Thursday, June 02, 2016

I Don't Know What to Call This

Two seconds after I took this picture, this umbrella was lifted in super slow-motion up and over my head. It landed right behind me and one of the metal pieces broken in two. It happened in such slow-motion it was weird. I thought Ken had come up behind me and was taking it down, but when I turned around, nobody was there. It wasn't even that windy. So...we went to Walmart to buy a new one. Do you know how expensive these umbrellas are? CRAZY. They only had one choice in colors, so we didn't buy one. I'm going to order one online. If I have to pay that much for one, at least I'm gonna get the color I want. Hmpf!

It was the first day we'd had sunshine in over 2 weeks, so I made some sun tea in the kitchen window. By the way, you know this is my favorite garden kitchen window, right? It's a goner. The height of it won't work with the deck roof, so it has to go. WAH. A "normal" window will go in its place, at least until the kitchen remodel.

Remember last time I told you that Ken was stung right between the eyes by a bee? Well, Fletch hobbled in the next day with a bee sting on his widdle paw.

Aww...poor baby. He hopped around all evening on three legs, but he was fine the next day. Ken went out there with bee & wasp killer and sprayed the hell out of them. Bye-bye bees! Don't mess with the pups!

Who would have so many dogs anyway?
Oh yeah, it's us.
Look at that motley crew.
We are the crazy dog people.

I'm not sure if this is sage or lavender, but I think it's sage. We went up to the courthouse in Colville and it looked so pretty with the purple blooms lining the sidewalks all over.

Ahhh!  Attack of the Giant Killer Bugs!

(It was actually on my windshield, but if you look at it a certain way, it looks like a bad Chinese movie.)

My current crochet project.
I've wanted a Christmas blanket forever.
So now I'll have

It's seeming to take forever and a day. The pattern was wrong, wrong, wrong about the sizing. I was too far along by the time I stopped and measured it and found out it was 61 inches wide instead of the 46 it was supposed to be. Argh! It's taking so long, I feel like I'm going to puke up Christmas balls with every painful row. (I said balls.) This is a few rows past the half-way mark. Will she finish? YES, SHE WILL! I'm going to keep plugging along until it's done. I want my Christmas blanket!

Somebody made these Lemon Cookies at our last bingo a couple of weeks ago. They were so good. They are very soft cookies. Want the recipe? Okay...

Lemon Cookies

1 box lemon cake mix
1 regular size tub of Cool Whip
1 egg
About 1 cup powdered sugar for rolling

Combine ingredients in a big bowl and stir, stir, stir, until it's mixed up well. (It's really a sticky mess.) Scoop out balls of dough with a cookie scoop, plop it into the powdered sugar and roll it around to cover. Place balls on a cookie sheet about 2 inches apart. (I said balls again!) Bake at 350 degrees F for about 11 minutes. (The recipe said 8 minutes, but mine were not ready until between 11-12 minutes. Keep an eye on them and don't let them get brown.) Let cool on the cookie sheet for about two minutes before removing with a spatula to a cooling rack. Best when eaten within a day or two.


So the latest on the deck/porches is the contractor we selected called up (surprise, surprise!) and said he had to get two heart stents put in and can't do any work for a few weeks, and by the time he is able, he'll be so far behind, it'll be NEXT YEAR before he can get to our project. I'm sorry, but I think he's a big fat liar. There, I said it. 

So we called our second choice and supposedly he can start a week from next Monday. Yeah, right. Uh-huh. Whatever, dude.

I've been watching a show called Decked Out on HGTV that shows different decks and patios being built. So just in case I have to make it myself I'll know EXACTLY what I'm doing. LOL. What?? That doesn't sound reasonable to you?

And while I'm bitchin' and moanin', I broke ANOTHER tooth. That's the second one since we've been here. I swear I'm getting dentures. I've had it. Yank 'em! And nobody is going to talk me out of it again. Watch me and see. I've hated these shitin' teeth since I was five years old! Buh-bye, toofies. Go rot in the garbage instead of my mouth. Ew.

Alrightee then! Nice chattin' with ya'll. This really was a pretty pleasant entry until the end part. Oh deleting! It's a house rule.



  1. Poor Fletch! Ouch! And u can't believe the contractor bailed!!!!! Keeping fingers crossed for the new one!!!
    I think that plant with the flowers may be rosemary. It is used a lot here like that.
    The cookies look good. I want some right now!!!!
    Miss ya. Will text tomorrow
    XO Kris

  2. Your Christmas blanket is so pretty. I know it will be great when it's finished even if you're sick of it by now. Sorry to hear you will lose your greenhouse window. I would love to have one myself. Funny you had sunshine today. We had it all week UNITL today and then it was cloudy all day. BIg, rolling, dark clouds. Poor Ken and Fletch. Bees are nasty creatures. I know they're necessary for the ecosystem but it seems they've been more aggressive the past few years. Poor you with a bad tooth again too. I hope you get someone to do exactly what you want with them. Good luck with the deck too! I think I'll be making some cookies soon.

  3. Love the pic of all your furbabies Pammy Sue. Your blanket is gorgeous and those cookies look yummy. Sorry Fletch got stung but glad he's better.


