Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer in Full Swing

I took the above pictures along the Columbia yesterday.

On this porch with either coffee or a popsicle is where you'll find us these days.
I'm going to show you a few pictures of the porches.
Staining still needs to be done, and please ignore the shabby yard.
We haven't done a thing to it because of all the construction, and the sprinkler system was just fixed so has been off since last year.

I bought a third rose bush. I wasn't intending to, but when I smelled this rose, I just had to have it. This particular rose is call "Secret's Out!" and it smells strongly of citrus and sweet rose. I smell it every time I walk by it, and you can smell it while sitting on the porch. The other two bushes I planted are climbers, one yellow and one deep red.

This huge moth flew up on the porch and nearly brained himself against the wall. We held him for a little while and then sat him on the porch railing. He eventually recovered and flew away. I looked him up on the innernets because he was so pretty and I wanted to know about him. This is a Sphynx Moth. He has a really fat body and head and such a beautiful and colorful design on his wings.

This pie is so delicious and light.
It's very plain, which is what makes sit so good to me.
Easy and no-bake. Perfect for summer.
I think the original name was White Pie.

Something else I've made recently that was good is Stuffed French Bread.
Try it! It was easy and you'll like it!
I used Garlic Herb French Bread from the Walmart bakery, $1.

Our apple trees are loaded down this year.
We have lots more than we did last year.
The plums are also plentiful and ready to pick.

I meant to get a picture of the vegetable garden, but I forgot this morning. I counted 18 of the large variety of tomatoes, and there are lots of the cherry tomatoes too that I didn't count. We've already eaten several servings of salad made from our lettuce, a couple of jalapenos, a bunch of radishes, and two potatoes. The cucumber, zucchini, carrots, onions, and cantaloupe still need time, but they're looking good.

I haven't crocheted anything since the PINK blanket. I think I'm about to bust out some thread and make a doily next. I need a break from the yarn, but I'm bored without something on my hook to fiddle with.

We have been watching Game of Thrones. OMG, it's so good! Did I tell you this already? I can't remember. I just bought Seasons 3 & 4 for Ken's birthday. We have been getting two episodes at a time on disks sent by Netflix, but we're tired of waiting for the next episodes to arrive in the mail so I just decided to buy the next two seasons. There are six seasons out so we have plenty of watching to do yet. Now I see why it's won so many awards. It really is good. But a warning to's not for the squeamish or for children. It's violent and there is plenty of nudity and the sex. Hehehe. Remember how Chandler on Friends always called it "the sex"? Anyway, adults only!

We've had a very mild summer so far. It's always mid-50s in the overnight hours, and nearly always in the upper 70s during the day. We've had a few days in the 80s and should get more of those coming up.

Things are slowing down here. No more bingo until September, no more Homemakers Club meetings until September, and a lot of our friends are leaving for vacations and such for the next few weeks. We'll be here gardening and porch-sitting and going on the occasional scenic day-trips here in Washington and British Columbia. We still have lots to see around here. 

Hope you're having a good summer!
See ya. 


  1. Everything looks so beautiful there. That is a very pretty rose. It seems like it would be so tranquil sitting on one of your porches and just enjoying the view. When I read that a lot of your friends there are "going" on vacation, I thought to myself that if I lived there I would be "staying there" on vacation.

  2. Girl...I think you found your "heaven". I sure wish we were closer because I sure would love some PB&J and cheesy poofs on those porches. OMG...LOOK AT ALL THAT FRUIT! I'm jealous of that too. We have a fig tree that is crazy full with figs, but I don't know what to do with them and I don't really care to just eat them raw. We will just have the landlord come and get most of them. It was his mom & dad's tree and his mom will make jam & jelly out of them.

    I love seeing the pictures of all of your adventures up there and we are thinking about a vacation up that way sometime in the future. Keep on a sharing so I can enjoy the wonderful temperatures as we bake down here in the Lone Star. Hugs and pets to you and the pups.

    1. Tina.. you should go to Fox Den Road's blog. She has some wonderful recipes for figs!

  3. Your new porches look grand.. I can bet you're enjoying them. We watched Game of Thrones to catch up too. We'd watch 2 or even 3 at a time. You're right.. not for the faint of heart. Have you watched Vikings? You should get that next. Enjoy your fruit and veg you're growing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Your new place looks so lovely and you are making it even better with all you are doing to it. I think you have found a wonderful place to call home. You seem very happy, there Pammy Sue. You sound very peaceful and content. I glad.

