Friday, April 22, 2016

White Lilacs, Another Ripple, Trees Are Outta Here

I discovered we have a White Lilac Bush right outside my office window!
You can see part of it in the background of this picture.
Lilacs are my absolute favorite.

When we moved in last year, there were no blooms and we just figured it was just a bush. I'm not very good at identifying plant things, and I even suggested that we chop it down because it looked a little raggedy. I'm so glad we didn't! A few days ago, I looked up from my computer and noticed white blooms all over the bush. I pulled back the curtains and squealed with delight! Lilacs! We have lilacs! The smell when I open my window is mahvelous! What a treat!

Excuse me for using too many exclamation points. I got excited all over again.

Here's a sneak-peek at the ripple I'm working on.
Same pattern as the last.
(See prior posts for link to pattern or go to my Ravery Page. The link is in my sidebar.)

The trees came down yesterday...

The two pics above are before they got started.


What's going on out there?

Who's making all that noise?

I felt myself feeling kinda sad for those trees. They've been there forever. The house was built in 1918, and I would imagine they're somewhere around the same age. But they've become a hazard and needed to go. I'm sorry, trees.


We may have a deck built over there in part of that area, but part of that space is reserved for a new master bath addition some day.

I talked to the deck guy I was originally talking to about building our decks and covers. He apologized profusely for not getting back to me sooner, but he's been dealing with the death of his father. The deck will likely not be built until way into the summer or even fall, but we're on the list. I've since called four other contractors, but not a single one returned my call. He said that everybody that does that kind of thing around here is already booked up with jobs through the summer. There are just not that many good contractors to go around way up here in the NE corner of Washington, i.e. nearly-Canada, i.e. no-man's land, i.e. the boonies, i.e. bumf*ck. (I hate people that use "i.e." when they speak, don't you? It's a terrible habit that I hear a lot in my work along with many others.) So anyway, we're adjusting our expectations and we'll wait.

That's it.
See ya.
(i.e. Good-bye)


  1. I love your ripple blankets Pammy Sue. It is sad that the trees are gone but it sure opens up the house. Love your yard.


  2. So glad you put your comments back. Do love reading all your posts though, even though sometimes I don't have much to say sometimes, so don't comment alot.

    Oh lilacs! Love them too. We had a purple one that didn't make it cause so many trees in our yard so it didn't get good enough light. It held on for years though, but it is done. Plan on getting another and planting in front yard. White is just as pretty as purple, and that smell is wonderful.

    And trees, oh we are doing that too, Two very very big ones in back yard that are dropping branches all the time so they need to be removed too. Are getting estimates on it, and removing all the bushes too.

    Your yard sitting area is so lovely, we really hope we can do that someday after all of it is cleaned up.

  3. I am SO glad you didn't chop down your lilac bush before it bloomed! You have a real treasure there. I would wait until everything has a chance to bloom before you chop.. lol. What a big operation to take out those big trees, but seeing the logs it might have been a good thing as I see some rot in the center of it. Your new ripple is magnificent! We're at the beach and it's sunny.. yay! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You know I love this pattern. Glad you got the hook back in my hand. So so much more sun and brighter now without the trees.
    Sure hope you get the deck done but wait till you find the right builder.

  5. So sad about your trees, I hate to see them cut down. Good news on the lilacs, they are my favorite and we can't grow them here.
    Love your balnket,

  6. Lilacs are my mother's favorite. I especially love the white ones. Nothing smells better on a Spring breeze than lilacs. That crackle vase you have them in is just gorgeous. Love that color! Just like your beautiful ripple blanket. I'm really loving that!!! Happy Weekend! Etc., Etc., Etc.....

  7. Lilacs! Yours are beautiful and how nice to be able to open your office window and smell their heavenly scent. I want to go out to our lavender colored lilac bush and bring in one more branch to enjoy. We sadly had to have some large trees removed that were too near our house and endangering it and us, but it was fascinating watching the process of professional felling. I hope your decking is built in a timely fashion, but the seating area you have set up in your yard looks nice, and I can imagine you enjoying it as the weather warms up. We are having showers here today, and in between them I planted some fuchsias and geraniums in my window box outside. Happy Weekend! xx

  8. Yay for lilacs! I have some lavender colored ones. I think the white ones are beautiful. I love your house! The area around it is really opened up now that those trees are gone. Glad to see you got the crochet bug again, those blankets are really pretty.

  9. Oh I love lilac, but the last time I smelled one was years ago when I was 14 brings back some wonderful memories. Love the yard and we have many trees here, these pictures make me realize you lived in Texas cause you don't see the tree removal people very often there :)
    The crochet work looks great as expected too! :)

  10. Oh the ripple blanket is awesome. :) Your sweet little fur babies crack me up looking out the window...they are always so adorable. Glad he got back with you on the deck, sorry it's gonna take so long, but at least you know it will be built right. :) Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  11. I think your house looks much nicer without the tree and I can just imagine a deck there. You're very quick with the crochet - I'm always in awe of people who can produce so quickly. It takes me forever to do anything. Perhaps it's because I have so many UFO's - or WIP's lurking around the place and get bored so easily. Must try to do something about that. Did finish a UFO the other day and felt so good about it. :). Enjoy your lilac - it's very pretty. Xox

  12. Oh THink of the light now that the trees are down. Sorry the deck's going to have to wait.... I love sitting out

  13. Wow...what a job! That is going to make a fabulous deck though!!! I love the little spot you have there for relaxing outside too! What green, green grass! And the lilacs....ahhh, there is no better scent!!! Enjoy them!!! I love the new blanket. But I love even more, that you have your groove back!
    i.e. Love,

  14. Gosh, what a difference it has made! I am sure that you will be glad not to have to worry about the trees having any accidents! xx

  15. Oh it looks so naked! but after awhile, you'll forget what it even looked like without the trees... good to take down if they were dangerous, but also sad like you said. When I lived up in Washougal, WA years ago, and my ex and I built our own house, there were two beautiful HUGE fir trees right next to the house.. we wanted to add a "mud room" there so eventually had them felled by professionals.. and I mean they were TALL! Was so fun to watch how they did it. I don't think they had the truck.. they just climbed up to the tops and started cutting a little bit out at a time.. really fascinating. I still have the photos! Now when I look at the place, I totally forget that trees were ever there. Anyway.. enough babble. So glad your comments are back as I enjoy reading the others too. Your blanket is gorgeous. It would take me years to finish one as I too have way too many UFO's and WIPs! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  16. Gorgeous afghans and I love your crochet! Can't wait to try that Pecan Praline Cake. The photos of your new home area are grand. I so enjoy seeing the area. Thanks for showing us.

  17. I love lilacs and they're blooming everywhere around here right now. I'm so glad you didn't cut yours down without knowing what it was. Your new blanket is very pretty. We'll just have to meet sometime so you can tell me what I did wrong with mine so I can try again. Glad the trees are safely down. After our last few windstorms, old, tall trees scare me a little.

  18. Wow the tree removal has totally opened up the house. Bummer about the delay with the deck.

  19. Your lilacs are beautiful. It's good that you didn't cut it down.

  20. I love lilacs too. We had them in NY when I was a kid. It's too hot here in the south for them, or so I've been told. The purple ones are my favorite.


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