Friday, July 22, 2016

It Started Innocently

I keep this back-scratcher next to my bed on the night table with all my other "necessary" junk. I have a table full of "necessities" that you wouldn't believe. Nail files and two sizes of clippers, a lighter to light a candle, an emergency LED light, a battery, the codes to my TV and remotes scribbled on bits of paper, a pencil, four different lip balms (I NEED them!), crochet hooks, bobby pins, and the list goes on and on. I have all that neatly filed away in a little plastic, 3-drawer thingy. ANYWAY, the back-scratcher...

I'm always fiddling with it as I'm watching TV in the evenings. I always retire to the bed by 8:00pm to watch TV or crochet or read magazines. Ken stays in the living room and watches whatever he wants on TV or plays on the laptop or reads or whatever. It's our routine. Jeez, I keep getting off-track with my story.  

I'm always fiddling with the back-scratcher in my hand, extending it out to the longest length and twirling it through my fingers like a baton. It's hard to do correctly because it's a different weight on each end. I thought I might be doing it wrong so I went to YouTube about 10 days ago to see if there were any videos on how to twirl a baton between your fingers correctly. If I was going to be doing it every night, I might as well do it right.

So, of course, I found plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to twirl a baton. And then I got obsessed. I know, I know, you're shocked. I can never just do something...I have to do it to death!

And to prove my point...

That's right. I ordered a baton on Amazon. So now I'm a 55-year-old, baton-twirling fool. But man can I twirl! It's so fun! It's good for your brain as you get older to learn new things. And I'm pretty sure it's great exercise for my fingers and hands too. Too bad I couldn't become obsessed with something that's great exercise for my butt. Hehehe.

I swear batons used to be much thicker, didn't they? I was surprised at how thin it is. But I'm loving my baton and the twirling, twirling, twirling. The dogs have gotten used to it and have stopped barking at me. Ken is sweet to indulge me every time I learn something new and come into the living room and interrupt his TV watching to show him my new cool moves. I'm such a dork. I'm sure he rolls his eyes and thinks that as he watches me and tells me how good I am. Whatever! I hope I never stop learning new things!

Don't expect to see any videos of me twirling here. I'd never do that! How mortifying. LOL.

Pooch pictures and some flowers...




Marigolds and I don't know what the little lavender flowers are.

I don't know the name of these either. They started coming up by the garage in the spring and I transplanted them into a planter for the porch.


I've been working on a doily the last few days. It was a mystery doily-along hosted by Cylinda Mathews. I didn't start until after the third week of instructions were out, and the fourth and final instructions came out yesterday. I have two rounds left and will show you mine when it's done. You can find the instructions HERE.

A project I'm about to start...

Chalk paint and wax to give it an antique, distressed look.

I'm going to redo the little table so it matches the beds. I'm also redoing four shutters in the same paint. They will go on the attic door and bedroom door in that room. I'm hoping to start tomorrow if the sun is shining. Today it's too rainy and dark out there. 

Okay, that's it from me this time.
Love ya.


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    hi pammy your new deck/ appears quite comfortable and protected so you'll have much use...the puppies seem to agree...a high school friend of mine was in the school color guard unit...and she could twirl that baton...she would twirl with each hand simultaneously...i've tried in the past and been a dismal failure...your ken gives you praise and encouragement - that is LOVE...anxious to see your new crochet project...take care...sally

  2. Everything's coming along so nicely, looking good. Oh,I just love Ms.Janie. Hope to see you in a televised competition some day. *wink*

  3. Baton twirling! Well that's a new one. How fun! I can just see you marching up and down the street in the anual small town parade. :-). My flowers were gorgeous until the storm today. They're smashed to smithereens now. I sure hope they survive. We also lost some shingles n the riff. Not fun. Here's to a nicer Saturday.