  5. Oh my, your porch is such a dream! Wish you many happy hours on it!!

    I taught a uni class about Game of Thrones last year :D Was good fun!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  6. You have to be really pleased with the new deck/patio, it looks so inviting android relaxing for a bigger chill out. Birthday wishes to Ken. Love the name of your news rose.... but what secret is out. Lol. Happy Sunday

  7. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Love the pie............

  8. Such pretty porches. Maybe I'll come up and do some porch sitting with you! What are the floors made of? It looks like stained concrete. Yummy pie and fruit too. I'm so glad you've found our State to be such a wonderful place to call home Pammy Sue.

  9. Your new porch looks lovely - very inviting indeed. I can just see you in that rocker working away on the latest doily or having a nice iced drink on a hot day !! Good idea to have it extend around to protect your door too. Are those geraniums I see? By the way, is that first picture the same as your header but taken at a different time of the year? Oh, and what is cool whip please? Is it like cream in an aerosol can? xox

  10. Just catching have accomplished so much! Cheers for sticking with your Christmas blanket and coming to a fine finish. Thanks for sharing how you made your stunning pink blanket, too. In the time you made those lovely big blankets I have just crocheted half of a tiny preemie blanket; and I started knitting a dish/wash cloth with Lizbeth size 3 cotton thread. Your recipes/food photos always look so good...I need to get out of my rut and try something different. Sorry for those in your household who got bee stings and that you had more tooth trouble :( . I am imagining you enjoying your lovely new decks and thanks for showing them to us. I was so interested to see your pretty moths! I recently posted a picture of one on our front porch and can't remember ever being so close to a large moth pretty! I should buy stock in HGTV I watch so many of its programs...and am still especially on a tiny house kick. Just took a photo of our burdened apple tree and have tasted one of our first apples...crisp and sweet. It is great you are already harvesting so much from your garden. I have a few little green cherry tomatoes and am trying to decide whether to harvest some of the rainbow chard. I am planning to go trailer camping for a week starting on Sunday up at Cape Lookout on the north Oregon coast. Hope you and yours have safe and happy trips exploring the area around you. xx

  11. Love your porch Pammy Sue, so glad you are enjoying your beautiful home.

  12. Your porches turned out beautiful and it's where I'd be if I were you too! I love it that you took care of that beautiful Sphynx Moth... and he is a real beauty. I've never seen one. So glad he was okay. Your new rosebush is too gorgeous. You can never have too many roses. I'm going to try that pie out on my knitting group soon. I know they will love it. I'm so happy to see you are so happy in your new home in a different land than you used to live in :-)
    With love,

  13. Loved this post and loved seeing your lovely porches and decks! How nice to be able to spend time out there now.. and that rose is beautiful and I bet it smells wonderful! I'm envious of your apple and plum trees! I love making homemade applesauce, let alone pies and cobbler! Glad you are enjoying cooler weather for now. In Madras, OR we've had cooler weather too.. much cooler than I thought it would be this time of summer, but I'm sure our time is coming of 100+ degree weather! Up there too... enjoy this while you can! Your photos of the river are so great.. I always enjoy seeing the different views in the different seasons. Winter will come all too soon so enjoy the summer and the easiness of it. I've been busy in my yard and I think I've finally filled up all the flower beds, so think I'm done planting for the year! Take care...

  14. Wonderful!! Your new porch/deck is fabulous! I am sure that you will sit out there and use it an awful lot! xx

  15. Pammy Sue!!!! Squeeeel!! The porches are awesome! How I want to be sitting there with you, coffee and crochet and/or knitting going on. The weather sounds lovely! I long for days in the 70's and 80's We are sweltering in triple digits here.
    Those apples look great too! I can almost smell the pie! And the pie you made looks great too! Cool looking moth. I would have had to look him up too. Now I know.
    I miss your face!
    xo Kris

  16. Wow the porch turned out really nice! I like the covered part over the door too, that will make a big difference this winter I bet. I binge watched Game of Thrones 2 years ago to catch up with the new season and it was great! I cant wait till next season. The pie looks yummy. Enjoy your porch sittin'.

  17. 'So pretty! I love your photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  18. Your porch looks so inviting. You must be thrilled with it.
    xx Beca


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