Thursday, April 07, 2016

Trees, Blanket, Sky

This is just a quickie. I wanted to get a couple of pictures documented here...

See the two BIG trees there very close to the house?

We're having them removed next week. They are old and one branch already broke off in some high wind and crashed down on our roof. I hope they know what they're doing and don't smash our entire house taking them down. That would SUCK. And it's costing an arm and a leg too. I'd rather that than be peacefully sleeping some night and wake up with a big tree in the house though. Or never wake up at all because it smashed me. It would piss me off to die that way. That would be so me to walk up to the gates to heaven all pissed off about the way I died. "Peter, WTF?" Hahaha!

On a side note, can you believe how green the grass is? It's so weird that it never did turn brown under all the snow. In Texas our grass would go dormant for months and be brown, brown, brown, and look dead, dead, dead in the winter.

We also have a guy coming out to day that's going to build our decks and covers. I hope he can do it soon. I'm so excited about having a porch again. I miss that.

My afghan is coming along nicely!

A pink and blue sunset on Tuesday evening.
So pretty.

Gotta run.