Monday, May 23, 2016

America The Beautiful Blanket

Love her.
I always wanted to make a red, white, and blue blanket.

I've made three blankets since April 1st. I can't stop!

Pattern:  Rectangle Granny Pattern HERE.
Yarns:  Bernat Super Value and Red Heart
Hook:  Size I
Size:  55" x 72"
Border:  Three rounds of sc in each stitch and 3 sc in corner st.

I've made five blankets using this pattern now.  I love it, but it does have one error in the second round.  Just remember that you ch 1 between each 3dc group except for corners.  In corners, you ch 3 between the 3dc group.  (It has a ch 3 in that second round on the end instead of ch 1.)

If you want to make it a smaller size, you can chain 47 instead of 59 to begin.

One more thing I wanted to show you...

This was the Mother's Day Cake we served at our Mother's Day Luncheon that my homemaker's club put on.  Isn't it beautiful?  Each flower is a cupcake!

I made the poof balls and hung them for decorations.
Each mother got a small pot of marigolds to take home.
Lots of food and lots of girlie talk.
It was fun!

We have some Canadian friends (a group of three women) that always come down for once-a-month bingo at the high school. We always sit with them, and they are a funny. They invited Ken and I to come up to Fruitvale British Columbia (about a 45-minute drive) and play bingo with them. They have it every Wednesday night. We finally made it up there the week before last. It was fun and quite a bit different and lots more people than what we have here.

What else is new? The deck and porches are in the works! We got four bids and finally chose one today. I can't wait to see what it looks like, and I can't wait to have a covered porch(s) again!

And the garden is in. Most things are planted except the cantaloupe, zucchini, and cucumbers. Those will be planted in a few days. We've had rain, rain, and more rain the past couple of weeks. I'm not complaining because I love rain, but I hope it stops long enough to get our porches done now.

The lady that I met at a Pampered Chef party at the beginning of last winter moved back to their summer home here last month (Their winter home is in Casper, Wyoming). We've been to Taco Tuesday with her and her husband and two other couples a few times, and then we go back to their house and watch a movie. They have a big log cabin home that is gorgeous.  They live on the other side of the mountain that is directly across the street from our house in a valley with mountains all around. So beautiful! It's impossible for them to live here in the winter though because the road to their house is not maintained by the county or state and they get snowed in for a couple of months unless someone comes with a snow plow and digs them out. That's why they don't stay here during the winter. I will miss her when she leaves again, but we still have the whole summer to enjoy.

Ken got stung right between the eyes by a bee the other day. When he woke up the next day, the space between his eyes was so swollen he looked like a Klingon! For those of you who don't know what a Klingon is...

Creepy! I think Ken rather enjoyed freakin' me out.

This ended up being a lot longer than I intended. I miss posting, but I'm just so rarely on my computer now at all unless I'm in here working. I just use my phone for everything. Ken got me a new tablet computer a few weeks ago, but I haven't put much effort into learning how to use it. When I do, I'll be able to post from it and hopefully not go so long without posting.




  1. Beautiful blanket! I can't believe you've made so many since April! It takes me years usually to make just one! I love this design. You've been busy and having fun it seems and meeting lots of new friends. That is so awesome and the lady with the log home sounds like a good friend to have! Will be excited to see your deck take shape and to see how your garden does. I've planted alot in the last week but waiting for the rains to stop here too! Not too many veggies in yet but lots of flowers in some new flower beds we've dug. I check all the time to see if/when you've posted so hope you learn your tablet girl! Love seeing what you're up to!

  2. Good girl and happy happ. 10 yrs wow.
    Loved this post and crocheting along on this one in seaglass colors. Looking forward to our next pick.
    I want to go to taco Tuesday and watch a flick with you all. Ooops, ya'll. Here we guys, even with girls.
    Enjoy your posting when you can. I miss it just a little I must fess.
    Hugs and cheers, Kate

    1. I miss you too, Kate;)

  3. Beautiful blanket Pammy Sue. It sounds like you're making lots of friends up north. We're having lots of rain here in Spokane too. We need it and hopefully the fires won't be so bad this summer. I've only planted green beans so far and something is eating them as fast as they sprout. I'm think cutworms. Ick. Have fun and stay dry.

  4. your blanket is lovely Pammy Sue, it's good to hear about all your adventures I'm glad that you have made so many new friends, it sounds like fun. Happy 10th blogaversary! xx

  5. Your patriotic colored blanket came out fabulously. I think it's great how many friends you're making up there! Bravo to you and the homemaker's club looks like fun! I hope your decks get done fast so you can enjoy them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Happy Blogoversary Pammy Sue and congrats on finishing the afghan. It is beautiful.


  7. Wow Pammy Sue, that new blanket is a stunner! I love it. And you will too!!! You have your mojo back, big time.
    I read your post with a big smile on my face. So happy that you have met some nice friends, and are doing such fun things. I loved your party poufs! They are so festive. And that cake was beautiful! I want to come play and do all of the fun things you are doing too!!!!
    Poor Ken! Ouch! Tell him, that when I was in high school, I was standing on the diving board preparing to take my dive, in a meet, and when I extended my arms to over my head, I was stung by a bee just as I was entering the water! The dive sort of went wacky, and I was embarrassed!!!
    Miss ya kid!
    xo Kris
    PS WooHoo on the patios being done. I can't wait either!!!

