Saturday, August 20, 2016

Boho Curtains and Shabby Chic Shutters

Current Work in Progress

Yumminess from the garden.
Those little tomatoes are like little fresh flavor bombs in your mouth.
So good!

So I've been looking at this ugly, plain window in our bedroom since we moved in.
But I had a flash of brilliance the other day...



I love my home-made boho curtains.
Well, home-made sort of.

They are infinity scarves that I bought at Walmart! I just slipped them over a curtain rod and voila! Boho curtains! I'd been watching them go down in price. Last time I was there they were down to $5 each and I eyeballed them, but when I went back to get a bunch for this idea, they had gone down further to $3 each. Cheapo-boho.

Ugly blue shutters bought for $1 each at a yard sale.

I just finished painting them with chalk paint in an off-white color called "cashew." Tomorrow I'm going to try waxing them with a dark wax to give them an antiqued or shabby-chic look. FYI...painting shutters is a pain in the ass! Results to come.

Other random things:

1.  The Olympics? I watched several fencing matches and archery matches and that's it. The Olympics are just not my thing.

2.  The dental work I'm having done was pushed back to Sept 14th except for the fillings, which I had done about a week ago. It wasn't bad. I'm sure the three extractions are going to be fun. Gah.

3.  I weighed for the first time in a long while. Verdict:  I can never eat again! Haha. But really, I'm on a made-up "diet" where sugar is out of here and I can't eat after 3:00 pm. Those are the basic rules. I usually eat more food after 3:00 than the whole rest of the day so I'm thinking this will work. I'm having bran flakes and maybe a banana for breakfast, a regular lunch, and then maybe a snack, but nothing else after 3:00 except hot tea. Day #4 and it's going fine. First weigh-in is next Wednesday morning. Wish me luck.

4.  If anybody has A Year of Doilies Book 2, I'm looking for it. Let me know in the comments. I have Books 1, 3, 4, 5, but not 2, and that's the one I want a pattern out of. Isn't that always the way?

5.  A cougar crossed the road in front of our car last week. I snapped two pictures, but you couldn't make him out amongst the trees. Bummer. He was so big! We've been hearing there are lots of them around this summer. We still haven't seen a bear yet, but we did see a herd of elk.

I think you're up to speed. I gots nothin else.

See ya.


  1. Love your curtains and the shutters. I also hate painting shutters. Such a pain. We had a bear wandering around the campground a couple of weeks ago. A bit scary. Good luck with the diet. I have to do something too but have no willpower with all the other medical junk going on. Bah Humbug! I'll just be fat! Have a wonderful day Pammy Sue.

  2. Good to catch up Pammy Sue, your curtains look great what a great idea, sorry I can't help with the doily book I hope someone has it for you and good luck with the not eating after 3pm, thats a long time to go without eating anything I know I couldn't do it. Looking forward to seeing your finished shutters, have a great Sunday. :) xx

  3. I've got A YEar of Doilies Book 2 . . . stop by my blog ( ), leave me your email and I will send you a PDF copy :)

    Now, did you cut your scarves or just loop them over the curtain rod?

  4. Hi Pam.... love your boho curtains! I've been known to just drape fabric over a curtain rod (since I have so much!) and use tiebacks to pull them back during the day... sometimes they've stayed up for a year before I finally sewed in a rod pocket and hemmed them! And then I would move! geesh..... yours are so airy and pretty. love all your veggies.. we have little cherry tomatoes that are so so so so good! and lemon cukes that I love. Your garden looks very abundent. As far as the Olympics, I'm not watching them either... I used to but catch a glimpse now and then and that's all. Just not into it anymore I guess. And your diet? ouch.. I think I would move the time up to 5:00 and that's a pretty good idea really.. if I only eat a small dinner with no starch, and not too late (and only a fruit snack at night) then I can lose some weight - and NO sugar of course! So hard to do but it is doable. You could probably eat all the veggies you wanted at night or after 3:00 and get the same results.. or drink a juiced drink at night using a juicer. Oh.. and your shutters are awesome! I'm always looking for old shutters and never seem to find any anywhere. I did fine one small set at a garden store about 25 miles from us and they lady had painted them pink! Just right for my bedroom so had to snap them up... and I didn't have to paint them. They're sitting in my living room right now 'temporarily' but I really like where they are, so they may stay there. Anyway... glad to see everything is going well there in the north... oh and tooth extractions.. I just had two done, way in the back on the lower jaw, and they weren't bad at all.. way easier than having fillings put in! You have to be a little more careful on recovery time and don't chew on that area for a good week, but is pretty easy peasy. Take care!!!!

  5. Ahhhh, the tomatoes from your garden look soo good! My husband is allergic to tomatoes so we rarely have some home...

    Love the burst of color with the new curtains!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  6. Wow Pammy are so creative AND busy! Can't wait to see everything complete especially your crochet piece.
    Everything is coming together to make a lovely retirement home. And your happiness just tops the cake. :)

    Do you mind if I promote my daughter's blog? She is so very creative.

    Thank you, hugs...

  7. Wow, the veggies look wonderful. All that is winding down in our area by this time of year. We have a lull before the fall crop is ready. How about taking some pounds off for me also. With retirement the end of April I was no longer sitting at a desk all day and lost 11 lbs over the next couple of months. It's now stalled from there. If you don't locate the Year of Doilies book you are looking for, let me know and I'll pull out my external hard drive and see what I have. God bless! LindaCrochets

  8. I wonder if my last comment went through. It disappeared
    I love the boho curtain idea! The tomatoes are the best just picked.

  9. Your doily is beautiful! Crocheting doilies is my favorite craft, but I am getting a houseful of them! HA!

  10. You were in the right place at the right time! A buck a shutter?! I kinda like that blue ;) I love your Boho curtains! and that you held out for the sale price on those scarves -- I'd have been afraid they'd sell out ;). Lookin' good!


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