  4. Haha I can just imagine you twirling Pammy Sue I think I would love to give it a go too but knowing me it would fly out of my hands and break a widow or something. I've gotten into hoola hooping so thats twirling of a kind, trouble is I don't have space enough in the house so I have to do it on the patio, I'm hoping that not of the neighbours are watching a crazy 63 year old wiggling her hips in an alarming fashion That's a very pretty doily, I've been working with thread too and have made a couple of bookmarkers, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rectangular doily for my coffee table. Enjoy you weekend. :) xx

  5. They are pansies. Will return every year if you let them go to seed. Like cooler weather don't do well overheated.
    Now about the baton......girlfriend.....laughing till I peed.
    Love the decks patio. Need to see more pics.

  6. Oh jeez ... the first thing I thought of was 'I hope she makes a video of that baton twirling' !!!Good on you for wanting to continually learn new stuff - I think its a great thing to do. I'm more into technology type things and that keeps me on the ball. Lovely to see Ollie and Janie. She must be getting quite old now?? Still looking good though. That room should look really good after the paint job. Mind you, it looks pretty good now too. Had a peek at the doily you're making - how gorgeous is that? With the Pammy Sue spin on it, I'm expecting to see a real corker. Enjoy your weekend. xox

  7. This twirling is a funny thing, Pammy Sue! Good finger gymnastics. Your porch is wonderful. Did you buy the soft lilac flowers (the ones beside the marigold) or did you find them growing wild? They look very much like "cuckoo flowers" that I picked a lot in childhood on grassland or cow meadows. One of my favorite wild flowers! In German it's called "Wiesenschaumkraut" (literally: meadows foam herb). And the flowers on the last pic... first I thought they must be pansies (German "Stiefmuetterchen", literally: little stepmother). The cultivated pansy is very popular in Germany for rock gardens, flowerbeds, balcony troughs, outside flowerpots.
    But you found it near your garage so I googled and found out that there's also a wild variety of pansies that is called "wild pansy" or "field pansy" (German: "wildes Stiefmuetterchen" or "Ackerveilchen" (little field violet). I think this could be the kind you're having there. Hope I could help and my identification is right ;-). Happy weekend!
    Nata xxx

  8. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Hi Pammy Sue - Baton twirling! Sounds like a blast. Have fun! Regarding your flowers... I believe the light lavender ones are lobelia and the cheerful purple, white and yellow ones are viola. Enjoy the summer on your beautiful new deck. I just love your crochet projects - very inspiring! Jill

  9. LOL for some reason I was picturing you sitting up in bed, surrounded by your dogs, twirling away. Good for you, sounds like fun! I have some of those violas, or "johnny jump-ups" in my backyard. They come back every year and keep spreading if you let them dry out and drop seeds for next year. Good luck with the painting project :)

  10. You go, girl! The unknown flowers are a member of the pansy family. They look like "Johnny Jump-ups" to me.

  11. Anonymous7:33 AM

    You made me laugh out loud! Baton twirling sounds like great fun. Have a look at Morris Dancing, batons are involved but not twirled. Love your new porches, the garden looks lovely.

    Kind regards Gill

  12. Oh what a hoot this was! Had to laugh to picture you twirling in the living room and showing off for Ken! Then another big hoot when Linda talked about a 63 yr old wiggling her hips in an alarming fashion (with a hoola hoop)! I used to twirl when I was in high school but never could throw them way up into the sky and have them come back and land in my hand! Yes we should learn new things.. maybe I'll try out hoola hoop again.... my hips are too stiff to wiggle though! would be great exercise. Hope you are having the nice weather like we are here in Oregon (central)... love your deck and flowers and doggies. Always so fun to get a post from you! Happy Sunday! Marilyn

  13. Sweet & so precious Ollie & Janie love an afternoon on the patio. I'm with them!!!
    I say good for you wanting to twirl a baton. You should see the south end of me on a bike going north. It's not for the faint of heart.
    Love all your beautiful flowers, especially the Pansy's/Johnny Jump ups you found growing by the garage.
    Hope you're cooler up your way than we are here in Oregon City.


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