Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Vicious Snake

There is audio with this video.
Turn your volume up.


  1. Yes, our scary world today. I just want to stay in and crochet and be with my sweet pups.

  2. Just so sad. I don't know that prayer will help us now, but I will continue to ask for peace.

  3. No comment on the video but I will ask you how your lovely ripple afghan is coming along. Your colors are superb!

  4. So so very true.... only Mr. T seems to have the nerve to SAY IT OUT LOUD. I agree with Genevieve though.. not sure if prayer will help us now or even Mr. T.

  5. Sad, but true!

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Here in UK we're having a referendum soon - vote in or out of EU. I will be voting out as it feels time to leave, we need to have better control of our own border. This social experiment of multiculturalism has been rather a bumpy ride. I'm sorry this reply sounds full of doom and gloom, so to lighten the mood Pammy Sue, go to Ytube and type - Victoria Wood Let's do it - turn up the volume and as Victoria says, make the rafters rock! Yes, I know this is totally random and nothing to do with the subject, but laughter is a great tonic.

    Kind regards Gill


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