Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crochet Progress, Books, Ramble

I'm over half-way there!
I wish the colors showed up as bright as they actually are.
I'll get better ones when I'm finished with it.

Books I'm Reading Now:

It's good, but I'm only a couple of chapters into it.
I'll let you know later if it's a page-turner, can't-put-it-down book.
If you read the reviews, it is.
I hope so.

The other book I just got in the mail yesterday...

 I know! I'm OCD on the Golden Girls.
I haven't started this one yet, but it should be fun.
Lots of pictures and behind-the-scenes stuff.

I now have made and hung three hangy-down thing-a-ma-jigs.

All of our seeds have sprouted.
Cauliflower, Red & Green Bell Pepper,
Jalapenos, and Tomatoes

My PB&J sandwich while fishing.
Still lots of that going on.

I'm waiting for the deck builder to call me today and come by to give us an estimate. I wish he'd hurry up! I want my porch!

And the guy is coming this week to remove those two big-ass trees too. I'll be glad when that's over. If they do screw up and a tree smashes into my house, I hope it falls directly on the kitchen! Free, brand-new kitchen, anyone? Yes, please! Ha-ha-ha. But I really hope it all goes well. It would be a pain in the ass to have a hole and tree in the house. As old as this house is, the whole damn thing would probably crumble. We do have insurance though...hmm...

I keep being startled awake at night by a loud banging noise. I must be dreaming it because the dogs don't react at all, and they ALWAYS react to noises. The first night it was a loud "BAM!" noise that sounded like it came from upstairs or the roof. Ken checked the roof and upstairs the next day, but there was nothing that could have caused it. Then the night before last it was a loud "BAM!" like someone slammed the bathroom door. Again, nothing from the dogs and nothing found that could have made that noise. I don't know why I would be dreaming such a thing...it's never happened before.  

It reminds me of when I was 18 and had just moved into an apartment. I was startled awake at exactly 3:00 a.m. by the sound of gunshots and my neighbors being murdered. The first shot that killed the husband in bed is what woke me up. Then I heard a girl screaming saying, "No! No! No!" and the sound of her running on the metal outside stairs. Then "BAM, BAM, BAM!" ... the sound of her being shot dead at the bottom of the stairs.  It was awful and I was so scared until they caught the guy a few days later. Actually, he killed himself after he was surrounded by police in a hotel room in Arkansas. 

Oh jeez. I haven't thought of that in years. That was a random and horrible story, huh?

Anyways, I'm a little rattled now that I've been awakened twice by the banging noise. I've had dreams before where a few days later the exact thing I dreamed about actually happened. They are always very short little snippets of dreams -- never long at all, like just a few seconds. They're more like a visions than dreams, but I'm asleep. So I'm really wondering and a little anxious about the tree thing, but it doesn't sound like a tree falling in my dreams. It's just one loud bang that wakes me up.

Sorry. I just started rambling and typing my thoughts. How's about a cute picture then so I don't leave you being a downer...

Fletch: "I'm so relaxed I can't feel my face."