Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Sunshine

We had more sunshine today, the second time in a week, so we decided to take advantage and went for a long walk around town. Such a pretty day. Panning my camera just to the right of this picture...

Is our house.
You can't see but half of the garage there on the left because the driveway goes downhill.

Somebody else's house is still decorated for Christmas.
Santa's clothes are hanging on the line. Hee-hee.

The Baptist Church.

The Catholic Church with the same mountains in the background as the first picture in this post. See how they look so much closer in this picture? In real-life they are close like this picture. Most pictures I take make them look smaller, more like hills, as in the first picture. But it's the same ones. My iPhone pictures make everything look pushed back and smaller than they actually are.

We walked down an alley and saw this old cement mixer.

Isn't it neat?

And this old fire engine.

Pretty cool too.

We were out walking and sitting on some benches watching people come and go from the little grocery store. We were disappointed neither of us thought to bring some money so we could go into the tavern and have some coffee. We were out about two hours, and it was nice to get some sun on our faces.

Speaking of sun on our face, or lack thereof...I ordered a light box from Amazon. There it is sitting on my desk. Supposedly it helps you feel better when you live in a place like this without much sun in the wintertime. I've only used it once, and then today we had real sunshine, so I don't know if it works yet or not. I'll let you know.

Me in the bedroom on Saturday watching a marathon of the Kardashians.
That's Janie on the bed with me. I never did do any crocheting.
Janie's eye is doing much better, by the way.

I made this yummy Chickpea Curry on Sunday.

Oh, yum! If you like curry, the step-by-step instructions and recipe link are HERE. I will make this again, but I think I'll add some cooked sweet potato chunks and maybe some cauliflower and/or carrot chunks next time too. The lime and cilantro really are a must in this recipe. I think it's bland without it. Or maybe just up the curry powder and Sriracha sauce amounts. Anyway, it's good. I love curry dishes.

I saw this bedroom in one of my magazines and I just love this look. I'm going to copy this look, or something similar, in our upstairs guest room. I ordered two twin beds and mattresses today from (free shipping!). The beds I ordered are an off-white color with a different design on the headboards and footboards that are metal/ironwork. Right now the walls up there are painted the same ugly blue that was in our dining room originally. I'm painting those a tan color, much like this picture. There is blue carpet up there too, so I'll probably lay a big rug down over it. Or maybe I'll take a peek and see what's under it. Maybe I'll get a nice surprise and have pretty wood floors up there, ya think? Doubt it! But I'll look. I'll take some before/during/after pictures so y'all can see the transformation as it happens. I'm excited.

Okay, bye.