Friday, July 29, 2016

A Shitty Trip to Canada

But first...

I made this doily yesterday from a graph in a Japanese book.
But that was yesterday...

This is today...

The one-lane bridge into Canada.

We went in this store. Ken was dying for me to go there. I wasn't that thrilled, but I agreed anyway. What girl wants to go to a tire store? BUT it wasn't a tire store. It was more like a hardware store/home store/smaller Walmart. I liked it. He was right. Write that one down.

I liked it, that is, until I knocked a pretty glass something or another off the shelf and it shattered on the floor into a bajillion pieces, one of which bounced off the floor and lodged itself into my foot. I was wearing sandals. And then I was wearing very bloody sandals. I was embarrassed for having broken something (very loudly) in a store, and then I was embarrassed for bleeding all over the place. It wasn't even a bad cut or anything. I just bled like a stuck pig.

So a nice store employee lady cleaned up my mess and brought me an antiseptic wipe and a bandaid for my foot. We promptly left.

This was the view from the parking lot of the store...

Canada is a beautiful place, at least everywhere we've been.

And then we drove on down the road to Fruitvale, B.C. and ate lunch here...

The burger was not good, but the fries were okay. And then as soon as we left and started driving down the road, I suddenly got nauseous and told Ken, "Pull over! I'm gonna vomit!" So he did, and I did. And then I just wanted to go home even though I felt better almost immediately. 

All these were taken from the same spot. The Columbia River gets kind of narrow through here.

Just to prove I was here.
Sorry, I must have vomited my lipstick off because I reapplied after we ate. LOL.

So it was a shitty trip into Canada, but it was all my fault, not Canada's.

See ya.


  1. I did that too :) not puking up, but had to go to Canada just to say I went and I did get some Canada change for my unusual money collection I keep in a sock. And it was an odd little trip just to say I went to another country. I went by way of Michigan.
    Any who love the doily that is a pretty one and I too buy Asian tatting patterns They make really cool patterns huh :) I havent been blogging in a while and sorry if I haven't checked in on you or any one else, just not in the mood till now but not sure it will last long. Glad to see you are doing cool stuff :) take care from Carollyn

  2. Oh goodness, I hope your foot is feeling better. I love your doily! Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    hi pammy sue...sorry to hear of your stomach upset...from the burger, something you are previously, a short-lived virus?...glad you are better...was your hubbs affected? are you and your hubbs dealing with the violence against law enforcement officers?...our brother-in-law, lives in new jersey, is a police officer...we are not in contact (not our doing), we pray for his and all safety each day...thank you for sharing the photos of the columbia river and the surrounding area...what gorgeous scenery...such a special you have chosen to live...hope the puppies are well and enjoying the new patio...take care...sally

  4. Sorry to hear about your mishap but I love, love your pictures!

  5. Good morning Pammy Sue! Your pictures are lovely as well as your crochet. I have been following you faithfully but have had trouble commenting at times. Your home and new touches I like. The new white rockers, table and flower are so homey, I wish you and Ken and the babies a great day. God bless!

  6. What a shame you didn't have such a great day. Lovely scenery and your selfie is lovely - even though its only half of you. I don't bother with lippy much these days and when I do, I tend to go for a 'natural' shade. You look nice without it. Love to the doggies and the Cap. xox

  7. Well, that's no fun. Was wondering what you have been up too. Beautiful pictures of the river. Looks like a crystal clear crisp day with a frosting of heat.

  8. Well remind me not to eat at Burgervale in Canada! Ugh and poo..... hate eating somewhere and then getting sick! Not fun at all. Must have been something in their food, or the mishap at Canadian Tire maybe threw your system into a shock and then eating was just too much to handle! Glad you felt better right away. So sorry about the broken glass incident. How NOT fun! Love the photos you took though - smiles. And that doily is so gorgeous. How do you do them so fast? I'm amazed at your talents. I can't work with that small yarn.. my fingers just won't work with it. (or can't). I forgot to mention in my last comment how nice your garden is! We've had such heat here the last few days (107 yesterday) that I'm surprised everything hasn't totally wilted. We just keep pouring on the water! Take care and hope your foot is OK. I just fell over a board on the deck at my son's house (should NOT have been there!) and hit my knee really hard and am now on crutches and can't walk at all. Sniff sniff.... nothing broken I don't think and thank God for that! Happy weekend. Marilyn

  9. Hi Pammy Sue. Goodness you had a day didn't you? We may just have to take a trip up to Canada just to go to Canadian Tire. It's sounds like a fun place with nice employees. I'm usually the one breaking things so maybe we should go together and cancel each other out! Ha! Gorgeous pictures. We have a brown sky here right now, methinks there is a fire somewhere and the smoke is blowing over us. Ugh. Enjoy your evening my friend.

  10. Oh that doily, it's soooo purdy! Beautiful scenic pictures, I could look at them all day especially since it's 102 here and everything is brown and ugly. Weird to have 2 crappy things happen to you in one day. I think you're good for a while now :)

  11. Sorry to hear your trip to Canada was so horrible! Hope you get to travel into the wonderful landscape again soon without the horrible experiences!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  12. It just wasn't your day Pammy Sue, beautiful scenery, I hope that your foot and your stomach havefully recovered. Beautiful doily by the way. :) xx

  13. Too bad about your lousy trip to Canada. Hope you come back again one day and have a better visit.

  14. Okay...where to start? I haven't been on my computer for a month! You poor thing, with the cut foot, and then having to pull over and puke! Was it food poison do you think?
    Your area is so fabulously beautiful...I can hardy stand it! Your photos look like magazines shots.
    I love the doilies...even the one you got mad at!
    LOVE the porches...and the rockers...and the puppers.and the table for the bedroom that is getting painted... And I love your garden! It looks awesome! So healthy! I just love everything I have read here. Except the getting cut and getting sick part! But most of all, I love that you got a baton!!!!
    Miss you my Pammy Sue!!

  15. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You can be cute and funny even in a bad situation.

  16. I love your color combination on your doily. I'm sorry you had such a hard time in Canada but you got some wonderful pictures. I hope to see Canada some day but it's a long way from Texas!


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