Friday, August 12, 2016

A Doily and Chicken Parm Pasta

Pattern:  "Elise" by Grace Fearon, purchased HERE. (Also on Ravelry)
Size:  10 inches
Thread:  Nazli Gelin Garden 10 in Cream and Light Grey Taupe
Hook:  1.75 mm

Crockpot Parmesan Chicken Pasta

Recipe HERE.

We ate it twice and I froze the rest for later. Ken loved it and so did I.

The only changes I made:  I added about 1 Tbsp minced garlic and I cut my chicken breasts into three chunks each and let it cook 5 hours on low before shredding. I was afraid the chicken wouldn't get cooked because they were very large breasts.

Can we start making pumpkin stuff yet?
I'm ready!


The Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear the above sticker on their helmets this coming season to honor the police officers who were killed in Dallas. The NFL refused their request and will not allow them to wear it. Shameful. NFL players wear stickers on their helmets and uniforms in honor of other things and other people ALL THE TIME. Why is this different? Probably because then some stupid ass would want to wear a sticker in honor of Radical Islam or some shit and they'd have to let them. I guess I answered my own question.

See ya.


  1. OMG Pam.. that doily is GORGEOUS! Don't see how you do it.. make some many. What do you do with them? I wonder if I could make one like it but using regular 2 or 3 ply yarn... I can't work with that tiny "thread".... and love the cream and gray together! Love the pattern too.... would be fun to work it as is so different and alot of variety which I love. AND OMG that chix parm.... wow! I am so hungry now. Was just looking for some good crockpot recipes.. so this is one I'll try. Wonder if you cooked the noodles separately... hum.m.m. will duh.. go look at the recipe Marilyn! All that cheese.. all melty and gooey... good gracious... can you tell I'm hungry? And the thing with the helmets.. that is disgraceful that NFL is nixing that... I agree with you, but USA should have the right to NOT LET people from other nations, who are not Americans... to put up certain stickers (or flags by the way)... etc etc.. don't get me started on that.............. I've been making a few little crocheted flowers.. now I want to do a BIG something! It's HOT here today... 96 now.. getting tired of it.. and yes...I want some pumpkin stuff too!

  2. Anonymous6:53 PM

    hi pammy craft the most beautifullest items...thank you for sharing your projects and their source...the chicken parm looks so good!!!!! family enjoys when i add ricotta cheese to it and they call it "mini-lasagna"...stores are displaying fall items now so we know it will soon be here...i don't want to rush my days...enjoying each of our favorites are pumpkin quick breads...toasted with butter and jam/jelly...delicious...add coffee/tea and it is a meal...hope your hubby is better and able to resume activities...i imagine the puppies will enjoy cooler weather...take care...sally

  3. I love that doily Pammy Sue it's so pretty and that dish looks yummy I think I might make it this weekend it looks so easy. Enjoy your weekend. xxx

  4. Another stunner of a doily. You have great taste in colours too - love the darker shade half-way through. Sounds like you and Ken are really enjoying the 'good life'. Love to Oli and his mates. xox

  5. You are soooo funny! You tell it like it is. I really enjoy reading your blog. Highlight of my day!

  6. Some how I missed your previous blog and the work put into your beautiful doily too, but the lovely ending is on this one, and girl you are getting good! beautiful want to see more. Take care of all of your sweet little family hope all are feeling better too!

  7. You are the champ of doilies. This one is stunning. Shame on the NFL.

  8. A feast for the eyes (doily)as well as the stomach(chicken). I made some soup for dinner tonight, but I want what you had.

  9. You KNOW I love this doily. The chicken looks delicious. It's way too hot to cook on the stove this week. And finally, I agree entirely with your opinion on the football fiasco.

  10. What a pretty doily! I love the touch of taupe! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    Thanks for the recipe!

  11. OMG, this recipe sounds SO good! Chicken parm is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

    Love the doily!

  12. Hey girl. We had the crocker parm chicken. We liked it too. It was nice to not have to heat kitchen with oven.
    Love your doilies! Love the boho valance! Love the helmets. I think that is awful that they can't wear the sticker!
    Oh, and diet....schmiet!!!!
    xo Kris

  13. Wimpy-ass NFL! Shame on them ;(. The casserole looks good....thanks for the recipe. What a pretty doily; you've been a busy, productive girl ;)


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