Saturday, March 26, 2016


Thursday we went exploring on a mountain road we'd never gone down before. After about eight miles, the road turned to dirt and rock, then this grassy-green. We decided to get out and walk at this point because the road narrowed and we didn't want to get stuck or get our car scratched up by brush.

You know the drill...
Click on the pictures for the best view!

 Oh my gosh, the views were magnificent! 

I kept noticing how fresh, clean, and light the air was.

It's a pretty good guess that this is a turkey feather since there are so many wild ones running around here.

We came across this old abandoned trailer. It was sitting right on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the River. Such a grand view for a piece of shit trailer! There was even an outhouse about 50 feet away. I started to get nervous that maybe someone was still living in it. I've seen crappier ones around here that people are living in. I kept yelling, "Hello?  Hello!  Helloooooo?" And I kept walking closer and closer to see if I could see any movement inside. On the other side was a rickety old wooden porch that was caved-in in a couple of places. I stepped up onto it to get a closer look into the windows. I was half-afraid an old man with a hideously-scarred face holding a chainsaw was gonna come barreling out the door yelling and chase me back to the car...or if he caught me, cut me up into tiny bits and throw my pieces and parts down the mountainside. It could happen! But I guess it's obvious that didn't since I'm typing this right now. 

We also came upon this big chunk on concrete that had a cable attached to it that ran all the way across the River into a shack on the other side.

I wonder what it is?

We also saw several deer and some eagles and ducks. I think the bears are still hibernating. They should be out roaming around soon. We'll have to bring a shotgun or something with us when we go running around the woods then.

I'll leave you with one last spectacular view.
This was at a different spot not near the river, but still stunning...


♥ Pammy Sue ♥