Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Good Book and More Fishin'

I've had my nose stuck in this book the last couple of days.
I finished it last night. SO GOOD!
Warning:  It's adult content. It's creepy and vulgar, but it's a page-turner!
Thanks for the recommendation, Neicee! ♥

My buddy, Ollie, sat with me through the whole book.
He likes to help me drink my hot tea.
He loves hot tea and begs me to share.

We went fishing again yesterday.

You can barely see Ken way in the distance.

The sticks were biting yesterday!

The sticks must have been hungry cuz I caught 8 of them! LOL.
No fish, dammit.

We've been fishing in most of our spare time when I'm not working the last couple of weeks. We've had mostly sun and about 45-50 degrees for highs. It's completely overcast today and it's supposed to start raining tonight and go through tomorrow. I need to hunt for another book. Don't you hate that feeling you get when you finish a good book? It's kind of a lonely, empty feeling. I'm looking for something to fill that void.

We went to our second Bingo day on Sunday. The Lion's Club has one the first Sunday of every month as fundraisers, mostly for high school teams and clubs. We didn't win anything the first time we went on Valentines Day, but we both won a game this time. It's fun, and we're meeting more and more people.

I've been invited to go to a Homemaker's Club meeting. I had heard about this group and was hoping and waiting for an invitation to attend and finally got one from a lady I met at Bingo. Woo-hoo! I also got an invitation to a Ladies Tea that is put on by the local health clinic as a fundraiser. And then I was invited to join a walking group that walks every Tuesday and Friday mornings. I'm so happy to be getting more involved in the town and the goings on and getting to know more people. These are the kinds of things I promised myself I would do once we moved instead of being so much of a recluse. 

That's all this time from the Inland Pacific Northwest. Talk to you again soon. Thanks for visiting.