Tuesday, February 02, 2016

My Feet

 My feet took me all over town today...
Let's go!

To Town Hall to pay our water bill...

Down a block to the second-hand store...

I got these peachy-colored curtains for the kitchen...

I got this Norman Rockwell plate for the wall in the upstairs bedroom.
It'll go well with all the other vintage decor I'm using...

Speaking of that bedroom, here's a little sneak-peek so far...

Yes, I left the mustard ceilings. Ugh.
It'll just have to do for now.

The nightstand and lamp are NOT what's staying up there.
I just wanted you to see the beds.

I ordered the quilts for them. They'll be here tomorrow. I think I know what curtains I want, but I'm going to wait until I see the quilts in person before I decide. I'm going to also get a rug to lay between the beds. And, of course, the walls have not been decorated yet with pictures and mirrors and plates and whatnot. More to come. I'll show you the "before" pictures too.

Keep walking, feet!

We walked all the way to the other end of town.
My feet were taking me to my favorite spot on Earth...
(You must click on these photos to get the biggest, bestest view!)

Ah, the River!
See the little island jutting out with the tree on it?
My favorite spot to sit EVER.

Yep, definitely my favorite spot.
I could sit on these rocks under this tree for hours on end.

Turning my body and looking the other direction up the river.
Two guys are fishing on the end there.

I stacked some rocks. I always do that.

Look how small that stack of rocks actually is there next to Ken's foot.
They looked huge in the first picture, didn't they?

I smelled the clean air as we turned to go back home...

We walked passed the tavern...

Stopped in at the grocery store and picked up a couple of things...

I heard the jet coming, but he stopped short of town and turned around.
He was much higher than normal too.
Darn! Missed him again!

Our house came into view and I was happy to be home.

Thanks, feet.

Pammy Sue