  8. Your blanket is gorgeous I love it and I just pinned the pattern I must give it a try I love Granny Afghans and patriotic as well. I am so glad you are living your life and ignoring your blog it's wonderful to hear all the fun things that you're doing and I'm so glad for you sounds like you and Ken are having a blast...much love Niecee

  9. I love your Patriotic afghan. Sounds like you are a very busy lady. Can't wait to see pics of your finished porches.

  10. Great to see another blog post from you Pam. Your granny blanket is spectacular - I love the way you've put the colours together - much nicer than even stripes. How about you? Three blankets in two months !!!! How do you ever find time to do any of those other fun things. I used to really enjoy bingo and went every week till they stopped running it. There are other places who have bingo but I haven't been to any of them. Might think about going one day. I love that Mother's Day cake - very original and very pretty. Your big poof balls look good - were they hard to make? Poor Ken --- hope his face gets back to normal soon. Wow 10 years ... Happy blogiversary xoxox

  11. Can'ts go wrong with the granny blanket and the color just in time for Memorial day. Oh your gooood :) and I love the mothers day cake, I so want one and I have another skill Yes it is cake decorating :) just wonder what the heck are they are sticking the cup cakes too to make that bouquet look shape, ya know, did you happen to notice? :)
    well have great day from Carollyn

  12. Oh yea forgot to mention the bee sting ha ha ha that's funny :)

  13. Hi Pammy Sue, your blanket is so beautiful! I have never made a rectangular granny but I'd like to someday. I love the look of that flower cake, how pretty. I wish we had a homemaker's club here, that sounds like fun. I would definitely join. I hope Ken's face is normal again soon. I have had some times like that because of bad reactions to bug bites or poison ivy, with my face swelled up like a balloon every time. Yikes. Hope you're having a good spring up there.

  14. Glad to see you back blogging. I always enjoy your projects and the pets.

  15. Love the red, white, and blue blanket. It is awesome! Wow! Ten years of blogging, Happy Blog-o-versary to you. Can't wait to see your finished deck. It will be so nice to use. We love ours.

  16. Beautiful blanket! :) Sounds like you two are having a blast. :) Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. :)

  17. You are having way too much fun to be posting, enjoy your beautiful area and your new friends.

  18. Happy Blogaversary!!! Love reading it. Love the blanket! So glad you are enjoying your new home and making friends and enjoying your new home.

  19. Happy blogaversary!! I've missed your posts. That blanket is GORGEOUS!!! And it sounds like you are settling in to your community very well. Can't wait to see pictures of the porches and deck!

  20. LOVE the red-white-and-blue blanket! Sounds like you're settling in nicely in your new location with so many activities going on. My Jonathan got stuck in the NECK when putting new bees out in our hives and I couldn't believe how SWOLLEN it was the following days - I hope Ken is feeling better

  21. I love the blanket! I love to see what people crochet, since I just can't get it, no matter how hard I try. But that is truly lovely, and perfect to finish for Memorial Day weekend.

    I cannot believe those are cupcakes. Cannot believe it ...

  22. Happy 10th Blog-o-versary! Thanks for letting us see your latest beautiful blanket, and some of the Mother's Day celebration decorations including the clever cupcake cake. I'm glad you have been having fun with new friends, are getting closer to having new decks, and that you have much of your garden planted. For the first time ever I have Sweet Pea vines that are growing up the trellis...just need some sunny warm days to encourage them. I finished crocheting an edge on a tiny baby blanket and have started a new tiny baby blanket, but now I need to go work on crocheting an art bag I'm making for a little one who turns seven soon. Hoping that Ken has recovered from his Klingon attack and that you are having happy days xx

  23. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Happy 10th! LOVE your "America" blanket; so neatly done... Here's hoping you have a wonderful summer.
    Pickles :)

  24. You mean I've been reading you for 10 years!!! Well Happy blog-o-versity! You've added so much to my life thru the years that I want to say thank you.. Hope Ken is looking and feeling better by now.

  25. Beautiful red, white and blue afghan Pammy Sue! It's a stunner and so even which is hard to do. Do you turn after each round? I read somewhere crocheters do that to control it going wacky on Grammies. Happy 10th blogging anniversary! You are a joy and a hoot to read and so happy for you guys in your new home. I miss blogging but can't bring myself to blog about my hubby. It's been 10.2 months of loneliness without him and a life I hate but I just take it one day at a time. Taking care of everything in the house keeps me busy and am crocheting and sewing a little to fill the lonely times. I'm doing things I have never had to do in 41 years of marriage. I'm looking forward to seeing your new porch! Love you!


  27. Love the blankey! you have a new doggie? I knew you had Janie and Fletch but did I spy a new baby? Happy blogiversary!

  28. Linda M.3:10 PM

    Can you share the pattern. The link provided no longer works. I even tried going to Yarnspirations and Patons websites, but neither shows the pattern for the Stained Glass Window Afghan any longer. My 86 year old aunt, who just learned how to crochet would like to make some afghans for her great-grandsons could do this for boys ages 3 to 6, I think. Thanks!

  29. Linda M: Comment again with your email address and I'll send it. I won't publish your email address.

    Pammy Sue

  30. Thanks! I really appreciate your assistance.

    Here is my email address:


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