Monday, February 08, 2016

Weekend Snaps

Fletch enjoyed having all the curtains open in the bedroom on Thursday so he could watch the goings-on in town.

I watched the sunset sitting in bed.

Sweet napping buddies.

I also watched the GOP debate.

I got a quarter yesterday that is the same age as I am!

I made Sweet Potato Turkey Chili today.
I haven't made regular chili since finding this recipe.
I at least double the sweet potato and tomatoes now, I added a can of kidney beans this time, and I always add quite a bit more spices and water too. See my original post with the recipe HERE. Adjust to your taste. I got it off of Instagram.

I'm going to find that picnic place up on top of that hill across the river and eat there some day!

We saw these guys fishing on a small lake yesterday. You can see where they broke through the ice to get to the middle. They're in a white boat about the center of this picture.

We went into Rossland B.C. Canada on Saturday.

A cool snow sculpture.

This father and son were having fun sledding down a little man-made hill. 

We drove on into Trail B.C.
This was a little sitting area on the Columbia River.

 We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Can you read my tea leaves?
I found a website that tells you what the shapes you see mean.
I kind of lost interest by that time and didn't read or try to see shapes.
Ha. I have a short attention span.
Maybe I'll come back later.

I know. I look beautiful. Ha-ha-ha.

I had just gotten up and was lying in front of my lightbox. My opinion on it is I think it helps. Two thumbs up. Ollie thinks so too.

Coming up this week:

MIL Bonnie's birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Love you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

We're going fishing at the River Wednesday or Thursday. It's supposed to be 50 degrees for a high temp! I'll believe it when I see it. We haven't even seen the 40s yet.

We're going to play Bingo on the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 14th at the high school here. A romantic Valentines Day, eh? Hee-hee.

It's Speed Weeks at Daytona! Yee-haw! I can hardly wait for the Big Race on Sunday the 21st. I'll be watching the practices, qualifying, and a couple of the smaller races in the meantime. I will miss Jeff Gordon this year. And did you hear Tony Stewart broke his back in an ATV accident and will miss a number of races at the beginning of the season at least? I wouldn't be surprised if he retired. He probably needs to.

I've gotten a little bit of crocheting done. I hope to do a little bit each evening and have a Valentines doily finished sometime around the weekend.

Enjoy your week!

Pammy Sue