  4. What a lovely surprise to see a blog post from you Pam. (I really ought to do one too) ... Nice to see the doggies enjoying outside time - poor Fletch (and Ken) getting stung by a bee. Horrible and just as well neither of them were allergic. We had a Pug once who was allergic to bees and I remember after a sting on her lip, giving her mouth to mouth on the way to the vet. From then on we always kept antihistamine in the doggy medicine cupboard. I love your Christmas blanket. Looks like its going to be quite big when finished. Tradesmen can be a right royal pain sometimes can't they? Hope your deck gets done soon. The cookie recipe looks interesting - what is cool whip? Enjoy the weekend and happy crocheting. xox

  5. Love it all Pammy Sue, you really crack me up !

  6. Oh those cookies look yummy. They are crinkles just like the chocolate ones we bake. True, they are very soft cookies and delicious.
    Bees, we have wasps and carpenter bees here, big ones, they follow you around when you're out there and swoop in at you. No like bees.
    Shame about your window, would love one of those, kinda had one in the trailer we used to have but one in a house would be wonderful, love plants and flowers, this house has too many trees and is not very sunny.
    We used to make sun tea too, easy way to make it, it makes itself, lol.
    Love the design and color of your blanket, haven't crocheted in awhile, have been knitting more. You make such beautiful things.

  7. I absolutely love your blog! Every time I read one of your posts I'm usually laughing out loud! Thanks for your humor!!!

  8. I printed your cookies recipe to make soon. I love lemon. I just might have to make myself a Christmas afghan. Yours is so pretty. Hope you get your deck before summer is over. Love all your dogs!

  9. So sorry about your patio umbrella and poor Fletch...broke my heart to see him so pitiful. But sounds like you've got everything remedied and accepting losing you favorite window. Life is about change isn't it? We relocated to Oregon and though wonderful has been an adjustment. Love all your crochet projects and watching you get out into your community. All seems very well and I am so very happy for you! Continue on....*smiles*

  10. Love the picture of all the dogs! And that afghan is going to be GORGEOUS! Great idea. I'm glad Fletch is okay. I hope you get your deck quickly. Can't wait to see pictures of it!

  11. I'm now finally hunger again after last night cheeseburger attack. I did attack. So....those cookies look like I might have to make this weekend.
    Don't put that xmas blanket away, it's a must finish.

  12. I'm thinking you and Ken need to get some hammers and nails. :-) You'll be glad to have that blanket in.. let's see.. 6 months. Have a super weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Oh no! I just had to laugh today when I read your blog.. I could just picture that umbrella floating away! and then at the end.. I can totally relate about teeth. I've just had two pulled in the last 2 months or so and believe me, it's like losing an arm or something. You DON'T want to lose your teeth if you can avoid it! One was a tooth that I just spent $1200 on last year to have 3 ( yes 3) root canals to try to save it. I thought it was OK, but when I went a couple of months ago to have the permanent crown put on it, the dentist who did the root canal(s) hadn't sealed it right and it had leaked, and was too compromised to put a crown on it.. meaning decay had gotten in and another root canal would have to be done which was "iffy" as to whether it would work or not! Should have had that sucker pulled in the first place I guess.. it's gone now. Anyway.. check out Stacy Williams' vidoes on YouTube... she shares her entire experience of having ALL of her teeth pulled and getting dentures! Just search her name and "dentures".. her testimony starts about a year ago or so. After watching it all, I've decided I definitely DO NOT want dentures! If you watch her videos now, she hardly ever wears them (toofless... yup). So save the teeth you can! I did see other videos about dentures too, so I guess to be fair, I should watch those too. Maybe some people have had success with it.

    LOVE your Christmas blanket and it inspires me to start one too. And so sad you can't get someone to do your deck RIGHT NOW. When we want it done, we want it done now, right? We're in a heat wave here in central Oregon... will be 100 on Sunday! Yikes....... and those cookies... oh yum.... just have to make them... even though will be gluten free, I'm sure they'll be melt in your mouth yummy. Marilyn

  14. Wow I'm loving those afghans you've finished recently. Those are great. This Christmas one will be stunning too. Hang in there. :)
    xx Beca

  15. Soooo glad to see you're allowing comments again. A while back I tried to catch up with what's going on with you and wanted to comment on so many posts. Anyways....I am working again. Woohoo!! A swing shift job, which kinda sux but I'm making more money than the 15 year job so I'm not going to complain. This job is a man's world job but I've always been a tom boy so whatever. lol. And if you look at the time, you'll see I'm on third shift this week. We change every week. My 3rd shift week consists of eat, sleep and work. Nothing else gets done. Seriously. So anyways....I love ya girly. Keep on keepin' on.

  16. Lemon cookies and sun tea sounds delicious right about now. Too bad about the deck thing, what a pain in the butt. The blanket is going to be huge and beautiful!! You have a little herd of pups in your yard, so cute!

  17. I baked the Lemon Cookies this morning and they are delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  18. Sorry to chime in so late I found you on my phone and tried to leave a message, It's weird you know some times it leaves 2 or more of same message on a blog, whats with that? But I did remember the items to buy for the cookies :) Well that little bug is a stink bug you know, they truly are stinkers. most always love your posts :) ha ha, have a great day gonna make them cookies now take care!

  19. Oh yeah the cookies are pretty and look yummy...will have to try them. We fell in love with the Praline frosting recipe you shared a while back..thank u. I wanted to ask how Janie has adjusted to her new house and yard with her blindness. We traveled across the U.S. with an elderly dog and elderly cat. Sadly we lost our Annie last month, she was 17 yrs. old ..we sure miss our old pup. How you did it with 5 is a miracle. hardest move we ever had but we had to move ourselves. Take care...

  20. Love the look of your Christmas blanket.


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