cure for the social awkwardness please share. You're not alone in that boat. Ok, maybe your are because the rest of us are politely sitting by ourselves not knowing what to say.

  8. Good morning Rambler! I love your ramblings! I am SO glad you aren't getting dentures!!!! I need to go have a crown fixed, and I hate the dentist. I mean, not personally, but in general. I would rather poke needles in my eye, than go to the dentist!!! Truly!!
    I need to try that break pudding. I LOVE coconut, and bread pudding!! Win win!
    Okay, about the finding a friend to connect with....that is so true. I am sure those people are very nice, but I know exactly what you mean about being connected!! You will find that friend. I am sure of it.
    I love that you are getting yourself out there and getting so involved in things.
    I hope Ken is feeling better, and that you don't get it!
    Cute pup pics! And I always love the crochet!
    xo Kris

  9. That is a lovely doily. Are you designing now? I can't wait to see your finish. I always enjoy reading your posts...ramble on friend, ramble on. :)

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue, I love your ramblings, your pretty doily and my favorite- the doggies-sweet babies.

    Good for you and Ken volunteering for such a good cause. Maybe my hubs and I can do that. It seems to me the couples group would be more challenging to meet someone. With volunteering, people are united for a common cause and that brings about good conversation and bonding.

    About 3 years ago I joined a crochet class at an adult ed center. It became something I looked so forward to each week. I re-signed up every semester. Sitting there crocheting together with people, we'd start talking about all sorts of things.

    We all were like a little family, all races and backgrounds. It was that one thing in common that brought us all together. A handful of ladies sharing latest creations, some lopsided , loud colors, some -fabulous. I loved the enthusiasm when a newbie would get so excited to learn a scarf or granny square.

    We sometimes went to lunch and had a couple of boutiques selling and not selling our creations :)
    And then one day the adult ed school decided to impose minimum size class room sign-ups. It never made the quota after that. I really miss that class and those ladies. I need to find something else.

    Reading your ramblings made me think of that class. I wonder if there is anything like that close to you.
    Best wishes with your teeth and ortho work. Hope Ken gets well soon.

    Till next time,
    Linda in CA
    ps- your recipes are the bomb! :)

  11. Awwww, I'm your friend...but WAY too far away for you to just be you, well, except in text messages. ;-) I wish I could crochet doilies like you, I just haven't gotten the hang of it. So I am going to stick to washcloths, scrubbies, and hanging hand towels. I subscribe to Annie's where they send you a project every month. I have done only a couple of them, but I am excited about each one when it comes. Yeah...I'm a dork. I'm going to send you a couple of pictures of my pathetic projects to give you a good laugh. I don't like doing anything that requires me to block it. I think that is why I stick to the washcloths and stuff like that. I'm too impatient (or lazy...take your pick. I admit to both.) to block something.

    Awww, the fur babies...those crazy, weirdo pups. I so miss being able to hang-out with you and have those little nuts barking at me and crawling all over me. Not that I came over very often anyway, and I sure took it for granted how close you really were before you moved up North. Carrollton to Allen wasn't really that far to go considering how far I would have to drive now. LOL.

    I do love reading your ramblings and adventures and totally "hear" your voice in my head when I am reading them. I know exactly how it would sound as if I were sitting there. "Shitty Trip to Canada", just the title made me laugh out loud, because I was totally expecting a "frozen blueberries" in the kitchen cabinet type story to follow. And I wasn't wrong. Only my Pamelina would have an adventure like that. I guess reading the blog is the best next thing to sitting on the phone talking(which NEITHER of us like to do.) That's probably why we always got along so well. We are alike in all the things that most people would be offended by or mortified if someone said in public. We are so wrong, but in the bestest ways ever. Our mischief was even funny when it was tequila induced. Oh...those were the days. I can't do that anymore. Recovery from alcohol just isn't worth it anymore. I have a glass of wine or two and that's all my old ass can handle.

    I also love reading your recipes. THAT is one reason I am glad I am not close enough to just come plop on your porch and hang out. OMG...I would weigh a ton because you know how to make some yum yums!!!

    We ARE coming up there sometime. WE ARE. STEVE said so! I don't know how soon, but we are. He is itching to go, but I keep convincing him to go tropical, hot places for vacation. He will win one soon. :) We are leaving for Florida in a little over a month to see his daughter (so he kinda already wanted to go to that warm, muggy place), my sister, and visit a museum in the Keys that has a couple of exhibits about my family. But after we recover financially from that, we are headed NORTHWEST.

    Lookie there, I did my own rambling in my comment on your ramble. HA! I'm a Dork! But, I do so look forward the periodic ramble on my girlie, ramble on.

    Tell Ken we said hello and that we hope he feels better soon. Until the next time I have diarrhea of the mind in your comments. Tootles!

  12. Well, I kind of get the whole feeling awkward and wanting a REAL friend. When I was young I had two BEST friends and several more acquaintance friends. As I am now 54, I have pretty much zero. My one best friend dumped me, and the other has changed soooo much since Jr. High when we started being friends I wonder sometimes what keeps us friends, we have nothing in common. The acquaintance friends are all gone as I was only around to help them with advice or other stuff. When I was down and out, adios Sue! Anyway, I just keep busy with my part time job, doing a little crafting, a little gardening, a very little housework ha ha. I have learned to be content, but sometimes I do get lonely cause my husband works long hours.


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