Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Lovely Day

We went down to the river to sit in my favorite spot under that tree.

View to the west...

View to the east.
Ken read a book and I did nothing but sit there and enjoy it.
I believe it's called languishing.

Then we strolled on home.

I ordered these two white rockers online.
They're perfect for the back porch area.
I had my PINK blanket across the back of one of them, but I had taken it down before I took this picture. It looked pretty with the hot pink geraniums and my crochet pillow.

Some of the Doggies...

Happy Sammi Girl.

Gosh, she's getting up there. I love her to death.
Her and her funny muppet face.

And my boy, Fletch, isn't so young anymore either.

He seems to be getting more gray by the day.
But he's still as spry as ever.
I will always think of him as young.

And Eli the puff ball.

Such a pretty boy.

In the garden...



More lettuce...




Lots of tomatoes!
I'm most excited about them.
Can't wait until they turn red and are ready to eat!


I finished the doily, but I keep ripping out the last two rows.
They're just ugly and I don't like them.
And now I'm SO OVER IT after ripping it out so many times.
So it will sit like this until I'm ready. (They will be the rust color.)

I bought this new yarn.
I have no idea what I'm making with it.
Maybe hats and scarves.
I love the stripes of color.

See ya.


  1. Your rockers are so very pretty - good choice. Always love seeing your doggies - Eli seems to be the one with eternal youth on his side. Veggie garden is looking good - yum. I like the doily and think it is nice the way it is. Mind you, it would look more 'finished' I guess with a bit more of the rust. I've used the Red Heart Unforgettable and it's lovely. Haven't seen the Landscapes - must check that out. Gorgeous colours. Continue to enjoy languishing by the river while you finish that doily. Xox

  2. Wow fantastic vegetable plants, well done.Love your crochet doily, I have just popped over to the link and "favourited" it to try in the future. Your wool looks beautiful and think it would be tremendous in the ZickZack scarf.It's on Ravelry. I'm knitting that particular pattern with 2 different multi coloured noro silk garden yarn. It is turning out lovely with quite a tweed effect to it. What a peaceful site on the river side.

  3. I like your new rockers. I have one on our back deck and enjoy sitting there and looking at the ou trains. Did you guys get that big storm yesterday? We were at the lake and the guys were just getting into the boat to go skiing last night and the wind came up and thunder and lightening began. Needless to say, they abandoned the idea of skiing! I'm so glad you're still loving our corner of the world.

  4. You make me smile when I see you have a new post. I love your rockers and your garden is doing so very well. I have only potted tomato plants and cucumbers in a pot also. They are just starting to produce. I love to look at he pics of your dogs and the river.

  5. Wow your garden is so healthy! Mine is all dried up and choking, it didn't grow well this year. Nice to see all your cute little critters. I don't think Bostons ever slow down :) I'm so jealous of your river walks. It looks beautiful!

  6. Garden looks great! Oh, to sit outside and just rock away for a while...sounds so nice. Love the views of the river! Can I move up and retire next to you? Looks like such a lovely place. Right now it's 93 here with over 60% humidity...but then that's the south!

  7. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your yard and the pets. Oh and the crafts too.........CH

  8. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Not to be negative...I love to read your posts....but it's not languishing. Unless what you were doing was very different from what I perceived that you were doing!

  9. Oh to sit by that beautiful river under a tree.. how wonderful! I would be so much more happy if I even had a creek here to sit by! Love all the scenery pictures you take! And love those white rockers.. just perfect to "languish" on the front porch! your doily is gorgeous as usual and so intricate... what patience that much take (and good eyes too!) Love your posts, each and every one! Marilyn

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue, I love coming by your place and reading about your adventures, dogs, recipes, patterns and even the mishaps. So sorry about the cut foot and burger bummer. You are surrounded by much beauty- you take such beautiful photos. I have 2 french bull/pug brothers. One is brindle- Widget and his brother is a fawn Fonzie. Widget reminds me of Fletch, at least his face does. I love to crochet and enjoy all your creations as well. The first time I visited a couple years ago I was sick with a cold. I got another one now and thought I'll visit Pammy Sue! Good to see you are still here and trucking along. Hugs to all your pups and I'll see you again. I have saved some of your recipes and want to try some. Yeah, now that I'm sick. :) Stay well! Widget and Fonzie say Hello. Ruffs and Wags :) I don't have a profile or website. I'm just javalinda in CA :)


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