Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fighter Jets

Here he is coming up the river! He's higher than normal here.
Sometimes there are two together and they weave back and forth changing places with each other.

Here he is flying a little lower.
It rattles the rafters!

The guy that lives directly behind me got this video of some of the Army Jets that fly over and I've been trying to capture to share with you since we moved here. I was out in my driveway two days ago and one flew directly over and was so low I swear I could see the rivets that hold the metal panels onto his plane. It was AWESOME! I felt the adrenaline down in my toes! He was a little bit lower than the second video above, and he was on top of me before I knew what was happening and could get my camera out. I was shocked at how low he was and how clearly I could see the details of his jet. I can't even describe how thrilled I was! The one I saw that day was army green. I wish you could all experience the feeling of it. I've decided I'm never going to have enough warning that they're coming to be able to video or photograph them myself unless it's just a freak accident and I happen to be taking a picture of something else when they come.

After I found these on YouTube, I also found this one below of two guys who saw some Jets fly by. At about the 35-second mark, you'll hear his excitement. That's exactly how it feels every single time! It's thrilling! (Warning: Several F-bombs in this video so you might not want to play it in front of children.)

Awesome! I think I'm a man. LOL.